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Author: Scott A. Merriman
Title: Site Reviews
Publication info: Ann Arbor, MI: MPublishing, University of Michigan Library
November 1998

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Source: Site Reviews
Scott A. Merriman

vol. 1, no. 2, November 1998
Article Type: Site Review
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Site Reviews

Scott A. Merriman

Galileo Galilei's Notes on Motion

This site reproduces Galileo's Notes On Motion, and provides translations of the text. This effort includes information about the electronic archive project and the current version as well. Biographies are provided of the people mentioned in the Manuscript and other figures relevant to the manuscript, and the site contains a good bibliography. There are good pictures of the notes, and links are provided to references throughout. A good site for those who are interested in Galileo.

Tarlton Law Library Guide to Legal History Resources on the Web

This site provides a good overview for legal history sources on the web. The sites are grouped into the following categories: General Sources, Court Records, Academic Libraries, Research Libraries, and Full-Text Sources. Links to a number of organizations which provide grants for scholars are included and legal historians should look at this site if for no other reason than that. The biographical links, including one to Oliver Wendell Holmes, also are quite informative. The Court Records section includes links to state archives. A good starting point for those interested in legal history.

University of Texas' Tarlton Law Library Resources on Aztec & Mayan Law

This site contains an annotated bibliography of works on Aztec and Mayan law. Short descriptions of the works are included along with the call numbers, for UT's library, for the works. Links to related sites are provided as well. A good general starting point for those interested in the topic.

Sources on Heman Marion Sweatt and Sweatt v. Painter

This site details the archival materials available at the University of Texas at Austin's Law Library on this important case, as well as biographical materials on Sweatt. The site also includes a picture of Heman Marion Sweatt registering for classes, as well as a list of published works which concern this case. The site also details a list of relevant oral history interviews which the library holds.

History Journals Guide

This site, available in both German and English, provides a list of many history journals which have an electronic presence. Those wholly on-line, those print journals with on-line previous issues, and those print journals that have home pages are all included. The journals are organized in a number of different ways, as one can have the list ordered by subject, time period, alphabetically, or region. This site provides an excellent way to jump easily between different indices and different parts of a single index as well. An excellent starting point for one wishing to find history journals which have a web presence.

Zeitgeschichte Information System

This site is sponsored by the Department of Contemporary History at the University of Innsbruck, Austria, and focuses on contemporary history. Zeitgeschichte Information System features primary documents related to contemporary history, a long list of sites, and a calendar of events related to contemporary history. This site is available in both German and English on the front page, but most of the information on the site is in German.

A Museum of Communism

This sites examines the horrors of communism and argues that communism is as murderous as Nazism. The site, prepared by a libertarian professor of economics at George Mason University, gives brief histories of the start of the Soviet Union and its origins in Marxism and Czarism. The site also provides an interesting FAQ about Nazism and Communism, among other things.

Eur-Lex European Union Law

This free site provides on-line copies of documents concerning the European Union, and its predecessors, such as the European Community. Site is available in eleven different languages, including English. Case law, legislation and treaties are all included, and the database is searchable. Database is updated daily, and the last 20 days of the official journal are also on-line. An excellent site for those interested in European Union

(EU) law. Federal

This relatively usable site provides links to some of the various federal courts all across the country. It also provides links to related sites, such as bar associations. Parts are under construction and this site will eventually become commercial, but a useful site currently nonetheless.


This site examines the southern part of Asia, focusing on the Indian Subcontinent. It has a combination of twentieth-century information, focusing on the pre-1950 period, and ancient images. A slide show related to the ancient Indus River valley is available, along with an explanation of the slides. Links are also provided to related sites. A postcard collection is included, as well as a "mystery postcard of the month." A very interesting site.

Americans with Disabilities Act Document Center

This site contains a variety of documents relating to the Americans with Disabilities Act. While these documents do not necessarily carry the force of law, they still are a good source of information about the law and its implications. A good starting point for those who want to know more about this law and how it has been implemented over the last eight years. Links to related sites are also provided. Full text of the Americans with Disabilities Act, as well as technical assistance manuals prepared by the EEOC and the DOJ are on-line here.

Scott A. Merriman
University of Kentucky