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Title Author(s) Volume/Issue Date
3-D Sound Demonstration: "Sex/Windows" Kendall, Gary S. vol. 1995 1995
THE 3D AUGMENTED MIRROR: MOTION ANALYSIS FOR STRING PRACTICE TRAINING Ng, Kia; Larkin, Oliver; Koerselman, Thijs; Ong, Bee; Schwarz, Diemo; Bevilacqua, Frederic vol. 2007 2007
A 3D Future for Loudspeaker Orchestras Emulated in Higher-Order Ambisonics Barrett, Natasha vol. 2016 2016
A 3D Graphical User Interface for Resonance Modeling Chaudhary, Amar; Freed, Adrian; Khoury, Sami; Wessel, David vol. 1998 1998
3D Panner: A Compositional Tool for Binaural Sound Synthesis Tatlı, Tuğba vol. 2009 2009
The 3D Tetrahedral Digital Waveguide Mesh with Musical Applications Van Duyne, Scott; Smith, Julius vol. 1996 1996
3DMIN — Challenges and Interventions in Design, Development and Dissemination of New Musical Instruments Bovermann, Till; Hinrichsen, Amelie; Hildebrand Marques Lopes, Dominik; de Campo, Alberto; Egermann, Hauke; Foerstel, Alexander; Hardjowirogo, Sarah-Indriyati; Pysiewicz, Andreas; Weinzierl, Stefan vol. 2014 2014