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Michael Tager Cass Sunstein's
Michael Tager Charles Bazerman's The Language of Edison's Light
Tom Taylor Historical Simulations and the Future of the Historical Narrative
Lorraine Tennant The Development of the Centre for Migration Studies' Irish Emigrations Database
Gunnar Thorvaldsen Marriage and Names Among Immigrants to Minnesota
Dennis Trinkle Call for Papers
Dennis Trinkle ListServs
Dennis A. Trinkle Site Reviews
Dennis A. Trinkle Site Reviews
Dennis A. Trinkle Ten Good Web Sites on General History
Dennis A. Trinkle Inventing the Internet (Janet Abbate)
Dennis A. Trinkle The Challenge of the Uni-versity Re-Imagining Our Communities
Dennis A. Trinkle Paul E. Ceruzzi's A History of Modern Computing
Dennis A. Trinkle History and the Computer Revolutions A Survey of Current Practices
Dennis A. Trinkle From the Desk of the Executive Director