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Sound Element Spatializer McGee, Ryan; Wright, Matthew
Spatial Mastering - a new concept for spatial sound design in object-based audio scenes Melchior, Frank; Michaelis, Uwe; Steffens, Robert
Controlling Real Time Sound Spatialization Using The Radiodrum Ness, Steven; Odowichuk, Gabrielle; Driessen, Peter; Tzanetakis, George
COSM: A toolkit for composing immersive audio-visual worlds of agency and autonomy Wakefield, Graham; Smith, Wesley
The influence of sub-woofer frequencies within a multi-channel loudspeaker configuration on the perception of spatial attributes in a concert hall environment Sazdov, Robert
Phenomenology, Spatial Music and the Composer: prelude to a phenomenology of space in acousmatic music Macedo, Frederico
Why things don't work: What you need to know about spatial audio Kendall, Gary S.; Cabrera, Andrés
The Spatialisation of Stereophony: Taking Positions in Post-War Electroacoustic Music Valiquet, Patrick
Developing methods for computer programming by musical performance and composition Kirke, Alexis; Miranda, Eduardo R.
Sound synthesis and composition with compression-controlled feedback Battey, Brett
PhinGen: A Physically Informed Stochastic Synthesis Generator Döbereiner, Luc
The music21 Stream: A New Object Model for Representing, Filtering, and Transforming Symbolic Musical Structures Ariza, Christopher; Cuthbert, Michael Scott
Flood Tide See Further: Sonification as Musical Performance Eacott, John
Multi-dimensional spatial sound design for 'On the String' Lindborg, PerMagnus; Beetuan Koh, Joyce
CYCLIC-N, a real-time mobile multi-touch application for composition, improvisation and education Gao, Mingfei Mike
Representation and Interchange of Sound Spatialization Data for Compositional Applications Bresson, Jean; Schumacher, Marlon
Unconventional Computing for Music: Sound Synthesis with Slime Mould Miranda, Eduardo R.; Adamatzky, Andrew; Jones, Jeff
Aspects of second order feedback AM synthesis Lazzarini, Victor; Kleimola, Jari; Timoney, Joseph; Välimäki, Vesa
Designing Synthetic Reverberators in Kronos Norilo, Vesa
Composing with Swarm Algorithms - Creating interactive audio-visual pieces with flocking behavior Schacher, Jan C.; Bisig, Daniel; Neukom, Martin
A Graphical User Interface for Supercollider Audio Units Trützschler von Falkenstein, Jan; Baracskai, Zlatko
Progress Report on the EAVI BCI Toolkit for Music: Musical Applications of Algorithms for use with consumer brain computer interfaces Grierson, Mike; Kiefer, Chris; Yee-King, Matthew
The NLN-Player: A system for nonlinear music in games van Nispen tot Pannerden, Than; Huiberts, Sander; Donders, Sebastiaan; Koch, Stan
Musical Tempo Curves Berndt, Axel
An autonomous timbre matching improviser Yee-King, Matthew John
Gestural Mappings: Towards the Creation of a Three Dimensional Composition Environment Pearse, Stephen A.
An ecologically valid experiment for the comparison of established spatial techniques Lynch, Hugh; Sazdov, Robert
Anton - A Rule-Based Composition System Boenn, Georg; Brain, Martin; De Vos, Marina; ffitch, John
Cellular automata dynamic control for sound design with histogram mapping synthesis and the multitype voter model Serquera, Jaime; Miranda, Eduardo R.
PVOC KIT: new applications of the phase vocoder Erbe, Tom
Multi-modal instrument: towards a platform for comparative controller evaluation Polfreman, Richard
Cloud chamber: a performance involving real time two-way interaction between subatomic radioactive particles and violinist Kirke, Alexis; Miranda, Eduardo; Chiaramonte, Antonino; Troisi, Anna R.; Matthias, John; Radtke, Jeff; Fry, Nicholas; McCabe, Catherine; Bull, Martyn
Automatic Synthesiser Programming Clement, Ross
Cloning in Max/MSP Patches Gold, Nicolas; Krinke, Jens; Harman, Mark; Binkley, David
Stimulus Complexity and Time Judgments Pasoulas, Aki
Towards a comprehensive framework for electro-acoustic music analysis Hong Park, Tae; Hyman, David; Leonard, Peter; Hermans, Phillip
Mapping change over time within stereo Acousmatic Music – A Case Study Woolley, Jason
Sound-types: a new framework for symbolic sound analysis and synthesis Emanuele Cella, Carmine
A Virtual Orchestra for Human-Computer Music Performance Dannenberg, Roger B.
Analysis-by-Performance: Gesturally-Controlled Voice Synthesis as an Input for Modelling of Vibrato in Singing d’Alessandro, Nicolas; Dutoit, Thierry; Fels, Sidney; Ooge, Christophe
Sound synthesis model based on the simulation of a gaussian bouncing wave packet Ramos, Javier; Cadiz, Rodrigo F.
A Multi-perspective user interface for music signal analysis Müller, Meinard; Konz, Verena; Jiang, Nanzhu; Zuo, Zhe
Multimodal Control of Music and Fire Patterns Todoroff, Todor; Benmadhkour, Radhwan; Chessini, Ricardo
Real-time Musical Applications on an Experimental Operating System for Multi-Core Processors Colmenares, Juan A.; Saxton, Ian; Battenberg, Eric; Avizienis, Rimas; Peters, Nils; Asanovic, Krste; Kubiatowicz, John D.; Wessel, David
Screen Scores: New Media Music Manuscripts Hope, Cat; Vickery, Lindsay
History of electroacoustic music through filmed sources: an example at IRCAM Bossis, Bruno
New forms of hybrid musical discourse: an exploration of stylistic and procedural crossfertilisation between contemporary art music and electronic dance music Ratcliffe, Robert
XTH SENSE: a study of muscle sounds for an experimental paradigm of musical performance Donnarumma, Marco
Real-time emulation of the Clavinet Gabrielli, Leonardo; Välimäki, Vesa; Bilbao, Stefan
Physical Thinking: two approached to mechanical sound design Pigott, Jon; Kontogeorgakopoulos, Alexandros
Analysis and Synthesis of Hand Clapping Sounds Based on Adaptive Dictionary Ahmad, Wasim; Kondoz, Ahmet M.
Emergent Construction of melodic pitch and hierarchy through agents communicating emotion without melodic intelligence Kirke, Alexis; Miranda, Eduardo R.
A Demonstration of Bow Articulation Recognition with Wekinator and K-Bow Schedel, Margaret; Fiebrink, Rebecca
Maximillian: An easy to use, cross platform C++ Toolkit for interactive audio and synthesis applications Grierson, Mike; Kiefer, Chris
Towards using expressive performance algorithms for typist emotion detection Kirke, Alexis; Bonnot, Matthieu; Miranda, Eduardo R.
A perceptually based onset detector for real-time and offline audio parsing Brent, William
The Harmonic Matrix: Exploring the geometry of Pitch Bond, Daryn
Mapping 3D Objects To Synthesised Sound Using A Simulated Physics System Perkins, Rhys
The M2 Compositions: A Technical Overview of a Modular Work Flow Towards the Creation of a Video Score Canning, Rob
KLANGPILOT - a new interface for “writing” (not only) synthetic sounds Kretz, Johannes
Flexible spatial design for dance performance Otondo, Felipe
Constructing Music Applications for Smartphones Hamanaka, Masathoshi; Yoshiya, Mikito; Yoshida, Shyuhei
Sound Level of Detail in Interactive Audiographic 3D Scenes Schwarz, Diemo; Cahen, Roland; Brument, François; Ding, Hui; Jacquemin, Christian
Untouchable instruments and Performances Nagashima, Yoichi
Representing and Automating Rhythmic Pattern Transformations Wyse, Lonce; Tan, Keith; Kellock, Peter
Tiny Jungle: Psychedelic Techniques in Audio-Visual Composition Weinel, Jonathan
The Visible String, a Direct Audiovisual Model Schroeder, Benjamin; Ainger, Marc; Parent, Richard
The Control of the CHANT Synthesizer in OpenMusic: Modelling Continuous Aspects in Sound Synthesis Bresson, Jean; Stroppa, Marco
CACIE CB: Genetic programming based composition-aid system by shopping basket interface Ando, Daichi
Composing with Absent Sound Haworth, Christopher
Ophidian and the Uncanny Valley Bessell, David
Application of multi-agent whale modeling to an interactive saxophone and whales duet Kirke, Alexis; Freeman, Samuel; Miranda, Eduardo R.
Wii Play Piano: Composing for Piano and Wii Remote Jette, Christopher; Kirchoff, Keith
LiveCell: Real-Time Score Generation Through Interactive Generative Composition Ash, Kingsley Michael; Stavropoulos, Niko
Music – Imagination - Technology Emmerson, Simon
Studio based composers in collaboration: a socioculturally framed study Dobson, Elizabeth; Flewitt, Rosie; Littleton, Karen; Miell, Dorothy
An interface to support creative studio practice King, Andrew
Innovation, Interaction, experience and imagination in computer music education Cipriani, Alessandro; Giri, Maurizio
Design and Implementation of a Piano Practice Support System using a Real-Time Fingering Recognition Technique Takegawa, Yoshinari; Tsukamoto, Masahiko; Terada, Tsutomu
Using the iPhone for live-electronics in my composition Irrgaerten for two pianos Tutschku, Hans
Automated Ad Hoc Networking for Mobile and Hybrid Music Performance Essl, Georg
Multi-touch interaction principles for collaborative real-time music activities: towards a pattern language Xambó, Anna; Laney, Robin; Dobbyn, Chris; Jordà, Sergi
World Stage: A Crowd-sourcing Paradigm for Interactive Social / Mobile Music Wang, Ge; Oh, Jieun; Salazar, Spencer; Hamilton, Robert
The measurement of performer and audience emotional state as a new means of computer music interaction: a performance case study Knapp, R. Benjamin; Lyon, Eric
Unnecessary Constraints: A Challenge to Some Assumptions of Digital Musical Instrument Design Linson, Adam
Control: Software for End-User Interface Programming and Interactive Performance Roberts, Charles
Aspects of gesture in Digital Musical Instrument Design Brent, William
The Timelessness of Maximal Music Menezes, Flo
Sculpture as Music Interface Hoadley, Richard
Infuriating Nonlinear Reverberator Puckette, Miller
Variable 4: A Dynamical Composition For Weather Systems Bulley, James; Jones, Daniel
What are we making? The work-without-content in live computer music Impett, Jonathan
Reconsidering Laptop Orchestras as a Computational Grid for Music Performance Beck, Stephen David; Branton, Chris
Developing a user-relative motion detection interface for mobile devices Benatan, Matt; Symonds, Ian; Ng, Kia
Interactive High Performance Computing for Music Smith, Benjamin D.; Garnett, Guy E.
Scheduling and composing with Risset eternal accelerando rhythms Stowell, Dan
Modeling Speed Doubling in Carnatic Music Subramanian, Srikumar K.; Wyse, Lonce; McGee, Kevin
Towards musical interaction: 'Schismatics' for e-violin and computer Hayden, Sam; Kanno, Mieko
Dynamic, Instance-based, object-oriented programming in Max/MSP using open sound control message delegation Freed, Adrian; MacCallum, John; Schmeder, Andrew
SCMIR: A SuperCollider Music Information Retrieval Library Collins, Nick
The IXI Lang: A SuperCollider Parasite for Live Coding Magnusson, Thor
An architecture for creating hosting plug-ins for use in digital audio workstations Gibson, Darrell; Polfreman, Richard
Auksalaq, A telematic opera Deal, Scott; Burtner, Matthew
Reproducibility and random access in sound synthesis Rutz, Hanns Holger; Miranda, Eduardo; Eckel, Gerhard
Electroacoustic Music: Overcoming Analysis Paralysis Dahan, Kevin
Using gaming engine for virtual prototyping and impact assessment of complex interactive art installations Ico Bukvic, Ivica; Betz, Scott
Towards the Beat of a Different Drummer: A Journey into the Loss of Fidelity in Drums and Electronics Constanzo, Rodrigo
The Effect of Visual Modalities on Human Perception of Emotion from Music Kim, Kwan; Lee, Samuel; Seung Yeo, Woon
Suspended Imprints: An Exploration of Sound, Space and the Inner Monologue Horseman, Samantha
Chor-Respondent: A dynamic system in the musical domain Hancock, Oliver
Audio Technology at American University Oehlers, Paul; Brent, William; Harvey, Michael
Towards a Model for the Humanisation of Pitch Drift in Singing Voice Synthesis Stables, Ryan; Athwal, Cham; Bullock, Jamie
Algorithmic multi-genre classification of music: an empirical study Sanden, Chris; Zhang, John Z.
A musical instrument using in vitro neural networks Miranda, Eduardo R.; Nasuto, Slawomir J.; Troisi, Anna R.; Downes, Julia; Chiaramonte, Antonino; Spencer, Matthew; Hammond, Mark; Xydas, Dimitris; Whalley, Ben; Becerra, Victor; Warwick, Kevin
A similarity algorithm for interactive style imitation Martin, Aengus; Jin, Craig T.; McEwan, Alistair; Martens, William L.
Tracking Virtuosity and Flow in Computer Music Nash, Chris; Blackwell, Alan
Real-time Grammar-based parsing and restructuring of musical streams Parson, Dale E.; Panuski, Ryan R.
Real-time Sliding Phase Vocoder using a Commodity GPU Bradford, Russell; ffitch, John; Dobson, Richard
The ModFM Synthesis Vocoder Lazzarini, Victor; Timoney, Joseph
Sound Cross-synthesis and Morphing Using Dictionary-based Methods Collins, Nick; Sturm, Bob L.
Hypothesis for the foundation of a laptop orchestra Gasperini, Marco
Confessions of a Live Coder Magnusson, Thor
Real-time Visual Beat Tracking using a Comb Filter Matrix Robertson, Andrew; Stark, Adam M.; Plumbley, Mark D.
Texture: Visual Notation for Live Coding of Pattern McLean, Alex; Wiggins, Geraint
Cabbage Audio Plugin Framework Walsh, Rory
Digital Modeling of the Vintage Telephone Sound Oksanen, Sami; Välimäki, Vesa
The Integra Framework for rapid modular audio application development Bullock, Jamie; Frisk, Henrik
Supernova - A scalable parallel audio synthesis server for SuperCollider Blechmann, Tim
Characterizing Tempo Change In Musical Performances Dannenberg, Roger B.; Mohan, Sukrit
Gesture Analysis of radiodrum data Ness, Steven R.; Methabi, Sonmez; Odowichuk, Gabrielle; Tzanetakis, George; Schloss, Andrew W.
Tactile Feedback Tool: approaching the foot pedal problem in live electronic music Michailidis, Tychonas; Berweck, Sebastian
Audience-Participation Techniques Based on Social Mobile Computing Oh, Jieun; Wang, Ge
Software for Schenkerian Analysis Marsden, Alan
Inclusive Interconnections: Retaining Diversity in Networked Laptop Performance Booth, Graham
Prioritizing Audio Features Selection Using Analysis Hierarchy Process As A Mean To Extend User Control In Concatenative Sound Synthesis Norowi, Noris Mohd; Miranda, Eduardo
Exploring the potential of the dedicated XML syntax for diatonic harmonica tablatures Tomberg, Vladimir; Ivanov, Eugene; Laanpere, Mart
The Horizontal Spacing of Graphical Notation Solomon, Mike
The Prosthetic Mbira: Prosthesis as Design Strategy Vriezenga, Ciska; Rebelo, Pedro
Analytical and Compositional Applications of a Network-Based Scale Model in music21 Ariza, Christopher; Cuthbert, Michael Scott
CBPSC: Corpus-based Processing for SuperCollider Stoll, Thomas
Combining EEG Frontal asymmetry studies with affective algorithmic composition and expressive performance models Kirke, Alexis; Miranda, Eduardo
UDKOSC: An immersive musical environment Hamilton, Robert
Artaud's Snake: gesture, time and play - a composer's report on the use and development of the WiGI infra red wireless gestural system Scott, Richard
Concepts and Practical Considerations of Platform-Independent Design of Mobile Music Environments Wook Kim, Jong; Essl, Georg
Sound Synthesis with a New Elasticity Model Sanan, Patrick