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Josh Radinsky GIS tools for historical inquiry: Issues for classroom-centered design
Stephen Robertson Doing History in Hypertext
Barry M. Robinson The Integration of GIS-Based Information Mapping into an Ethnohistorical Seminar
Kristen Robinson The American Journey
J. Kelly Robison Liza Bakewell and Byron Hamann's Mesolore: Exploring MesoAmerican Culture, version 2.0
J. Kelly Robison Via Voice 98
J. Kelly Robison ProCite 5.0
J. Kelly Robison Thumbs+Plus v. 4.00 and Thumbs+CD/32
J. Kelly Robison Bibliography Applications: Endnote 3.00
Anne Rothfeld History Meets Marketing: Imaging the U.S. Mint's Historical Collection
Anne Rothfield Patrick D. Reagan's History and the Internet: A Guide