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RackFX: A Cloud-Based Solution for Analog Signal Processing Peuquet, Sean; Jones, David vol. 2016 2016
Radiation Control on Multi-Loudspeaker Device : La Timée Misdariis, Nicolas; Nicolas, François; Warusfel, Olivier; Caussé, René vol. 2001 2001
Radiation of Musical Instruments and Improvement of the Sound Diffusion Techniques for Synthesized, Recorded, or Amplified Sounds (Revisited) Caussé, R.; Dérogis, P. vol. 1995 1995
Radical Computer Music Vester, Parl K. B. vol. 2010 2010
The Radio Drum as a Synthesizer Controller Boie, Bob vol. 1989 1989
Radio drum gesture detection system using only sticks, antenna and computer with audio interface Nevile, Ben; Driessen, Peter; Schloss, W. A. vol. 2006 2006
RAMEAU: A SYSTEM FOR AUTOMATIC HARMONIC ANALYSIS Kröger, Pedro; Passos, Alexandre; Sampaio, Marcos vol. 2008 August 2008
RAMIT: Neural Network for Recognition of Musical Notes Yadid-Pecht, Orly; Brutman, Eliyahu; Dvir, Lior; Gerner, Moti; Shimony, Uri vol. 1992 1992
Random Access to the Time Domain in the AMPLE Language Jordan, Chris vol. 1986 1986
Rapd Event Deployment in a MIDI Environment Waschka II, Rodney; Ferreira, Tózé vol. 1988 1988
Rasping Music: Remodeling Early Minimalist Music through Mechatronic Sound-Sculpture Zareei, Mo H.; Kapur, Ajay; Carnegie, Dale A. vol. 2015 2015
Raster Scanning: A New Approach to Image Sonification, Sound Visualization, Sound Analysis And Synthesis Yeo, Woon Seung; Berger, Jonathan vol. 2006 2006
RCCM Canons: Not Only a Problem of Cage Francesca Battista, Alba; Maximiliano Mollo, Carlos; Monopoli, Nicola vol. 2015 2015
Re-coupling: the uBlotar synthesis instrument and the sHowl speaker-feedback controller Stiefel, Van; Trueman, Dan; Cook, Perry vol. 2004 2004
Re-realizing Philippe Boesmans' Daydreams: A Performative Approach to Live Electro-Acoustic Music Esler, Robert vol. 2004 2004
RE-WIRED : REWORKING 20TH CENTURY LIVE ELECTRONICS FOR TODAY Polfreman, Richard; Sheppard, David; Dearden, Ian vol. 2005 2005
THE REACTABLE* Jordà, Sergi; Kaltenbrunner, Martin; Geiger, Günter; Bencina, Ross vol. 2005 2005
Real-time Acoustic Analysis of Polyphonic Music McGee, W. F.; Merkley, P vol. 1989 1989
A Real-Time Acoustic Processing Card for the Mac II Boynton, Lee; Cumming, Dave vol. 1988 1988
Real-Time Acoustics Simulation using Mesh-Tracing Schiettecatte, Bert; Nackaerts, Axel; De Moor, Bart vol. 2003 2003
Real-Time Additive Synthesis Controlled by a Mixture of Neural-Networks and Direct Manipulation of Physical and Perceptual Attributes Freed, Adrian; Goldstein, Mark; Goodwin, Michael; Lee, Michael; McMiller, Keith; Rodet, Xavier; Wesse;, David; Wright, Matthew vol. 1994 1994
A Real-Time Analysis and Resynthesis Instrument for Transformation of Sounds in the Frequency Domain Todoroff, Todor vol. 1996 1996
Real Time Analysis of Expressive Contents in Piano Performances Canazza, Sergio; De Poli, Giovanni; Rodà, Antonio; Soleni, Giulio; Zanon, Patrick vol. 2002 2002
Real-time analysis of expressive cues in human movement Camurri, Antonio; Trocca, Riccardo; Volpe, Gualtiero vol. 2002 2002
REAL-TIME ANALYSIS OF SENSORY DISSONANCE MacCallum, John; Einbond, Aaron vol. 2007 2007
Real-time audio analysis tools for Pd and MSP Puckett, Miller S.; Apel, Theodore; Zicarelli, David D. vol. 1998 1998
A Real-Time Audio Scheduler for Pentium PCs Goudeseune, Camille; Hamman, Michael vol. 1998 1998
REAL-TIME AUDIO SYNTHESIS IN A WIRELESS INTERACTIVE SENSOR PLATFORM Fang, Dalei; Qin, Yi; Chen, Qiangbin; Lu, Jialiang vol. 2012 2012
REAL-TIME AUDITORY MODELS Pressnitzer, Daniel; Gnansia, Dan vol. 2005 2005
A Real-Time Beat Tracking System for Audio Signals Goto, Masataka; Muraoka, Yoichi vol. 1995 1995
Real-time Breeding Composition System by means of Genetic Programming and Breeding Procedure Ando, Daichi vol. 2014 2014
Real-time Broadband Noise Reduction Hoeldrich, Robert; Lorber, Markus vol. 1998 1998
Real-Time Chord Recognition for Live Performance Stark, Adam M.; Plumbley, Mark D. vol. 2009 2009
Real-time composition in Elody Letz, Stephane; Fober, Dominique; Orlarey, Yann vol. 2000 2000
Real-Time Composition of Sound Environments Spiropoulos, Georgia vol. 2014 2014
Real-Time Computer Accompaniment of Keyboard Performances Bloch, Joshua J.; Dannenberg, Roger B. vol. 1985 1985
A Real Time Computer Music Synthesis System Based on the Motorola 56001 Lent, Keith; Silsbee, Peter vol. 1989 1989
Real-time Console for Live Performance of Computer Music and for Recording Studios Snell, John vol. 1981 1981
Real Time Control of 3D Sound Space by Gesture Harada, Tsutomu; Sato, Akio; Hashimoto, Shuji; Ohteru, Sadamu vol. 1992 1992
Real-Time Control System for Digital Synthesizer De Loye, Martin vol. 1982 1982
Real-time CSound: Software Synthesis with Sensing and Control Vercoe, Barry; Ellis, Dan vol. 1990 1990
Real-Time Digital FM Audio Synthesis Saunders, Steve vol. 1975 1975
Real-time emulation of the Clavinet Gabrielli, Leonardo; Välimäki, Vesa; Bilbao, Stefan vol. 2011 2011
Real Time Extended Physical Models for the Composer and Performer Burtner, Matthew; Serafin, Stefania vol. 2001 2001
Real-time FOF and FOG synthesis in MSP and its integration with PSOLA Clarke, Michael; Rodet, Xavier vol. 2003 2003
Real-time Frequency-Domain Digital Signal Processing on the Desktop Settel, Zack; Lippe, Cort vol. 1998 1998
Real Time Functional Languages Letz, Stéphane; Orlarey, Yann; Fober, Dominique vol. 1995 1995
A REAL-TIME GENETIC ALGORITHM IN HUMANROBOT MUSICAL IMPROVISATION Weinberg, Gil; Godfrey, Mark; Rae, Alex; Rhoads, John vol. 2007 2007
Real-Time Gestural Control Starkier, Michel; Prevot, Philippe vol. 1986 1986
Real-time Grammar-based parsing and restructuring of musical streams Parson, Dale E.; Panuski, Ryan R. vol. 2011 2011
Real-Time Granular Morphing and Spatialisation of Sounds with Gestual Control within MAX/FTS Todoroff, Todor vol. 1995 1995
Real-Time Granular Synthesis on a Distributed Multi-processor Platform Itagaki, Takebumi; Manning, Peter; Purvis, Alan vol. 1996 1996
Real-Time Granular Synthesis with the DMX-1000 Truax, Barry vol. 1986 1986
Real-Time Granulation of Sampled Sound with the DMX-1000 Truax, Barry vol. 1987 1987
A Real-Time Human Body Skeletonization Algorithm For Max/Msp/Jitter Baltazar, Andrés; Guedes, Carlo; Pennycook, Bruce; Gouyon, Fabien vol. 2010 2010
Real-time Image and Video Processing in GEM Danks, Mark vol. 1997 1997
Real-Time Implementation and Control of a Classical Guitar Synthesizer in SuperCollider Laurson, Mikael vol. 2000 2000
Real-Time Implementation of a General Model for Spatial Processing of Sounds Yadegari, Shahrokh; Moore, F. Richard; Castle, Harry; Burr, Anthony; Apel, Ted vol. 2002 2002
Real-Time Implementation of HMM-Based Chord Estimation in Music Audio Cho, Taemin; Bello, Juan P. vol. 2009 2009
A Real-Time Implementation of MPEG Audio Layer I Decoding on a Fixed-Point DSP Platform Hyun, Kwang Rip; Banerjea, Raja; Kim, Munchurl; Latchman, Haniph; Sudharsanan, Subramania I. vol. 1993 1993
A Real-time Implementation of Physical Models Malouf, Frederick L.; Lentczner, Mark; Chafe, Christopher vol. 1990 1990
Real-Time Implementation Techniques for a Continuously Variable Digital Delay in Modeling Musical Instruments Laakso, Timo I.; Välimäki, Vesa; Karjalainen, Matti; Laine, Unto K. vol. 1992 1992
Real-time Initiative Exchange Algorithm for Interactive Music System Taki, Yoichiro; Suzuki, Kenji; Hashimoto, Shuji vol. 2000 2000
Real-time Interaction between Musicians and Computer: Live Performance Utilisations of the 4X Musical Workstation Baisnee, P. F.; Barrière, J. B.; Koechlin, O.; Rowe, R. vol. 1986 1986
Real-time Interactive 3D Audio and Video with jReality Brinkmann, Peter; Weißmann, Steffen vol. 2009 2009
Real-time Manipulation of Syncopation in Audio Loops Cocharro, Diogo; Sioros, George; Caetano, Marcelo; Davies, Matthew E.P. vol. 2014 2014
A Real-Time MIDI Composer and Interactive Improviser by Means of Feedback Systems Jorda, Sergi vol. 1991 1991
Real-time MIDI data flow on Ethernet and the software architecture of MidiShare Fober, Dominique vol. 1994 1994
Real-Time Morphing Among Different Expressive Intentions in Audio Playback Canazza, Sergio; De Poli, Giovanni; Drioli, Carlo; Rodà, Antonio; Zamperini, Federico vol. 2000 2000
A Real-time Music 11 Emulator Puckette, Miller; Vercoe, Barry; Stautner, John vol. 1981 1981
Real-time Music Composition through P-timed Petri Nets Baratè, Adriano; Haus, Goffredo; Ludovico, Luca A. vol. 2014 2014
REAL-TIME MUSIC SYNTHESIS IN JAVA USING THE METRONOME GARBAGE COLLECTOR Auerbach, Joshua; Bacon, David F.; Bömers, Florian; Cheng, Perry vol. 2007 2007
Real-time Musical Applications on an Experimental Operating System for Multi-Core Processors Colmenares, Juan A.; Saxton, Ian; Battenberg, Eric; Avizienis, Rimas; Peters, Nils; Asanovic, Krste; Kubiatowicz, John D.; Wessel, David vol. 2011 2011
Real-Time Neural Network Processing of Gestural and Acoustic Signals Lee, Michael; Freed, Adrian; Wessel, David vol. 1991 1991
Real-Time Neuro-Fuzzy Systems for Adaptive Control of Musical Processes Lee, Michael A.; Wessel, David vol. 1993 1993
A Real-time Operating System for Computer Music Viara, Eric; Puckette, Miller vol. 1990 1990
Real-time Pitched/Unpitched Separation of Monophonic Timbre Components Sarlo, Joseph A. vol. 2004 2004
A real-time platform for interactive dance and music systems Camurri, Antonio; Coletto, Paolo; Peri, Massimiliano; Ricchetti, Matteo; Ricci, Andrea; Trocca, Riccardo; Volpe, Gualtiero vol. 2000 2000
REAL-TIME PROCESSING ON THE ROAD: A GUIDED TOUR OF [IKS]'S ABSTR/CNCR SETUP Tremblay, Pierre Alexandre; Boucher, Nicolas; Pohu, Sylvain vol. 2007 2007
Real-time Recognition of Melodic Fragments Using the Dynamic Timewarp Algorithm Stammen, Dale R.; Pennycook, Bruce vol. 1993 1993
A Real Time Scheduler/Dispatcher Dannenberg, Roger B. vol. 1988 1988
A Real-time Session Composer with Acoustic Polyphonic Instruments Aono, Yushi; Katayose, Haruhiro; Inokuchi, Seiji vol. 1998 1998
REAL-TIME SIMULATION OF PREHISPANIC ANTARAS FROM SOUTH AMERICA de La Cuadra, Patricio; Fabre, Benoit; Pérez de Arce, José; Gérard, Arnaud vol. 2012 2012
A real time singing voice analysis/synthesis system Pabon, Peter vol. 1994 1994
Real-time Sliding Phase Vocoder using a Commodity GPU Bradford, Russell; ffitch, John; Dobson, Richard vol. 2011 2011
Real-Time Software Synthesis on Superscaler Architectures Dannenberg, Roger B.; Mercer, Clifford W. vol. 1992 1992
Real Time Sonification of Stock Market Data with sMax Cifariello Ciardi, Fabio vol. 2004 2004
Real-Time Sound Hybridization Bernardini, Nicola; Vidolin, Alvise vol. 1995 1995
Real Time Sound Processing and Synthesis on Multiple DSPs Using the Music Kit and the Ariel Quint Processor Jaffe, David A.; Smith, Julius O. vol. 1993 1993
A Real-Time Spatial Sound Processor for Music and Virtual Reality Applications Jot, Jean-Marc; Warusfel, Olivier vol. 1995 1995
Real-time Spectral Attenuation Based Analysis and Resynthesis, Spectral Modification, Spectral Accumulation, and Spectral Evaporation; Theory, Implementation, and Compositional Implications. Parks, Ronald Keith vol. 2006 2006
Real-time Spectrum/cepstrum games Pabon, Peter vol. 1994 1994
Real-Time Stochastic Composition and Performance with AMPLE Jones, Kevin vol. 1986 1986
Real-time synchronization of independently controlled phasors Wyse, Lonce vol. 2006 2006
Real-Time Synthesis at the University of Victoria Celona, John; Longton, Michael vol. 1982 1982
Real Time Synthesis of Bowed String Timbres Robinson, Charlie Q. vol. 1987 1987
Real-time Synthesis on a Multi-processor Network Itagaki, Takebumi; Purvis, Allan; Manning, Peter D. vol. 1994 1994
A Real Time Synthesis Unit Raczinski, Jean-Michael; Marino, Gerard vol. 1988 1988
Real Time Tempo Canons with Antescofo Trapani, Christopher; Echeveste, José vol. 2014 2014
Real-Time Tempo Tracking Using Rules to Analyze Rythmic Qualities Driesse, Anthonie vol. 1991 1991
Real-time temporal segmentation of note objects in music signals Brossier, Paul; Bello, Juan Pablo; Plumbley, Mark D. vol. 2004 2004
Real-Time Timbre Modificiations Using Sinusoidal Parameter Streams Haken, Lippold vol. 1995 1995
Real-Time Virtual Audio Reality Savioja, Larui; Huopaniemi, Jyri; Huotilainen, Tommi; Takala, Tapio vol. 1996 1996
Real-time Visual Beat Tracking using a Comb Filter Matrix Robertson, Andrew; Stark, Adam M.; Plumbley, Mark D. vol. 2011 2011
A Real-time Workstation for Physical Model of Multi-sensorial and Gesturally Controlled Instrument Florens, Jean-Loup; Cadoz, Claude; Luciani, Annie vol. 1998 1998
REAL-TIME, LOW LATENCY AUDIO PROCESSING IN JAVA Juillerat, Nicolas; Arisona, Stefan Müller; Schubiger-Banz, Simon vol. 2007 2007
Realism, Art, Technology and Audiovisual Immersion into the Environment of the Ionian Islands Loufopoulos, Apostolos; Heliades, George; Emmanouil, Minas; Matagkos, Fanis vol. 2014 2014
REALITV Castine, Peter; Dekron, John vol. 2007 2007
Realizing Lucier and Stockhausen: Case studies in electroacoustic performance practice Burns, Christopher vol. 2001 2001
Realizing the Spacialization Processing of Dialogue Des L’ombre Double Sandroff, Howard vol. 1992 1992
Realtime Chord Recognition of Musical Sound: a System Using Common Lisp Music Fujishima, Takuya vol. 1999 1999
A Realtime MIDI Library for an Inexpensive General-Purpose Microcontroller-Based Interactive Performance System Leider, Colby N. vol. 1997 1997
REALTIME MUSIC PROGRAMMING USING SND-RT Matheussen, Kjetil vol. 2008 August 2008
Realtime Musical Applications using FFT based Resynthesis Settel, Zack; Lippe, Cort vol. 1994 1994
Realtime Performance Strategies for the Electronic Opera K. Ramstrum, Momilani; Lemouton, Serge vol. 2003 2003
Realtime Recognition of Orchestral Instruments Fujinaga, Ichiro; MacMillan, Karl vol. 2000 2000
Realtime Selection of Percussion Samples Through Timbral Similarity in Max/MSP Eigenfeldt, Arne; Pasquier, Philippe vol. 2009 2009
Reasonable Influences: The Advantages and Obstacles encountered with Commercial Software Packages used in Introductory Undergraduate Electronic Music Courses. Devaney, Johanna vol. 2003 2003
The Rebirth of Computer Music by Analog Signal Processing Freed, Adrian vol. 1994 1994
Recent Advances in Musique Concrète at CARL Dolson, Mark vol. 1985 1985
Recent Advances in the Coupling of the Language MAX with the Matthews/Boie Radio Drum Schloss, W. Andrew vol. 1990 1990
Recent Changes in Computer and Electronic Music Subject Headings at the Library of Congress Davis, Deta S. vol. 1991 1991
Recent compositions and performance instruments realized in Java Music Specification Language Didkovsky, Nick vol. 2004 2004
Recent Developments at The Center for Computer Music Composition Kuchera-Morin, JoAnn; Timis, Dan vol. 1989 1989
Recent Developments at the Center for Contemporary Music, Mills College Rosenboom, David; Polansky, Larry vol. 1985 1985
Recent Developments in Siren: Modeling, Control, and Interaction for Large-scale Distributed Music Software Pope, Stephen Travis; Ramakrishnan, Chandrasekhar vol. 2003 2003
Recent Developments of MidiShare Fober, Dominique; Letz, Stéphane vol. 1996 1996
Recent Developments with the TAO Physical Modelling System Pearson, Mark; Howard, David M. vol. 1996 1996
Recent Musical Creation at IRCAM Battier, Marc vol. 1991 1991
Recent Trends in PWGL Laurson, Mikael; Kuuskankare, Mika vol. 2006 2006
Recent work around Modalys and Modal Synthesis Iovino, Francisco; Caussé, René; Dudas, Richard vol. 1997 1997
Reception Of Intellectual Property Issues In Computer Music Mclaughlin, Scott vol. 2010 2010
Recognition, Analysis and Performance with Expressive Conducting Gestures Kolesnik, Paul; Wanderley, Marcelo vol. 2004 2004
The Recognition and Editing System for Shakuhachi Score Matsushima, Toshiaki vol. 1993 1993
Recognition of Handwritten Music Notation Wolman, Amnon; Choi, James; Asgharzadeh, Shahab; Kahana, Jason vol. 1992 1992
Recognition of Isolated Musical Patterns in the context of Greek Traditional Music using Dynamic Time Warping Techniques Pikrakis, Aggelos; Theodoridis, Sergios; Kamarotos, Dimitris vol. 1997 1997
Recommending Music to Groups in Fitness Classes De Carolis, Berardina; Ferilli, Stefano; Orio, Nicola vol. 2014 2014
Reconsidering Laptop Orchestras as a Computational Grid for Music Performance Beck, Stephen David; Branton, Chris vol. 2011 2011
RECONSTRUCTING ANTHÈMES 2: ADDRESSING THE PERFORMABILITY OF LIVE-ELECTRONIC MUSIC van der Wee, MMus, Laurens; van Doorn, MA, Roel; Zwaanenburg, Jos vol. 2016 2016
RECONSTRUCTING STRIA Dahan, Kevin vol. 2007 2007
Recorderology - development of a web based instrumentation tool concerning recorder instruments Mayer-Spohn, Ulrike; Takahashi, Keitaro vol. 2016 2016
Recording Quality Ratings by Music Professionals Repp, Richard vol. 2006 2006
RECOVERING GIACINTO SCELSI'S TAPES Bernardini, Nicola vol. 2007 2007
Recreating Gerard Grisey’s Vortex Temporum with cage Ghisi, Daniele; Agostini, Andrea; Maestri, Eric vol. 2016 2016
Recur: Composition and Synthesis Rowe, Robert vol. 1984 1984
The Recursive Allpass as a Resonance Filter Wise, Duane K. vol. 1998 1998
Recursive Digital Filtering in Music Computation Justice, James H. vol. 1975 1975
A Recursive Mapping System for Motion and Sound in a Robot between Human Interaction Design Bökesoy, Sinan vol. 2014 2014
Reed Instruments Modular Representation and Their Interactive Real Time Simulation Florens, Jean-Loup; Germond, Jérôme vol. 1999 1999
Refined Knowledge-Based ƒ0 Tracking: Comparing Three Frequency Extraction Methods Rossignol, Stéphane; Desain, Peter; Honing, Henkjan vol. 2001 2001
Refinements in Phase-Vocoder-Based Modification of Music Dolson, Mark vol. 1984 1984
Reflections on my use of Computers in Composition 1970-1975 Nelson, Gary vol. 1978 1978
Reflections on Spent Time Lansky, Paul vol. 2009 2009
Reflections on Spent Time (abstract; full paper is on page 561) Lansky, Paul vol. 2009 2009
Reinventing Audio and Music Computation for Many-Core Processors Wessel, David; Dannenberg, Roger; Orlarey, Yann; Puckette, Miller; Van Roy, Peter; Wang, Ge vol. 2008 August 2008
Relative Sound Localization for Sources in a Haphazard Speaker Array Andersen, Neal; Smith, Benjamin D. vol. 2016 2016
The Relevance of Beating Partials for Musical Intonation Keislar, Douglas F. vol. 1991 1991
Remembering Performance Gestures Abbott, Curtis vol. 1982 1982
REMOTE 3D-AUDIO PERFORMANCE WITH SPATIALIZED DISTRIBUTION Ritsch, Winfried; Musil, Thomas; Sontacchi, Alois; Zmölnig, Johannes; Zotter, Franz vol. 2008 August 2008
Remote Control Applications using 'Smart-Controllers' in Versatile Hardware Configurations Zicarelli, David vol. 1993 1993
Removing the Time Axis from Spectral Model Analysis-Based Additive Synthesis: Neural Networks versus Memory-Based Machine Learning Wessel, David; Drame, Cyril; Wright, Matthew vol. 1998 1998
Renaissance and Baroque Microtonal Music Research in Computer Real Time Performance Barbieri, Patrizio; Del Duca, Lindoro vol. 1986 1986
RENCON: toward a new evaluation system for performance rendering systems Hiraga, Rumi; Hashida, Mitsuyo; Hirata, Keiji; Katayose, Haruhiro; Noike, Kenzi vol. 2002 2002
Report of the COMDASUAR: A Significant and Unknown Chilean Contribution in the History of Computer Music Fumarola, Martin Alejandro vol. 1998 1998
Representation and Discovery of Multiple Viewpoint Patterns Conklin, Darrell; Anagnostopoulou, Christina vol. 2001 2001
Representation and Interchange of Sound Spatialization Data for Compositional Applications Bresson, Jean; Schumacher, Marlon vol. 2011 2011
Representation of Jazz Piano Knowledge Using a Deductive Object-Oriented Approach Hirata, Keiji vol. 1996 1996
Representation of Musical Computer Processes Fober, Dominique; Orlarey, Yann; Letz, Stéphane vol. 2014 2014
Representing and Automating Rhythmic Pattern Transformations Wyse, Lonce; Tan, Keith; Kellock, Peter vol. 2011 2011
Representing Knowledge Used by Jazz Muscians Pachet, Francois vol. 1991 1991
Reproducibility and random access in sound synthesis Rutz, Hanns Holger; Miranda, Eduardo; Eckel, Gerhard vol. 2011 2011
A Research of Automatic Composition and Singing Voice Synthesis System for Taiwanese Popular Songs Huang, Chih-Fang; Hong, Wei-Gang; Li, Min–Hsuan vol. 2014 2014
Research on Morphological Similarities in Sound Signals Originated from Instrumental Sounds Angeloni, ; Gabrielli, ; Giodani, ; Danti, vol. 1984 1984
Research on Timbre and Musical Contexts at CCRMA Strawn, John vol. 1982 1982
The Residents: Musical Deconstruction of Popular Culture Harley, James; Couroux, Marc vol. 1995 1995
Resolving Octave Ambiguities: A Cross-dataset Investigation Su, Li; Yu, Li-Fan; Yang, Yi-Hsuan; Lai, Hsin-Yu vol. 2014 2014
The Resonant Dynamics of Beat Tracking and Meter Pereception Large, Edward W. vol. 1994 1994
RESOUND: OPEN-SOURCE LIVE SOUND SPATIALISATION Mooney, James; Moore, David vol. 2008 August 2008
Resource Allocation in an Additive Synthesis System for Audio Waveform Generation Marks, Miles A. vol. 1988 1988
The Resource - Instance Model of Music Representation Dannenberg, Roger B.; Rubine, Dean; Neuendorffer, Tom vol. 1991 1991
Resource Utilisation for a Real-Time Instrument Design Language Marks, M. A.; Briggs, Nicolas L. vol. 1992 1992
Resynthesis of Piano Strings Vibrations Based on Physical Modeling Daudet, L.; Guillemain, Ph.; Kronlan-Martinet, R. vol. 1999 1999
A Review of Interactive Conducting Systems: 1970-2015 Lee, Kyungho; Junokas, Michael J.; Garnett, Guy E. vol. 2016 2016
Revisiting Kontakte: Issues of History, Performance, and Intuition Clarke, Michael vol. 1999 1999
A Rhythm Composing Program for Percussion Ensemble Nerheim, Rosalee; England, Wilber T. vol. 1980 1980
RHYTHM INTERACTION SYSTEM BASED ON RHYTHM ASSOCIATION Kasahara, Shunichi; Yamaguchi, Tomoyuki; Saegusa, Ryo; Hashimoto, Shuji vol. 2007 2007
A Rhythm Perception Model by Neural Rhythm Generators Ohya, Ken-ichi vol. 1994 1994
Rhythm Tracking Using Multiple Hypotheses Rosenthal, David; Goto, Masataka; Muraoka, Yoichi vol. 1994 1994
RHYTHMIC ANALYSIS FOR REAL-TIME AUDIO EFFECTS Stark, Adam M.; Davies, Matthew E.P.; Plumbley, Mark D. vol. 2008 August 2008
Rhythmic Paradoxes and Illusions: a Musical Illustration Risset, Jean-Claude vol. 1997 1997
Rhythmic Pattern Processing Using a Self-Organising Neural Network Roberts, Simon C.; Greenhough, Michael vol. 1995 1995
Rhythmic Practice in Music for Small Ensemble and Tape Ding, Shiau-uen vol. 2009 2009
Rhythmic Processes in Electronic Music Roads, Curtis vol. 2014 2014
Rhythmic Rendering Lyon, Eric vol. 1997 1997
Rhythmic Similarity Based on a Descriptor Balancing between Meter and Tempo Juchs, Sébastien; Hanna, Pierre; Robine, Matthias; Desainte-Catherine, Myriam vol. 2015 2015
Rhythmic Similarity Using Metrical Profile Matching Smith, Leigh vol. 2010 2010
Rhythms as emerging structures Pachet, François vol. 2000 2000
RICHARD WAGNER WAS THE FIRST NETWORK ARTIST Gerzso, Andrew vol. 2008 August 2008
Ringo: A Percussive Installation van Manen, Floris; Trimpin, vol. 1986 1986
RMCP: Remote Music Control Protocol - Design and Applications Goto, Masataka; Neyama, Ryo; Muraoka, Yoichi vol. 1997 1997
Roboser - An Autonomous Interactive Musical Composition System Wassermann, Klaus C.; Blanchard, Mark; Bernardet, Ulysses; Manzolli, Jônatas; Verschure, Paul F.M.J. vol. 2000 2000
Robot-Assisted Playing With Fingering Support For A Saxophone Kurosawa, Yoshifumi; Suzuki, Kenji vol. 2010 2010
Robust Automated Music Transcription Systems Sterian, Andrew; Wakefield, Gregory vol. 1996 1996
A Robust Border Detection Algorithm with Application to Medieval Music Manuscripts Ouyang, Yue; Burgoyne, John Ashley; Pugin, Laurent; Fujinaga, vol. 2009 2009
Robust Polyphonic Midi Score Following with Hidden Markov Models Schwarz, Diemo; Orio, Nicola; Schnell, Norbert vol. 2004 2004
Robust Score-Performance Matching: Taking Advantage of Structural Information Desain, Peter; Honing, Henkjan; Heijink, Hank vol. 1997 1997
Rock Music: Granular and Stochastic Synthesis based on the Matanuska Glacier Helmuth, Mara; Davis, Teresa vol. 2004 2004
The Role of Lambda-Abstraction in Elody Letz, Stéphane; Fober, Dominique; Orlarey, Yann vol. 1998 1998
Role-Reversal: Max/MSP as an Audio Engine for Java Polfreman, Richard vol. 2009 2009
The Rolky: A Poly-Touch Controller for Electronic Music Johnstone, Eric vol. 1985 1985
THE ROSEGARDEN CODICIL: REHEARSING MUSIC IN NINETEEN-TONE EQUAL TEMPERAMENT Bailey, Nicholas; McGilvray, Douglas; Hair, Graham; Pearson, Ingrid; Morrison, Amanda; Parncutt, Richard vol. 2008 August 2008
Roulette: A Customized Circular Sequencer for Generative Music McNamara, Daniel; Kapur, Ajay vol. 2016 2016
RtAudio: A Cross-Platform C++ Class for Realtime Audio Input/Output Scavone, Gary P. vol. 2002 2002
RTcmix and the Open Source / Free Software Model Topper, David vol. 1999 1999
RTcmix - Using CMIX in Real Time Garton, Brad; Topper, Dave vol. 1997 1997
RTMIDI, RTAUDIO, AND A SYNTHESIS TOOLKIT (STK) UPDATE Scavone, Gary P.; Cook, Perry R. vol. 2005 2005
RTMix: a Real-Time Interactive Electroacoustic Music Performance, Composition and Coaching Interface Bukvic, Ivica Ico vol. 2002 2002
RTS: REAL TIME SCHEDULING IN COMMON MUSIC Taube, Heinrich; Ingalls, Todd vol. 2007 2007
RTSKED, A Scheduled Performance Language for the Crumar General Development System Mathews, M. V.; Pasquale, J. vol. 1981 1981
The RUBATO Performance Workstation on NeXTSTEP Mazzola, Guerino; Zahorka, Oliver vol. 1994 1994
Rudiments Mapping ‒ An Axiomatic Approach to Music Composition Hsin Hsin, Lin vol. 2003 2003
Rule-Based Emotional Coloring of Music Performance Bresin, Roberto; Friberg, Anders vol. 2000 2000
Rulebased models of initial beat induction and an analysis of their behavior Desain, Peter; Honing, Henkjan vol. 1994 1994
A Run-time System for Arctic Dannenberg, Roger B. vol. 1990 1990