Journal of the Association for History and Computing

Submission Guidelines

The Journal is currently published three times each year. It welcomes submissions on any topic related to the use of computing in history, such as the application of computers to historical research, writing, teaching (at any level, including K-12) or disseminating historical knowledge. We also welcome reviews of useful resources, whether electronic or not.

Submissions might include:

The Journal of the Association of History and Computing is a fully peer-reviewed journal. It is our usual practice to require three reviews of each submission. This process is entirely double-blind in the early stages: except for the editors no other person knows who the authors of particular submissions may be, nor does the author know who has reviewed his or her manuscript.

Our procedure ordinarily involves the following steps:

  1. The submission is stripped of all identifying information and is put into HTML format and mounted on a server in a directory which is password protected and restricted to members of the editorial board.
  2. Two additional editors agree to review the piece.
  3. One editor agrees to manage the submission through the final stages of the process.
  4. Relevant editorial reviews, stripped of all information which might identify the editors, are then returned to the author.
  5. An editor makes a suggestion that the piece be presented as an "article," a "work in progress," or a "Report on Teaching Practices. For the distinction between such pieces please see the Style Sheet.
  6. The author, working with the HTML version of the MSS, makes changes as required.
  7. The HTML version is returned to the journal, usually as an attachment to e-mail.
  8. Sometimes it is posted on a server to which the author has access.
  9. The piece, with changes incorporated and identifying information restored, is placed in a file where the author can review the final markup and suggest additional formatting changes if desired. These final stages usually occur in the late stages of preparing the journal and timely replies to all communications are highly desirable.
  10. At this stage the author must again check all anchors, internal and external.
  11. With the author's final permission the piece is posted in the appropriate issue of the journal.
  12. Reader's' comments, if any, will be forwarded to the author.

Ordinarily pieces which are accepted will appear in the next issue of the JAHC to be published, though there are exceptions to this practice.

Send Submissions To:

c/o Annette Coon
1900 W. 7th St.
CMB 480
Plainview, TX 79072