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Joy Parr Lostscapes: Found Sources in Search of a Fitting Representation
Gary Peating Ireland's Past?
Gary Peating The Ulster Folk and Transport Museum, Cultra, Co. Down, Northern Ireland
G. K. Peatling From Database to Web Site: Active Server Pages and the Construction of a Web Interface to a Historical Relational Database
Gary K. Peatling Creating a database of British Public Library Annual Reports, 1850-1919
Karine Pellier Contributions of data Management to Cliometrics
Gloria Petrie Plans, Procedures and PC's: Using PC's to Facilitate Learning in the K-12 Classroom
Gloria Petrie Plans, Procedures and PCs: Using PCs to Facilitate Learning in the K-12 Classroom
Daniel Pfeifer An Archiving Scheme for an On-line Journal
Daniel Pfeifer HTML Editors for the Beginner and Intermediate User
Daniel J. Pfeifer A New Newe Booke of Copies
Daniel J. Pfeifer Dragon Naturally Speaking
Daniel J. Pfeifer Citation 7.1
Daniel J. Pfeifer dtSearch ver 5
Daniel J. Pfeifer askSam ver 3.0
Daniel J. Pfeifer Bibliography Applications: ProCite ver 4.0
Daniel J. Pfeifer CensusCD+Maps ver. 2.01
Donyell Phillips The Image of the World
Wendy Plotkin Americans on the Move: Geography and Society in the Post-World War II Period, 1950-2000
Marshall Poe Do We Need the UP? A New Model for Scholarly Publishing in History
Alexander Pozdeyev The History and the Computer in Russia
Alexander Pozdeyev Russian e-journal
David Price Kent Redmond and Thomas M. Smith's From Whirlwind to MITRE: The R&D Story of the SAGE Air Defense Computer
David Price Howard Rheingold's Tools for Thought: the History and Future of Mind-Expanding Technology