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Imaginary Miles: Modeling Musebots After Musicians Eigenfeldt, Arne
The Effects of Mode, Pitch, and Dynamics on Valence in Piano Scales and Chord Progressions Hong, Yu; Mo, Ronald; Horner, Andrew
Using Recurrent Neural Networks to Dream Sequences of Audio Pfalz, Andrew; Berdahl, Edgar; Allison, Jesse
Deep Neural Network Based Music Source Conducting System Lee, Myungin
An Expressive Brain-computer Music Interface for Musical Neurofeedback Ramirez, Rafael; Giraldo, Sergio; Vamvakousis, Zacharias
The Lure Towards the Performative in Nonlinear Audiovisual Installations Connors, Teresa Marie
Spatial Organization in Musical Form Boren, Braxton; Musick, Michael
Is This How It Sounded? The Idea of ‘Historic Informed Performance Practice’ in Early Mixed Music Akkermann, Miriam
Populous Oscillation: Variety in Interactive Evolutionary Computation for Music Improvisation Pedersen, Anders Bach
A Study on the Audiovisual Art of Nam June Paik in the Context of Multimodality and Synesthesia Yoon, Ji Won; Yeo, Woon Seung
Accessible Digital Musical Instruments - a Survey of Inclusive Instruments Presented at the NIME, SMC and ICMC Conferences Frid, Emma
Gestural Envelopes: Aesthetic Considerations for Mapping Physical Gestures Using Wireless Motion Sensors Lough, Alex; Micchelli, Mark; Kimura, Mari
Mugeetion: Musical Interface Using Facial Gesture and Emotion Koh, Eunjeong Stella; Yadegari, Shahrokh
LSL.LPSR: Applying Contemporary Compositional Processes Into an Electroacoustic Improvisation Tool Caers, Vincent
Displaced Light: a Composition for Six Instruments and Electronics Mediated Through the Application of Microsound Estibeiro, Marc
The Murmurator: a Flocking Simulation-driven Multi-channel Software Instrument for Collaborative Improvisation Stine, Eli; Davis, Kevin
AMAI: Adaptive Music for Affect Improvement Su, David; Picard, Rosalind; Liu, Yan
Coding With a Piano: the First Phase of the Codeklavier's Development Veinberg, Anne; Noriega, Felipe Ignacio
Spectral Granular Synthesis Fasciani, Stefano
UGG: a Unit Generator Generator Dannenberg, Roger B.
Audioworklet: the Future of Web Audio Choi, Hongchan
Topographic Synthesis: Parameter Distribution in Spatial Texture Nyström, Erik
Electronic Music Documentations, Practices and Models Lemouton, Serge; Bonardi, Alain; Pottier, Laurent; Warnier, Jacques
Compel: a Crowdsourced Community-building Repository for Reproducible Computer Music Bukvic, Ivica Ico; Ogier, Andrea L.
(Re)discovering Sounds of CCRMA - Towards Computer Music Preservation Dahan, Kevin
The Electro-acoustic Music Mine (EAMM): an Initiative for the Archival Preservation of Electro-acoustic Music Park, Tae Hong; Underwood, Kent
Sustainability of Compositions Involving Electronic Technology: Part I – in Conversation With Alcides Lanza Garbet, Brian
Behave: a Heatmap-based Audiovisual Representation of Personal Data Park, Sihwa
Philosophical Underpinnings of Environmental Music Carson, Tate
Urban Soundscape: Analyzing Spatiotemporal Patterns of Acoustic Events and Soundscape Components, and Its Influence on the Socioeconomic Status of New York City Neighborhoods Faruqi, Shuraifa Asmah Shad Saleem; Park, Tae Hong
Citygram One: Seven Years Later Park, Tae Hong; Yoo, Minjoon
Sonode; a Collaborative Sound Map of Mexico City Garcia, Hugo Solis
The Tuning and Synthesis Issue of the Ancient Chinese Chime-bells Instrument From the Tomb of Marquis Yi of the Zeng State Liu, Tsung-Ching; Lin, Wan Tin
The Contributions of Computer Music Pioneer Knut Wiggen Rudi, Jøran
The Aesthetics of Robot Opera: Human-centric or Mechanized Eccentric? Sigman, Alexander
Voice in Electronic Music: Handling Limitations in Stockhausen’s Gesang Der Jünglinge and Lansky’s Six Fantasies Volker, Mark
Inherent Meanings From the Environmental Impacts of the Production and Performance of Electronic Music Blandino, Michael
University of Oregon – Future Music Oregon 2018 Studio Report Stolet, Jeffrey
Harvestworks Digital Media Arts Center Parkinson, Carol
Center for Arts and Technologies at Seoul National University Nam, Sangbong; Lee, Gang Seong; Ko, Pyoung Ryang; Ko, Byongoh; Cho, Jinok; Lee, Donoung
Studio Report: KEAMS Cho, Jinok; Lee, Donoung
Do People With Absolute Pitch Really Produce the P300 Response When Processing Tones? Park, Jonghwa; Lee, Sungeun
Investigating How Convolution Reverberation Effects the Space of Instrument Emotional Characteristics Mo, Ronald K.; So, Richard H. Y.; Horner, Andrew
The Effects of Pitch, Dynamics, and Vowel on the Emotional Characteristics of The Soprano Voice Chang, Bing Yen; Horner, Andrew
Vocal Distortion and Real-Time Processing of Roughness Gentilucci, Marta; Ardaillon, Luc; Liuni, Marco
OBOEJS: a Constraint-based Approach to Instrument-specific Algorithmic Composition Döbereiner, Luc
Phil Winsor's Myst: Research and Art – a Technical and Aesthetic Consideration Paoli, Ken
Chordscanner: Browsing Chord Progressions Based on Musical Typicality and Intra-composer Consistency Nakamura, Hiromi; Nakano, Tomoyasu; Fukayama, Satoru; Goto, Masataka
Music Recombination Using a Genetic Algorithm Majumder, Sanjay; Smith, Benjamin D.
Structured Cell: a Work in Space Rafferty, David
Digital Ensemble Skills in a Laptop Orchestra Lee, Cheng
Locustream Open Microphone Project Sinclair, Peter
A Physically-distinct, Multi-agent, Sonic Space Ecosystem Musick, Michael
Music Making Mobile Application Using Geometry Villée, Guillaume; Le Vaillant, Gwendal
Music Production Mobile App with Voice-to-MIDI Feature Au, Chun-Ming; Horner, Andrew
SPATGRIS/SERVERGRIS, Creative Tools for 2D and 3D Sound Spatialization Normandeau, Robert; Bélanger, Olivier; Lengelé, Christophe; Ledoux, David
Live 4 Life - A Spatial Performance Tool Focused On Rhythm And Parameter Loops Lengelé, Christophe
Nething: An Educational Open-source Web-based Graphical User Interface for Controlling Ambisonic And Wave Field Speaker Arrays Rios, Ian; Hamilton, Rob
Data Visualization and Analysis for Stage Monitoring Systems Stillwell, Austin; Park, Tae Hong
Tangible Virtual Patch Cords Fasciani, Stefano; Rahman, Habibur
ENOBIO2OSC: Brain-computer Interface for Musical Creation Levicán, Constanza; Belaúnde, Vernon; Vega, Alberto; Aparicio, Andrés; Cádiz, Rodrigo F.
Rainbow Blob: Augmented Handpan Using Leap Motion and Oculus Rift Steinmeier, Christine; Becking, Dominic
“Chorale” Violin Harmonization: A Practical, Compositionally-based System for Generating Live Harmonies Tignor, Christopher
Dipole Instruments for Sketching in Hardware with Embedded Acoustics Berdahl, Edgar
The Emotional Characteristics of Rain Sound Effects Sin, Wing Lam; Ma, Xiaojuan; Horner, Andrew
The Emotional Characteristics of Section String Instruments with Different Pitch and Dynamics Chan, Hiu Ting; Mo, Ronald; Chau, Chuck Jee; Horner, Andrew