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SIG~: Performance Interface for Schaefferian Sound-Object Improvisation Neuman, Israel
Building a Harmonically Ecosystemic Machine: Combining Sonic Ecosystems with Models of Contemporary Harmonic Language Musick, Michael; Forsyth, Jonathan P.; Bittner, Rachel
Using Singing Voice Vibrato as a Control Parameter in a Chamber Opera Einarsson, Anna; Friberg, Anders
Architecture in Motion: a Model for Music Composition Variego, Jorge
An Online Interactive Course on Computer Music Dannenberg, Roger B.; Stiles, Jesse; Li, Yuezhang; Zhang, Qiao
Another Take on Renovating Dated Technology for Concert Performance Dudas, Richard
The Just Intonation Automat – a Musically Adaptive Interface Rudi, Jøran
Witold Lutosławski – An Algorithmic Music Composer? Krupowicz, Stanisław
Music Programming in Gibber Roberts, Charles; Wright, Matthew; Kuchera-Morin, JoAnn
Dynamic Message-Oriented Middleware with Open Sound Control and Odot MacCallum, John; Gottfried, Rama; Rostovtsev, Ilya; Bresson, Jean; Freed, Adrian
Rhythmic Similarity Based on a Descriptor Balancing between Meter and Tempo Juchs, Sébastien; Hanna, Pierre; Robine, Matthias; Desainte-Catherine, Myriam
Genre-specific Key Profiles O'Brien, Cian; Lerch, Alexander
Sonification of Medical Images Based on Statistical Descriptors Cadiz, Rodrigo F.; de la Cuadra, Patricio; Montoya, Aarón; Marín, Veronica; E. Andia, Marcelo; Tejos, Cristian; Irarrazaval, Pablo
Generative Feedback Networks Using Time-Varying Allpass Filters Surges, Greg; Smyth, Tamara; Puckette, Miller
Audio Processing by Means of FM Synthesis Parameters: Fundamentals, Real-Time Implementation, and Preliminary Compositional Applications Freire, Sérgio
Unsampled Digital Synthesis: Computing the Output of Implicit and Non-Linear Systems Medine, David
Morphing Sound in Real Time through the Timbre Tunnel Kretz, Johannes
Haptic Control of Multistate Generative Music Systems Battey, Bret; Giannoukakis, Marinos; Picinali, Lorenzo
Feature Extraction and Expertise Analysis of Pianists’ Motion-Captured Finger Gestures Tits, Mickaël; Tilmanne, Joëlle; d’Alessandro, Nicolas; Wanderley, Marcelo M.
Audio Collage as an Instrument for Musical Expression: Combining Freehand and Tangible Controllers Law, Vanissa; Paine, Garth
Towards an Interactive Argentine Tango Milonga Brown, Courtney; Paine, Garth
Musical Acoustics & Instrument Design: When Engineering Meets Music Bertrand, Thibault; Kaczmarek, Konrad; Wilen, Larry
Interactive Virtual Soundscapes: A Research Report Çamcı, Dr. Anıl; Özcan, Zeynep; Pehlevan, Damla
Measuring the Effectiveness of Sonified Crossmodal Attribute Pairings Using Contour Matching, Symmetry and Perceived Similarity Hamilton, Rob
Fuzzy Equalization of Musical Genres González, Marie; de la Cuadra, Patricio; F. Cadiz, Rodrigo
The Effects of Early-Release on Emotion Characteristics and Timbre in Non-Sustaining Musical Instrument Tones Chau, Chuck-jee; Wu, Bin; Horner, Andrew
VizScore: An On-Screen Notation Delivery System for Live Performance Shafer, Seth
Brooklyn College Center for Computer Music Geers, Douglas; R. Nelson, Nicholas; Wierenga, Red
Studio Report 2015: New York University (NYU) Music Technology Program You, Jaesong; Telichan, Andrew; Musick, Michael; Hong Park, Tae
Studio Report: Music Technology at the Pennsylvania State University Ballora, Mark
Peabody Computer Music: 46 Years of Looking to the Future Wright, Dr. Geoffrey; Boyle, Dr. McGregor; Armenta, Joshua; Woodward, Ryan; Xia, Sunhuimei
Studio Report: Arizona State University Paine, Garth; Moon, Barry
Wesleyan University Electronic Music Studios Report Kuivila, Ron; Matthusen, Paula
The Intrinsic Value of Timbre in Doppelganger Blokkum Flø, Asbjørn; Wilmers, Hans
State Space Models: Virtual World for Composition Soria-Luz, Rosalia
Specifying Sounding Frequency of a Voice Model during Live Interactive Saxophone Performance Hsu, Jennifer; Smyth, Tamara
Cross-Modality in Multi-Channel Acousmatic Music: The Physical and Virtual in Music Where There Is Nothing to See Mooore, Adrian
Low-Level Topology of Spatial Texture Nyström, Erik
Developing a Socio-Historical Model for Electro-Acoustic Music Analysis: The Challenge from an Adornian Perspective You, Jaeseong; Telichan, Andrew; Hong Park, Tae
Exploratory Analysis on Expressions in Two Different 4/4 Beat Patterns Lee, Kyungho; J. Junokas, Michael; Amanzadeh, Mohammad; E. Garnett, Guy
Improving the Musical Expressiveness of Tesla Coils with Software Long, Jason; Bailey, Josh; McVay, James; Carnegie, Dale A.; Kapur, Ajay
Automatic Transcription of Japanese Taiko Drumming Using the Microsoft Kinect Hua, Willian; Salgian, Andrea
Neural Versus Symbolic Rap Battle Bots Wu, Dekai; Addanki, Karteek
Piece Description: Growth of the Universe (in log time) Ballora, Mark
Simple Synchronisation for Open Sound Control Madgwick, Sebastian; Mitchell, Thomas; Barreto, Carlos; Freed, Adrian
Computer Music through the Cloud: Evaluating a Cloud Service for Collaborative Computer Music Applications Deusany de Carvalho Junior, Antonio; Queiroz, Marcelo; Essl, Georg
iSuperColliderKit: A Toolkit for iOS Using an Internal SuperCollider Server as a Sound Engine Ito, Akinori; Watanabe, Kengo; Kuroda, Genki; Ito, Ken’ichiro
Flatter Frequency Response from Feedback Delay Network Reverbs Anderson, Hans; Wah Edward Lin, Kin; So, Clifford; Lui, Simon
Hierarchical Genomes in a Genetic Algorithm for Control of a Guitar Synthesizer Walker, Timothy M.
Spatial Modulation Synthesis McGee, Ryan
Initial Survey Results from The LilyPond Consortium Solomon, Michael; Liska, Urs; Bača, Trevor
Physical Modeling Synthesis of the Stone Chime Instrument “Pyeongyeong” Ahn, Jae hyun; Dudas, Richard
fXfD, A Digital Approach to the No-Input Practice Thibault, Dominic
Building the Erbe-Verb: Extending the Feedback Delay Network Reverb for Modular Synthesizer Use Erbe, Tom
Noisebox: Design and Prototype of a New Digital Musical Instrument Sullivan, John
Twenty Years of Ircam Spat: Looking Back, Looking Forward Carpentier, Thibaut; Noisternig, Markus; Warusfel, Olivier
Spectromorphology and Spatiomorphology of Sound Shapes: Audio-Rate AEP and DBAP Panning of Spectra James, Stuart
Binaural Navigation for the Visually Impaired with a Smartphone Tae Hoon, Lee; Reddy Vuyyuru, Manish; Ananda Kumar, T; Lui, Simon
Improving and Adapting Finite State Transducer Methods for Musical Accompaniment Forsyth, Jonathan P.; Bittner, Rachel M.; Musick, Michael; Bello, Juan P.
Automatic Piano Reduction from Ensemble Scores Based on Merged-Output Hidden Markov Model Nakamura, Eita; Sagayama, Shigeki
Composing with Kulitta Quick, Donya
Wearable Sound System for Dance and Music Otondo, Felipe; Torres, Rodrigo
The Decibel ScorePlayer: New Developments and Improved Functionality Hope, Cat; Wyatt, Aaron; Vickery, Lindsay
Network Gyre - Exercising the Network's Rhythmic Potential Cayko, Ethan
Sound Spatialisation from a Composer’s Perspective Timmermans, Hans
The XQIFFT: Increasing the Accuracy of Quadratic Interpolation of Spectral Peaks via Exponential Magnitude Spectrum Weighting Werner, Kurt James
Augmenting Room Acoustics and System Interaction for Intentional Control of Audio Feedback Kim, Seunghun; Wakefield, Graham; Nam, Juhan
Extending Brass & Woodwind Instruments with Acoustic-Aggregate-Synthesis Clift, Paul; Mamou-Mani, Adrien; Caussé, René
Antony: A Reimagining MacCallum, John; Goodheart, Matthew; Freed, Adrian
Notes on “Culture of Fire” for Analog Neural Network Synthesizer, Geiger Muller Counters and Computer Gresham-Lancaster, Scot
Audio Spray Gun 0.8 – the Generation of Large Sound-Groups and Their Use in Three-Dimensional Spatialisation Garrett, Richard
materialssoundmusic: a Computer-Aided Data-Driven Composition Environment for the Sonification and Dramatization of Scientific Data Streams Buongiorno Nardelli, Marco
An Approach to the Generation of Real-Time Notation via Audio Analysis: The Semantics of Redaction Vickery, Lindsay
In and Out, Over and Under: An Interactive Audio-Visual Installation Responding to Percy Grainger’s Free Music and the Grainger Museum Alsop, Roger
ToscA: an OSC Communication Plugin for Object-Oriented Spatialization Authoring Carpentier, Thibaut
The Effects of Pitch and Dynamics on the Emotional Characteristics of Piano Sounds Chau, Chuck-jee; Horner, Andrew
Media Modules: Intermedia Systems in a Pure Functional Paradigm Santolucito, Mark; Quick, Donya; Hudak, Paul
Gesture Capture, Processing, and Asynchronous Playback within Web Audio Instruments Taylor, Benjamin; Allison, Jesse
Rasping Music: Remodeling Early Minimalist Music through Mechatronic Sound-Sculpture Zareei, Mo H.; Kapur, Ajay; Carnegie, Dale A.
Mapping Tone Helixes to Cylindrical Lattices Using Chiral Angles Hu, Hanlin; Park, Brett; Gerhard, David
Mirror Mind: New Possibilities for Overall Interactive Design in New Music-Media Theatre Qin, Yi; Fang, Da-Lei; Xu, Zhi-Bo; Da, Yan
Brain-Computer Interfaces and Their Application as an Audiovisual Instrument de Quay, Yago; Beira, João
“There is pleasure...”: An Improvisation Using the AAIM Performance System Fay, Simon
RCCM Canons: Not Only a Problem of Cage Francesca Battista, Alba; Maximiliano Mollo, Carlos; Monopoli, Nicola
Minimal Fitness Functions in Genetic Algorithms for the Composition of Piano Music Waschka II, Rodney
Kinesonic Composition as Choreographed Sound: Composing Gesture in Sensor-Based Music Hsu, Aurie; Kemper, Steven
Adaptive Music Technology: History and Future Perspectives Graham-Knight, Kimberlee; Tzanetakis, George
Composition Techniques for the Ilinx Vibrotactile Garment Hattwick, Ian; Franco, Ivan; Giordano, Marcello; Egloff, Deborah; Wanderley, Marcelo M.; Lamontagne, Valerie; Arawjo, Ian; Salter, Chris; Martinucci, Maurizio
The New Developments in Csound 6 ffitch, John; Lazzarini, Victor; Yi, Steven; Gogins, Michael; Cabrera, Andrés