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Alan MacEachern The :-) and :-( of Teaching History on the Web
Deanna Marcum When Everyone Will Be a Librarian: The Future of Libraries
Shawn Martin The Marriage of Technology and History
Shawn Martin Introduction. Transitions
Shawn Martin Collaboration in Electronic Scholarly Communication: New Possibilities for Old Books
Terrence A. Maxwell Universities, Information Ownership, and Knowledge Communities
Gavan McCarthy The Structuring of Context: New Possibilities in an XML Enabled World Wide Web
Jeffrey W. McClurken Research-Based Web Sites: Students Creating Online Scholarship
Pauline McCormack Virtually History: The Use of On-line Communications in Higher Education
Cam McEachern 'Getinge to Copenhagen' and Beyond: Learning to Coach Historical Thinking Skills with Computers
John McNay Eyewitness History of the World 2.0
Ann McVeigh Public Record Office of Northern Ireland
Scott Merriman The View from Here: The First Ten Years of the JAHC
Scott Merriman Site Reviews
Scott Merriman Some of the Best Twentieth-Century American History Sites
Scott A. Merriman Electronic Resources - A 19th Century American History Top 11
Scott A. Merriman Legal History Sites and A Few Good Lesser Known General Ones
Scott A. Merriman Non-sports Halls of Fame
Scott A. Merriman Sports History
Scott A. Merriman 10 that have Stood the Test of Time
Scott A. Merriman Site Reviews
Scott A. Merriman Where Wizards Stay Up Late: The Origins of the Internet (Katie Hafner and Matthew Lyon)
Scott A. Merriman Site Reviews
Scott A. Merriman Using Internet Primary Sources to Teach Critical Thinking Skills in History (Kathleen W. Craver)
Scott A. Merriman Site Reviews
Scott A. Merriman Site Reviews
Scott A. Merriman Site Reviews
Scott A. Merriman Site Reviews
Scott A. Merriman Site Reviews
Scott A. Merriman Persecution of the German Language in Cincinnati and the Ake Law in Ohio, 1917-1919
Scott A. Merriman Site Reviews
Joselle L. Merritt-Dennis Slava Gerovitch's From Newspeak to Cyberspeak: A History of Soviet Cybernetics
Gabrielle V. Michalek The Pittsburgh Jewish Newspapers Project: Digitizing Archival Newspapers for Full-Text Searching
Laura Micham Making British Heritage Available on the World Wide Web: The State of Digitization in Special Collections Librarianship in Great Britain
T. Mills Kelly For Better or Worse? The Marriage of the Web and Classroom
Peter Moritz Deutsche Einheit
Peter Moritz Der Luther-Bibel
Robert K. Morse The Mission is Our Future: Defining a Californian Identity on the Historical Memory of the Missions
Ruth Mostern Putting the World in World History
Richard P. Mulcahy Sites on Law, Civil Liberties, and Civil Rights