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Authors : Jeffrey G. Barlow, Mick Smith
Title: Notices of Conferences and Events
Publication info: Ann Arbor, MI: MPublishing, University of Michigan Library
August 1999

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Source: Notices of Conferences and Events
Jeffrey G. Barlow, Mick Smith

vol. 2, no. 2, August 1999
Article Type: Notice of Conference and Events

Notices of Conferences and Events

Jeffrey G. Barlow,

Mick Smith,

(Please Note: This feature will be updated monthly and was last updated August 5, 1999)

  • The 2000 Conference of the American Association for History and Computing
  • Joining the Association for History and Computing.

Links to Related Conference Sites:

  • September, 1999: Annual Conference of the International Association for History and Computing (UK) London. The 1999 Annual Conference of the Association for History and Computing(UK Branch), 'Recording the Past' is now open for registration.  The Conference will be held at King's College London from 14-16 September 1999 The conference aims to provide a forum for the discussion of any aspects of the use of Information and Computer Technology in History, such as the World Wide Web. In particular, it will focus on the creation and use of digital representations of historical resources and the effects of computer-based technologies on historical scholarship and on teaching history. The conference programme contains plenary sessions with invited keynote speakers, panel discussions and parallel sessions with academic, reviewed papers.  For the conference programme and other information visit the conference website at For queries about the academic programme, please contact the local organiser Astrid Wissenburg ( You can register at: For queries about registration please contact the DRH and AHC Conference Office (

  • September, 1999: Digital Resources in the Humanities 1999. King's College London, 12-15 September 1999 Training Workshop - Designing Flexible Digital Representations of Historical Source Materials The History Data Service will hold a half-day workshop at King's College London on 16th September 1999 at King's College London as part of the Digital Resources in the Humanities Conference and the Association for History and Computing (UK) Conference. The workshop aims to present and discuss current good practice in designing models of structured and semi-structured historical sources and documents - an essential stage in the creation of digital representations of these sources. Further information about the workshop is available at

  • September 10-19, 1999: The Bergen Socrates Summer School "New Methods in History" will take place at the University of Bergen Norway, September 10-19 1999, with emphasis on digital resources and web applications. Grants are available for students. Further information from:

  • October 9, 1999: Evaluate & Improve: Investigating Lecturers' Teaching in the arts and humanities including an exhibition of virtual learning environments. The Humanities and Arts higher education Network's 5th anniversary conference will be held on the 9th October, 1999 at the Open University, Milton Keynes.

  • October 21-23, 1999: DIGITISATION OF EUROPEAN CULTURAL HERITAGE: PRODUCTS-PRINCIPLES-TECHNIQUES Utrecht, The Netherlands, 21-23 October 1999  Symposium organised by the Institute for Information Science (formerly Computer and Humanities) of Utrecht University and the Utrecht University Library. During the last decade, successful digitisation projects from various European countries have provided access to a wealth of historical and cultural sources in electronic form. These projects show a number of different approaches, some of which represent well-known standard solutions, while others may be innovative or obscure. To explore this variety is one aim of this symposium. Nevertheless, the assumption is that these projects have a number of underlying principles in common, which together define a 'European' approach to digitisation that differs from the 'Anglo-Saxon' approach practised in the United States, Canada and Great Britain. The symposium will be held at the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht, The Netherlands. The programme, registration form and further information can be found at under the heading "events".  The symposium's web pages will be regularly updated. For further information about the contents please contact: Hans Mulder ( or Frans Wiering ( Practical questions should be directed to Muri=EBl van Campen of the Congress Bureau at

  • October, 1999: W e b N e t 99 World Conference of the WWW and Internet Oct. 25-30, 1999 Honolulu, Hawaii

  • October, 1999: EDUCAUSE '99 "Celebrating New Beginnings" Long Beach, California.

  • November 1-7, 1999: 7th International Conference on Computers in Education November 4-7, 1999 | Chiba, Japan Kazusa Akademia Center | Okura Akademia Park Hotel

  • November, 1999: Asian Digital Libraries Conference, Nov 1999  National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan  Self description: "The Asian Digital Libraries Conference (ADL) tries to bring together researchers and developers from academia, industry and government to advance the research of digital libraries in Asia. The first ADL was held in Hong Kong in August, 1998. The second conference will be held on November 8-9, 1999 at the newly inaugurated University Library of the National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan. The conference will be immediately followed by IRAL'99 (Workshop on Information Retrieval with Asian Languages, 1999), to further facilitate interchange between the DL and IR communities." URL CALL FOR PAPERS:

  • February 9-12, 2000: DISTANCE LEARNING (VIA THE INTERNET) Come join us in New Mexico and share your expertise and interest in Distance Learning as you enjoy the Southwest. The Southwest/Texas Popular Culture Association and the American Culture Association will hold the annual regional meeting on February 9-12,2000, in Albuquerque, New Mexico, at the Sheration Old Town Hotel. We met there last year (1999) and found the sights, sounds, tastes and museums of the Southwest to our liking. Check out our website for association and meeting information. Papers wanted for the panels are those that describe innovative, practical and interesting uses of distance learning. You can use your own experiences and reseach with this mode of learning, cite your successes—or failures, predict the future use of this technology on learning. Or just declare your ideas for internet use in education. Send your paper to Area Chair Diana Cox 14ll Creekmere Drive Canyon, TX 79015

    Deadline is December 1, 1999.

  • February 8-12, 2000: SITE 2000 Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education International Conference Feb. 8-12, 2000 * San Diego, California San Diego Marriott-Mission Valley CALL FOR PARTICIPATION - DEADLINE: OCT. 5, 1999 Hosted by San Diego State University

  • April 13-15, 2000: American Society for History and Computing Baylor University, Waco Texas. Conference Web pages.

  • June 26-July 1, 2000: Theme: "New Human Abilities for the Networked Society" ED-MEDIA 2000 World Conference on Educational Multimedia, Hypermedia & Telecommunications June 26 - July 1, 2000 * Montréal, Canada CALL FOR PARTICIPATION - DEADLINE: OCT. 26, 1999 Hosted by Computer Research Inst. of Montreal (CRIM) Concordia University, McGill University University of Montreal, University of Quebec at Montreal

  • June, 2000: The American Social History Project/Center for Media & Learning (ASHP/CML) in collaboration with the American Studies Association's Crossroads Project, is accepting applications from K-12 and college teachers of the U.S History (or comparable interdisciplinary humanities) survey course, to take part in the 1999-2000 New Media Classroom program, held at six regional center locations across the country. The program is funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities.

    The year-long program begins with a 5-day summer institute and continues until the end of the school year, June 2000. Each NMC Regional Center program focuses on a specific theme or area of concentration to engage faculty in an examination of the issues of narrative and inquiry as they pertain to the construction of a new, more inclusive understanding of American history and culture, new media resources, and classroom learning. Those themes or topic areas have included Cultural Migrations, studies of the Western Plains, local history, developing a humanities Web site, multicultural studies, and on-line writing and student literacy.

Calls for Papers

Calls for Nominations for Prizes and Awards

  • This message is the annual call of the "Social Science Computer Review" for nominations and self-nominations for contributions to SSCORE's annual "State of the Art of Computing in the Social Sciences" issue. Whereas other issues of SSCORE are peer reviewed, the state of the art issue is commissioned. We are presently seeking to commission articles for an issue to appear approximately summer, 2000, with contributions due at the end of this year. Sample issues of SSCORE may be obtained by contacting > >>Interest in the "State of the Art" 2000 issue may be directed to the editor,

  • AHA's GUTENBERG-E PRIZE SUBMISSION DEADLINE EXTENDED TO OCTOBER 1, 1999 SELF NOMINATIONS ACCEPTED To allow for the widest possible participation in the AHA sponsored competition for the Gutenberg-e Prizes and also because of the intervening summer vacation, the originally announced submission deadline of June 1, 1999, is now extended to October 1, 1999. Entries received before the original June 1 deadline have not been reviewed yet and will be considered for the competition. Scholars intending to submit their dissertations for the competition may, if they so desire, nominate themselves (it is not necessary, therefore, that department chairs alone should nominate the candidates, as stipulated earlier), provided they have their dissertation advisers send in a letter of endorsement. The Gutenberg-e prize competition for the best history dissertations has been launched by the American Historical Association with a generous grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. The AHA will award six prizes a year for a period of three years. Each prize will consist of a $20,000 fellowship to be used by the author for converting the dissertation into an electronic monograph of the highest quality to be published by Columbia University Press. Six prizes are available this year in the fields of Africa, Colonial Latin America, and South Asia. One of the prizes will be reserved for a dissertation or first-book manuscript by independent, public, or part-time scholars-that is, historians who do not have full-time employment in an institution that supports research. The other five prizes will go to dissertations defended after January 1996. Entries should be postmarked by or on October 1, 1999. Submissions should be addressed to: Gutenberg-e, AHA, 400 A Street, SE, Washington, DC, 20003-3889. For further information, visit Inquiries may also be made to Robert Townsend (202.544.2422, ext. 118; e-mail: or Pillarisetti Sudhir (202.544.2422, ext. 121; e-mail: See also the March, April, or May issues of Perspectives, noting that the rules published therein have been slightly modified as indicated by this notice.

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