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Granular Synthesis as Fractal Micropolyphony Rhys, Paul
Recursive Generation of Rhythmic Structures with PTGGs Heim, Brian; Quick, Donya
Siren: Hierarchical Composition Interface Ince, Can; Toka, Mert
Mode and Register Categorizations for Predicting Mood in Classical Piano Music2 Hong, Yu; Chau, Chuck-Jee; Horner, Andrew
A Sep2Tree Model for Recognizing Synthetic Bach Chorales Ni, Xiuyan; Ma, Weicheng; Ni, Zhaoheng; Haralick, Robert
Composition by Conversation Quick, Donya; Morrison, Clayton T.
A Melody Composer for both Tonal and Non-Tonal Languages Yu, Coleman; Chi-Wing Wong, Raymond
INScore Time Model Fober, D.; Orlarey, Y.; Letz, S.
Extending dataflows with temporal graphs Celerier, Jean-Michaël; Desainte-Catherine, Myriam; Couturier, Jean-Michel
Time, Timelines and Temporal Scopes in the Antescofo DLS v1.0 Giavitto, Jean-Louis; Echeveste, José; Cont, Arshia; Cuvillier, Philippe
Investigating Guqin Left Hand Modulation Techniques He, Jingyin; Murphy, Jim; Carnegie, Dale A.; Kapur, Ajay
LISP in Max: Exploratory Computer-Aided Composition in Real-Time Vincenot, Julien
Update-caching Technique for Unit-generator-based Sound Synthesis Nishino, Hiroki
MESH2FAUST: a Modal Physical Model Generator for the Faust Programming Language - Application to Bell Modeling Michon, Romain; Martin, Sara R.; Smith, Julius O.
Time-Flow Concepts and Architectures For Music and Media Synchronization Dannenberg, Roger B.
Embodied Sonic Meditation and its Proof-of-Concept: "Resonance of the Heart" Wu, Jiayue Cecilia; Smith, Julius O.; Zhou, Yijun; Wright, Matthew James
Callas as Violetta: A Computer-Assisted Study on Her Recorded Performances of La Traviata Yang, Jian; Huang, Ying; Everett, William
Speculative Designs: Towards a Social Music Ouzounian, Gascia; Haworth, Christopher; Bennett, Peter
Token of Enunciation in Multimedia Performance Ciciliani, Marko
Performance Practice of Electroacoustic Music. Towards a practice-based exchange between musicology and performance Pérez, Germán Toro; Bennett, Lucas
"This hardware is now obsolete." Marc-André Dalbavie's Diadèmes Akkermann, Miriam
Proposal of Score-Following Reflecting Gaze Information on Cost of DP matching Terasaki, Shiori; Takegawa, Yoshinari; Hirata, Keiji
Evaluation of Positioning Learning Support System using True information and False Information and Vague Information for Violin Beginner Kumaki, Marimo; Takegawa, Yoshinari; Hirata, Keiji
Visual Feedback for DDMM: A Simple Approach for Connecting and Synchronizing Unity Animations with Events from VST Plugins Steinmeier, Christine; Becking, Dominic
Real-Time Composition, why it still matters: A look at recent developments and potentially new and interesting applications Guedes, Carlos
The Hyper Drumhead: Making Music with a Massive Real-time Physical Model Zappi, Victor; Allen, Andrew; Fels, Sidney
Biomimicry: Analysis Of A Corpus-Based Interactive Improvisational System Bradbury, James
Tuning to Trust: System Calibration as Creative Enabler Tremblay, Pierre Alexandre
A Topo-Phonic Table for Tangible Sonic Interaction Schwarz, Diemo; Lorieux, Grégoire; Lizère, Emmanuelle; Tarrès, Ariadna Alsina; Bevilacqua, Frédéric
Musical control of Granular Textures generated by Iterated Function Systems Hancock, Oliver
Sonic Explorations of Gumowski-Mira Maps Tan, Timothy S.; Lindborg, PerMagnus
A Novel approach to Timbre Morphology: Audio-rate control of Additive Synthesis James, Stuart
Pacific Bell Tower, a sculptural sound installation for live sonification of earthquake data Lindborg, PerMagnus
SuperSampler: A New Polyphonic Concatenative Sample Synthesizer in SuperCollider for Sound Motive Creative, Live Coding, and Improvisation Wu, Shu-Cheng Allen
Machine Listening in Interactive Music Systems: Current State and Future Directions Gioti, Artemi-Maria
Typing heterogeneous dataflow graphs for static buffering and scheduling Donat-Bouillud, Pierre; Giavitto, Jean-Louis
DYC12 agents: merging the "free", "reactive", and "scenario-based" music generation paradigms Nika, Jérôme; Déguernel, Ken; Chemla-Romeu-Santos, Axel; Vincent, Emmanuel; Assayag, Gérard
Sonification of Women in Sound and Music Computing - The Sound of Female Authorship in ICMC, SMC and NIME Proceedings Frid, Emma
Musical Sonification of Super High Frequency Lighting Çakmak, Ö. Cem; Hamilton, Rob
Interactive Music and Media at Rensselaer: Studio Report 2017 Hamilton, Rob; Bahn, Curtis
The CCM Center for Computer Music 2017 Helmuth, Mara; Lukaszuk, Michael; DiPronio, Marissa
Next-generation Computer-aided Composition Environment: A New Implementation of OpenMusic Bresson, Jean; Bouche, Dimitri; Carpentier, Thibaut; Schwarz, Diemo; Garcia, Jérémie
Chuck-Racks: Text-Based Music Programming for the Digital Audio Workstation Hochenbaum, Jordan; Salazar, Spencer; Sena, Rodrigo
Interactive computer-aided composition with constraints Talbot, Pierre; Agon, Carlos; Esling, Philippe
FrameLib: Audio DSP using Frames of Arbitrary Length and Timing Harker, Alex
How Does Parametric Reverberation Change the Space of Instrument Emotional Characteristics? Mo, Ronald K.; So, Richard H.Y.; Horner, Andrew
From Harmonization to Recolorization: Ant Foraging Inspired Auditory-Visual Synesthetic Pattern Transformation Zheng, Chenyu
Cross-cultural aspects of perceptual features in K-Pop: A pilot study comparing Chinese and Swedish listeners Friberg, Anders; Schön, Ragnar; Elowsson, Anders; Choi, Kahyun; Downie, J. Stephen
Aural Simulation of Tactile Defensiveness Schlei, Kevin; Yoshikane, Rebecca
FormSound: A Particle Formation-Based Audiovisual Interface Park, Sihwa; Joo, Woohun
Interaction Models for Real-time Participatory Musical Performance using Mobile Devices Liu, Danyi; van der Heide, Edwin
Hands where we can see them! Investigating the impact of gesture size on audience perception Bin, S. M. Astrid; Bryan-Kinns, Nick; McPherson, Andrew P.
Understanding Interaction in Musical Multi-Touch Surfaces Gonzalez-Inostroza, Marie; Sylleros, Alvaro; Cádiz, Rodrigo F.
Music Style Analysis among Haydn, Mozart, and Beethoven: an Unsupervised Machine Learning Approach Wen, Ru; Xie, Zheng; Chen, Kai; Guo, Ruoxuan; Xu, Kuan; Huang, Wenmin; Tian, Jiyuan; Wu, Jiang
Improving Robotic Chordophones with Closed-Loop Embedded Audio Feedback Systems Long, Jason; Skelly, Neill; Murphy, Jim; Carnegie, Dale A.; Kapur, Ajay
MyoSpat: A hand-gesture controlled system for sound and light projections manipulation Di Donato, Balandino; Dooley, James; Hockman, Jason; Bullock, Jamie; Hall, Simon
VisualSoundtrack: An Approach to Style Transfer in the Context of Soundtrack Prototyping Ananthabhotla, Ishwarya; Paradiso, Joseph A.
Multimedia Performance Installation with Virtual Reality Lee, Cheng
Interactive Composition and Performance Framework with Evolutionary Computing Choi, Insook
Expansion Through the Machine: A Composition for Harmonica and Wearable Hickman, Oliver; Park, Tae Hong
Mediating a Comprovisation Performance: the Comprovisador's Control Interface Louzeiro, Pedro
Case Study of a Sensor Platform System Using the Wireless Microprocessor Module TWE-LITE for Media Art and Computer Music Saburo, Hirano; Akiko, Ochi
Portable C++ Framework for Low-Latency Musical Touch Interaction with Geometrical Shapes Le Vaillant, Gwendal; Villée, Guillaume; Dutoit, Thierry
Keyboard Interface with Shape-Distortion Expression for Interactive Performance Ogata, Masa; Goto, Masataka
Cinemacraft: Immersive Live Machinima as an Empathetic Musical Storytelling Platform Narayanan, Siddharth; Bukvic, Ivica Ico
Performing a Performer: human performers instead of electric sound generators Nikoladze, Koka
Assessment Techniques for New Mechatronic Instruments as Applied to speaker.motion. Johnson, Bridget; Kapur, Ajay
Performance-Installation: Four Projects Kojs, Juraj; Lough, Alex
MetaFlute: A Wearable Interface for Gesture Detection Siwiak, Diana; Carnegie, Dale A.; Murphy, Jim; Kapur, Ajay
A Study of What Makes Calm and Sad Music So Difficult to Distinguish in Music Emotion Recognition Hong, Yu; Chau, Chuck-Jee; Horner, Andrew
SoZen - Improving Productivity with a Soundscape Generating Zen Garden Yang, Jiajun; Hermann, Thomas
A New Method for Objective Measurement of Perceived Audio Quality Wang, Hsiao-Yen; Huang, Jin-Huang; Tseng, Yu-Chung
A Real-Time Music Emotion Modulation System for Soundtracks Chang, Bing Yen; Horner, Andrew
The Effects of Convolution Reverberation on the Emotional Characteristics Mo, Ronald K.; Horner, Andrew
The Impact of the Digital Interface and the Score on Controlled Improvisation When Using Acoustic Instruments in an Electroacoustic Context Estibeiro, Dr. Marc
CalmusWaves: Where Dancers Compose Music in Real-Time Ólafsson, Kjartan
fcremap'dB: Audiovisual Re-mapping, Animated Notation, and Embodied Electronics Sigman, Alexander
The Systematic Grouping of Detection Tools for Properties of Acousmaticity: Binary Tension Between Sonority and Pulse Jurkūnas, Jonas
Folk Song Notation Transcription Using Spectrogram - A Case Study of Yao Ethnic Group Folk Song from Guangxi Ling-Yun, Southwest China Tzeng, Shing-Kwei; Huang, Chih-Fang
Human Excess: Aesthetics of Post-Internet Electronic Music Pedersen, Anders Bach
Appropriate Isomorphic Layout Determination Using 3-D Helix Lattices Hu, Hanlin; Gerhard, David
A Method for Subjective Analysis of Audiovisual Works Ciciliani, Marko
The Machine Lab: A Modern Classroom to Teach Mechatronic Music Villicaña-Shaw, Nathan; Salazar, Spencer; Kapur, Ajay
Exploring sonic landscapes through the use of spatial and temporal sampling techniques Otondo, Felipe
Macrostructure and Transition in an Algorithmic Composition Environment Paoli, Ken
Redesigning Music Education Through Laptop Ensembles Yépez, Juan Pablo; Hochenbaum, Jordan; Salazar, Spencer; Kapur, Ajay
madBPM: A Modular Multimodal Environment for Data-Driven Composition And Sonification Fox, K. Michael; Stewart, Jeremy; Hamilton, Rob
Exploring concatenative synthesis units in VR Neupert, Max