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Authors : Ryan Johnson, Lynn C. Westney
Title: E-Journals: Inside and Out
Publication info: Ann Arbor, MI: MPublishing, University of Michigan Library
August 2000

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Source: E-Journals: Inside and Out
Ryan Johnson, Lynn C. Westney

vol. 3, no. 2, August 2000
Article Type: Review

E-Journals - Inside and Out

Ryan Johnson and Lynn Hattendorf Westney, Co-Editors

In the field of Library and Information Science, the acronym SDI stands for Selective Dissemination of Information. The co-editors of this quarterly column on e-journals are two practicing academic reference librarians: Ryan Johnson, Reference and Electronic Services Librarian at Washington State University in Pullman, Washington and Lynn Hattendorf Westney, Associate Professor, Assistant Reference Librarian and Coordinator of Reference Collection Development at the University of Illinois at Chicago. They selectively disseminate information on e-journals and their contents to the readers of The Journal of the Association for History and Computing (JAHC).

Ryan brings to our attention e-journals of interest to scholars applying and studying information technology by providing a brief descriptive and evaluative annotation of each journal which he has chosen for inclusion. Lynn highlights and reviews individual articles in these and in others which she has identified as appropriate for our purposes. Together, this combined effort serves as an introductory SDI vehicle for our readers.

Contributed by Ryan Johnson:

Journal of Intercultural History

This is a new journal published by the Society for Intercultural History. The goal of the society is the preservation of the intercultural heritage of Appalachia and other areas with a focus on preservation of materials as well as spreading them through educational programs. Much of the material consists of first hand accounts of events and genealogical information. Currently featured is the Underground Railroad. This journal is rather unorganized and the pages are somewhat cluttered. Their work of preserving and disseminating electronically primary and secondary materials promises great possibilities for this area of historical study.

Journal of Millennial Studies

This is a peer-reviewed biannual journal published by the Center for Millennial Studies. Its scope contains the strands of millennial, apocalyptic and utopic studies present in a wide variety of disciplines. The goal of this journal is to bring these strands together and provide a single outlet for these materials. The fourth issue has been published. The articles vary in content.

EJOS - Electronic Journal of Oriental Studies

This is a multi and inter-disciplinary journal devoted to Arabic, Persian and Turkic studies published by the department of Arabic, Persian, and Turkic Languages and Cultures at Utrecht University. It has materials in many languages. Some of the works are book length and all are accessed as PDF files. Some of the longer selections are sectioned in ease download times.

The American Graduate: E-journal of Social and Cultural History

This journal is designed to provide a publishing outlet for graduate students in social and cultural history, broadly defined. Originating at theUniversity of Southern Mississippi, it is dedicated to uncovering and publishing the best work being produced by students each year and making these ideas available to working scholars. It provides the authors an introduction to the peer review process.

January, 2000

  • "Poverty and Historicism: U.S. Imperialism, Haiti, and the Liberal Utopia," by James Terry.
  • "Love, Lust and Drunkenness: Prints as Propaganda in Sixteenth Century Nuremberg," by Fiona Kells.

Journal of Military and Strategic Studies: The Electronic Journal of the Centre for Military and Strategic Studies

This journal is dedicated to the study of security related issues in Canada. It is the editorial philosophy of the journal that security issues are best understood through an open and frank discussion with a combination of academic and policy related approaches.

Spring, 2000

  • "The Political Economy of Security: A Research and Teaching Agenda," by Norrin M. Ripsman.
  • "The Sanctions on Iraq: Some Issues for an Inquest," by James Keeley.
  • "Submarines and Peacekeeping," by Paul Mitchell.
  • "Middlepowerism in the Post-Cold War Era: A Critique of Axworthy's Security Policy," by Mollie Royds.

Journal of Online Genealogy

This is a monthly journal designed to promote the use of computers and the Internet in family history research. This site provides articles on methods and resources in genealogy as well as references to other electronic and print resources.

War Times Journal

The stated goal of this journal is the quality presentation of articles and archives relating to military history and military science. The journal is divided into several significant sections:

  • Archives – collections of historic papers, memoirs and photographs.
  • Articles – articles, interviews, and commentary about battles, people, technology, and tactics. These articles are not scholarly in the traditional definition.
  • There is a section on war gaming, both miniature and board. There is also an online store which sells books, videos and gaming materials relating to military history. While this is not an academic journal in any sense, it does provide useful information for both the scholar and the afficionado.

Internet and Higher Education

This is a new journal published by the Elsevier Press and available electronically through Science Direct. This is not a pure electronic journal nor is it freely available. It does not meet the basic requirements for inclusion in this column. However, the material contained in this journal is of such potential to anyone working to include the Internet in teaching that it needs to be acknowledged. According to their editorial statement, it is "a quarterly journal designed to reach those faculty, staff and administrators charged with the responsibility of enhancing instructional practices and productivity via the use of information technology (IT) and the Internet in their respective institutions. Papers outlining innovative deployments of IT via the Internet and reporting on research designed to gauge the impact of IT and the Internet on instruction in post-secondary education will be published in each issue."

Spring, 2000, Vol. 2, No 2

  • "Learning with the World Wide Web," by Alfred Bork.
  • This essay outlines some of the problems that face an online educational environment including learning styles, access, and competition among institutions of higher learning. Bork calls for a new paradigm of learning, in particular, the development of computer-based tutoring in which the computer would substitute as the instructor for one-on-one work. He acknowleges the difficulties in developing this type of service citing high costs in money and bandwidth and other computing resources but ignores the question of content entirely.
  • "Critical Inquiry in a Text-Based Environment: Computer Conferencing in Higher Education," by D. Randy Garrison, Terry Anderson, Walter Archer.
  • "Internet Usage in Undergraduate Management Science and Operations Management Courses," by Roger J. Gagnon, Ravi Krovi.
  • "Exploring Discount Usability Methods to Assess the Suitability of Online Course Delivery Products," by Rosemary Hayes.
  • "Developing Asynchronous MBA Courses in the World Wide Web," by Kenneth A. Dunning, B.S. Vijayaraman, Peter Turk, David Durst.
  • "Assessment of the Adult Student's Progress in an Online Environment," by Ginger L. Rosenkrans.
  • "Preparing Students to Take Online Interactive Courses," by Suzanne Stokes.
  • "Online Focus Group: A Tool to Evaluate Online Students' Course Experience," by Dominique Monolescu and Catherine Schifter.

Contributed by Lynn Hattendorf Westney:

Directory of Digitized Collections

A joint project of the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) Memory of the World Programme and the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA), this site aims to catalog major digitized heritage collections and on-going international digitization projects. Although the database contains only 72 collections at present, its potential as a central point for information on digitized collections worldwide is considerable. Entries for collections include country, collection name, collection and institution URL's and a description of the materials. Of special interest are collections such as Albert Einstein: Image and Impact; American Environmental Photographs 1891-1936; Omaha Indian Music and Inventing Entertainment: Motion pictures and sound recordings of the Edison company.

First Monday

First Monday is a peer-reviewed journal on the Internet about the Internet. Its focus is the Global Information Infrastructure. Articles on topics such as political and regulatory efforts affecting the Internet, standards, content, use in general and within specific communities and reviews of Internet related hardware, software and other research are paramount. Recent articles of interest are highlighted below:

July 3, 2000, Vol. 5, No. 7

"The CyberFrontier and America at the Turn of the 21st Century: Reopening Frederick Jackson Turner's Frontier," by Jeffrey R. Cooper.

May 1, 2000, Vol. 5, No. 5

"It's Not What You Know, It's Who You Know: Work in the Information Age," by Bonnie A. Nardi, Steve Whittaker, and Heinrich Schwarz.

"Reflective Collaborative Learning on the Web: Drawing on the Master Class," by Karen Ruhleder and Michael Twidale.

"Helpmate: A Multimedia Web Teaching Framework," by Kevin Curran and Barry Devine.

"Creating Virtual Learning Communities in Africa: Challenges and Prospects," by Osei Darkwa and Fikile Mazibuko.

March 6, 2000, Vol. 5, No. 3

"Using the World Wide Web to Enhance Classroom Instruction," by Norman Mathew and Maryanne Dohery-Poirier.

"Traveling with Communication Technologies in Space, Time, and Everyday Life: An Exploration of Their Impact," by Jean Claude Burgelman.

"Defamation Havens," by Brian Martin.

History Journals News

The History Journals News is the electronic newsletter of the History Journals Guide. It publishes articles, announcements, comments etc. on all aspects of history journals. It informs about new and updated entries of the History Journals Guide and distributes announcements (calls for papers, new journals, etc.). It publishes also short articles and comments dealing with all aspects of history journals.

Knowledge Management WWW Virtual Library

Created by author and founder/chairman/chief knowledge architect of, the Knowledge Management WWW Virtual Library is an award-winning digital library dedicated to knowledge management and intellectual capital information. This all-inclusive site features an extensive collection of research papers, articles, and interviews on topics such as data mining, complexity theory and "the human side of knowledge management."

Scholarly Electronic Publishing Bibliography

This bibliography presents selected articles, books, electronic documents and other sources that are useful in understanding scholarly electronic publishing efforts on the Internet and other networks. Most sources have been published between 1990 and the present; however, a limited number of key sources published prior to 1990 are also included. Where possible, links are provided to sources that are available via the Internet.

  • 1 Economic Issues (Last update: 6/16/2000)
  • 2 Electronic Books and Texts
  • 2.1 Case Studies and History (Last update: 6/16/2000)
  • 2.2 General Works (Last update: 6/16/2000)
  • 2.3 Library Issues (Last update: 6/16/2000)
  • 3 Electronic Serials
  • 3.1 Case Studies and History (Last update: 6/16/2000)
  • 3.2 Critiques (Last update: 6/16/2000)
  • 3.3 Electronic Distribution of Printed Journals (Last update: 6/16/2000)
  • 3.4 General Works (Last update: 6/16/2000)
  • 3.5 Library Issues (Last update: 6/16/2000)
  • 3.6 Research (Last update: 4/28/2000)
  • 4 General Works (Last update: 4/28/2000)
  • 5 Legal Issues
  • 5.1 Intellectual Property Rights (Last update: 6/16/2000)
  • 5.2 License Agreements (Last update: 6/16/2000)
  • 5.3 Other Legal Issues (Last update: 6/16/2000)
  • 6 Library Issues
  • 6.1 Cataloging, Classification, and Metadata (Last update: 6/16/2000)
  • 6.2 Digital Libraries (Last update: 6/16/2000)
  • 6.3 General Works (Last update: 6/16/2000)
  • 6.4 Information Conversion, Integrity, and Preservation (Last update: 6/16/2000)
  • 7 New Publishing Models (Last update: 6/16/2000)
  • 8 Publisher Issues (Last update: 6/16/2000)
  • 8.1 Electronic Commerce/Copyright Systems (Last update: 6/16/2000)
  • Appendix A. Related Bibliographies
  • Appendix B. About the Author

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Subject Index to Literature on Electronic Sources of Information

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The Technology Source

The purpose of The Technology Source, a peer-reviewed bimonthly periodical, is to provide thoughtful, illuminating articles that will assist educators as they face the challenge of integrating information technology tools into teaching and into managing educational organizations.