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Lewis Call Hypertext and the Postmodern Pedagogy of the Enlightenment
D. Antonio Cantu Teaching the American Revolution and Founding of the American Republic on the Web
D. Antonio Cantu A Web-Based Left & Right Brain 4MAT Approach to Teaching Middle and High School History
D. Antonio Cantu Technology Integration in Pre-Service History Teacher Education
D. Antonio Cantu Teaching Pre-Colombian and Colonial American History on the Web
D. Antonio Cantu An Internet Based Multiple Intelligences Model for Teaching High School History
Felicia L. Carr Peter Lunenfeld's The Digital Dialectic: New Essays on New Media
Felicia L. Carr Using the World Wide Web as a Teaching Tool in "An Introduction to American History": Some Technical and Ethical Difficulties
James T. Carroll Martha Benner and Cullom Davis's The Law Practice of Abraham Lincoln: Complete Documentary Edition
Keith Cassidy Library Master 4.01
Patrick Anthony Cavaliere Socratic Method, Multimedia Courseware and History: The Case of Mussolini Illustrato
Birten Celik Web-based History Education In Turkey
Harlan Cleveland The Global Century
Martine Cocaud Du texte   la base de données : le libriciel comme outil de production et de diffusion du texte scientifique. Une application   l'hagiographie bretonne
Martine Cocaud From the Text to the Data Base: the Libriciel as a Tool for Producing and Diffusing Scientific Texts. A Case Study of Breton Hagiography
Susan L. Collins In the Aggregate: A Quantitative Study of the Impact of Interdisciplinary Full Text Databases on Historical Research
Susan L. Collins Larry Cuban's Oversold and Underused: Computers in the Classroom
Douglas J. Cremer Education as Commodity: The Ideology of Online Education and Distance Learning
Douglas J. Cremer Matter, Method, and Machine: The Synergy of World History, Active Learning, and Computer Technology
Kate Cruikshank How Do We Show You What We've Got? Access to Archival Collections in the Digital Age