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Ambisonics-A Technique for Low-Cost, High-Precision, Three-Dimensional Sound Diffusion Malham, David G. vol. 1990 1990 3 in full text
Studio Report: University of York, England Malha, Dave; Orton, Richard; Hunt, Andy; Kirk, Ross vol. 1991 1991 4 in full text
Progress in the Application of 3-Dimensional Ambisonic Sound Systems to Computer Music Malham, Dave; Orton, Richard vol. 1991 1991 10 in full text
DSP Approach to Multichannel Audio Mixing Pulkki, Ville; Huopaniemi, Jyri; Huotilainen, Tommi; Karjalainen, Matti vol. 1996 1996 1 in full text
Higher Order Ambisonic Systems for the Spatialisation of Sound Malham, D.G. vol. 1999 1999 8 in full text
The Design and Implementation of an Integrated High Performance Computer Music System for Research and Postgraduate Teaching at the University of York, UK Myatt, Tony vol. 1999 1999 1 in full text
A compositional methodology based on data extracted from natural phenomena Barrett, Natasha vol. 2000 2000 3 in full text
Snd3D; a 3D sound system for VR and interactive applications Lundén, Peter vol. 2000 2000 7 in full text
In-phase corrections for Ambisonics Monro, Gordon vol. 2000 2000 14 in full text
Generic panning tools for MAX/MSP Pulkki, Ville vol. 2000 2000 4 in full text
Comparison of Sound Spatialization Techniques in MPEG-4 Scene Description Vôônônen, Riitta; Huopaniemi, Jyri; Pulkki, Ville vol. 2000 2000 4 in full text
Evaluating spatial sound with binaural auditory model Pulkki, Ville vol. 2001 2001 24 in full text
CCRMA Studio Report Reyes, Juan; Lopez-Lezcano, Fernando vol. 2002 2002 1 in full text
Encoding 3D sound scenes and music in XML Potard, Guillaume; Ingham, Stephen vol. 2003 2003 13 in full text
Application of Wave Field Synthesis in the composition of electronic music Baalman, M. A. J. vol. 2003 2003 3 in full text
Designing a Generalized Sonification Environment de Campo, Alberto; Frauenberger, Christopher; Höldrich, Robert vol. 2004 2004 1 in full text
VIRTUAL AUDIO REPRODUCTION ENGINE FOR SPATIAL ENVIRONMENTS Musil, Thomas; Zmölnig, Johannes M.; Zouhar, Vit; Höldrich, Robert vol. 2005 2005 10 in full text
THE LABORATORY FOR CREATIVE ARTS & TECHNOLOGIES - STUDIO REPORT Beck, Stephen David vol. 2005 2005 1 in full text
Third-Order Ambisonic Extensions for Max/MSP with Musical Applications Wakefield, Graham vol. 2006 2006 16 in full text
Jamoma: A Modular Standard for Structuring Patches in Max Place, Tim; Lossius, Trond vol. 2006 2006 2 in full text
Orchestra Spatialization Using The AUDIENCE Engine Thomaz, Leandro F.; Faria, Regis Rossi A.; Zuffo, Marcelo K.; Zuffo, João Antônio vol. 2006 2006 9 in full text
Ambisonics Spatialization Tools for Max/MSP Schacher, Jan C.; Kocher, Philippe vol. 2006 2006 20 in full text
On the Development of a System for Gesture Control of Spatialization Marshall, M. T.; Peters, N.; Jensenius, A. R.; Boissinot, J.; Wanderley, M. M.; Braasch, J. vol. 2006 2006 1 in full text
The Immersive Computer-controlled Audio Sound Theater: Experiments in multi-mode sound diffusion systems for electroacoustic music performance Beck, Stephen David; Patrick, Joseph; Willkie, Brian; Malveaux, Kenley vol. 2006 2006 5 in full text
APPLICATIONS OF ULTRASONIC SOUND BEAMS IN PERFORMANCE AND SOUND ART Pampin, Juan; Kollin, Joel S.; Kang, Eunsu vol. 2007 2007 3 in full text
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1 to 25 of 113 articles