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Robot-Assisted Playing With Fingering Support For A Saxophone Kurosawa, Yoshifumi; Suzuki, Kenji
Composition With Path : Musical Sonification Of Geo- Referenced Data With Online Map Interface Park, Si Hwa; Kim, Seunghung; Lee, Samuel
Perception Based Multi-Genre Labeling On Music Data Sanden, Chris; Befus, Chad R.
On Bimodal Guitar-Chord Recognition Cicconet, Marcelo; Carvalho, Paolo Cezar; Velho, Luiz
Pyschoacoustic Feature Based Perceptual Segmentation Befus, Chad; Sanden, Chris; Zhang, John Z.
Business Model, For Violin, Cello And Live Electronic Nuono, Gilbert
System Of Shadows, An Interactive Performance Environment For Trumpet/Flugelhorn And Kyma Belet, Brian; Ruppenthal, Stephan
Clapping Machine Music Variations: A Composition For Acoustic/Laptop Ensemble Trueman, Daniel
Gestural Shaping And Transformation In A Universal Space Of Structure And Sound Thalmann, Florian; Mazzola, Guerino
An Embedded Hardware Platform For Fungible Interfaces Hollinger, Avrum; Thibodeau, Joseph; Wanderley, Marcelo M.
Forest Fire Dynamics In Sonic Organisation Jones, Daniel; D'inverno, Mark
Gesture Sampling For Instrumental Sound Synthesis: Violin Bowing As A Case Study Maestre, Esteban; Pérez, Alfonso; Ramírez,
Spectralconway: Cellular Automata Off The Grid Mclaughlin, Dr. Scott; Tremblay, Dr. Pierre Alexandra
Spatializing Timbre With Corpus-Based Concatenative Synthesis Einbond, Aaron; Schwarz, Diemo
A Modular Sound Descriptor Analysis Framework For Relaxed-Real-Time Applications Schwarz, Diemo; Schnell, Norbert
The Arcontinuo: A Performed-Centered Electronic Musical Instrument Bertin, Claudio; Cadiz, Rodrigo; De La Cuadra, Patricio; De Ioannes, Gabriel; Sylleros, Alvaro
Argos: An Open Source Application For Building Multi- Touch Musical Interfaces Diakopoulos, Dimitri; Kapur, Ajay
A Wireless, Real-Time, Social Music Performance System For Mobile Phones Gibson, Dr. Ian; Davey, Mr. Matthew
A Real-Time Human Body Skeletonization Algorithm For Max/Msp/Jitter Baltazar, Andrés; Guedes, Carlo; Pennycook, Bruce; Gouyon, Fabien
Soundcatcher: Explorations In Audio-Looping And Time-Freezing Using An Open-Air Gestural Controller Vigliensoni, Gabriel; Wanderley, Marcelo M.
Eye.Breathe.Music: A Multimeadia Controller That Uses Eye Movement And Breathing Bailey, Sam; Scott, Adam; Wright, Harry; Symonds, Ian; Ng, Kia
Developing Systems For Improvisation Based On Listening Van Nort, Doug; Oliveros, Pauline; Braasch, Jonas
Vigorous Music-Making: The Inherent “Liveliness” Of A T-Stick Instrumentalist Stewart, D. Andrew
Grainstick: A Collaborative, Interactive Sound Installation Leslie, Grace; Schwarz, Diemo; Warusfel, Olivier; Bevilacqua, Frederic; Zambolin, Bruno; Jodlowski, Pierre; Schnell, Norbert
The Lattice Harp: A New Hybrid Instrument And Controller Raffel, Colin; Kruge, Nick; Douglas, Diane; Berdahl, Edgar; Ju, Wendy
The Timestruct Toolkit: Imposing Temporal Structure In Max Glennon, Aron; Didkovski, Nick
Toward Understanding Human-Computer Interaction In Composing The Instrument Fiebrink, Rebecca; Trueman, Daniel; Britt, Cameron; Nagai, Michelle; Kaczmarek, Konrad; Early, Michael; Daniel, MR; Hege, Anne; Cook,
Tactile Feedback Based On Acoustic Pressure Waves Ciglar, Miha
Aurafx: A Simple And Flexible Approach To Interactive Audio Effect-Based Composition And Performance Dannenberg, Roger; Kotcher, Robert
User-Guided Evolution Of Granular Synthesis Coia, Corrado; Ross, Brian
A Flexible And Dynamic C++ Framework And Library For Digital Audio Signal Processing Place, Timothy; Lossius, Trond; Peters, Nils
A Semi-Virtual Violin For Investigations Into Sound Quality And Musician-Instrument Interaction Türkheim, Friedrich V.; Smit, Thorsten; Mores, Robert
Dynamic Playlist Generation: A Case Study Wagner, Chad
Rhythmic Similarity Using Metrical Profile Matching Smith, Leigh
Exploring “Artist Image” Using Content-Based Analysis Of Promotional Photos Libeks, Janis; Turnbull, Douglas
A Survey Of Chord Distances With Comparison For Chord Analysis Rocher, Thomas; Robine, Matthias; Hanna, Pierre
Piano Arrangement System Based On Composers' Arrangement Processes Onuma, Sho; Hamanaka, Masatoshi
Spectral Synthesis Of Rhythms Loviscach, Joern
Systematic And Quantative Electro-Acoustic Music Analysis (Sqema) Park, Tae Hong; Hyman, David; Leonard, Peter; Wu, Wen
The Mobile Ambisonics Equiptment Of The ICST Faerber, Peter; Kocher, Philippe
Wireless Sensor Networks And Computer Music, Dance And Installation Implementations Helmuth, Mara; Hyun Jun, Jung; Oliveira, Talmai; Mostafa, Mhmad; Shiota, Kazuaki; Mishra, Amitabh; Agrawal, Dharma
The Show Must Go On: Dependable Audio Computing Loviscach, Joern
Modeling Beats, Accents, Beams, And Time Signatures Hierarchically With Music21 Meter Objects Ariza, Christopher; Cuthbert, Michael Scott
A Timbre Analysis And Classification Toolkit For Pure Data Brent, William
Improving Upon Musical Analyses Of Conducting Gestures Using Computer Vision Nakra, Teresa; Tilden, Daniel; Salgian, Andrea
Yasunao Tone And MP3 Deviation Blake, Thom; Fell, Mark; Myatt, Tony; Worth, Peter
Technological Advantage For The Sound Arts: Border Politics Ignacio, José; Ramirez-Gastón, López
Sense/Stage - Low Cost, Open Source Wireless Sensor Infrastructure For Live Performance And Interactive, Real-Time Environments Baalman, Marije A.J.; De Belleval, Vincent; Malloch, Joseph; Thibodeau, Joseph
Grafting Synthesis Patches Onto Live Musical Instruments Puckette, Miller
Automatic Timbral Morphing Of Musical Instruments Sounds By High-Level Descriptors Caetano, Marcelo; Rodet, Xavier
Structured IIR Models For HRTF Interpolation Queiroz, Marcelo; De Sousa, Gustavo H. M.
Urmus - An Environment For Mobile Instrument Design And Performance Essl, Georg
Studio Report: Music Research Centre, Department Of Music, University Of York Myatt, Tony; Larkin, Oliver; Malham, Dave
The 'C' Of IRCAM: Coordinating Musical Research At IRCAM Cont, Arshia; Gerzso, Andrew
Studio Report: Music Technology At Penn State University Ballora, Mark; Craig, Curtis
Fourms, University Of Oslo - Lab Report Jensenius, Alexander Refsum; Glette, Kyrre; Godøy, Rolf Inge; Hovin, Mats; Nymoen, Kristian; Skogstad, Ståle A.; Torresen, Jim
Georgia Southern University Studio Report Thompson, John; Olson, Michael
The Brooklyn College Center For Computer Music, City University Of New York Geers, Douglas; Brumner, George; Cohen, Douglas; Nelson, Nicholas
Education On Music And Technology, A Program For A Professional Education Timmermans, Hans; Ijzermans, Jan; Machielse, Rens; Van Wolferen, Gerard
HELO: The Laptop Ensemble As An Incubator For Individual Laptop Performance Hewitt, Scott; Tremblay, Pierre Alexander; Freeman, Samuel; Booth, Graham
Algorithmic Musical Improvisation From 2d Board Games Parson, Dale
Ml-Maquette / Musique Lab 2 Bresson, Jean
Otoacoustic Emissions As A Compositional Tool Kirk, Jonathon
Anchoring In Ubiquitous Musical Activities Keller, Damián; Barreiro, Daniel Luis; Queiroz, Marcelo; Pimenta, Marcelo Soares
Exploring Meaning And Intention In Music Conducting Dannenberg, Roger D.; Siewiorek, Daniel P.; Zahler, Noel
Petrol: Reactive Pattern Language For Improvised Music Mclean, Alex; Wiggins, Geraint
Abstraction In A Unit-Based Audio Processing System Stoll, Thomas
Because We Are Falling Down. Physics, Gesture And Relative Realities Klien, Volkmar; Grill, Thomas
Idiosyncrasies Of Spatial Perception In Multi- Loudspeaker Reproduction Kendall, Gary
Advances In The Parallelization Of Music And Audio Applications Battenberg, Eric; Freed, Adrian; Wessel, David
Spectral Stochastic Resonance Sound Synthesis Cadiz, Rodrigo F.; De La Cuadra, Patricio
Combining Audiovisual Mappings For 3D Musical Interaction Berthaut, Florent; Desainte-Catherine, Myriam; Hachet, Martin
Generetive, Emergent, Self-Similar Structures: Construction In Self Ikeshiro, Ryo
Toward An Organology Of Virtual Instruments In Computer Music Barthelemy, Jerome; Orlarey, Yann; Bonardi, Alain; Lemouton, Serge; Ciavarella, Raffaele; Barkati, Karim
Timewarp: A Graphical Tool For The Control Of Polyphonic Smoothly Varying Tempos Maccallum, John; Schmeder, Andrew
Automatically Generating Syntactically Correct Audio Effects In Max Glennon, Aron; Rowe, Robert; Bello,
Decentralizing Music, Its Performance, And Processing Berndt, Axel
Creating And Inhabiting A Space: Real-Time Algorithms And Performance Issues In Roger Reynolds's Angelspace (2008-2009) Sudol, Jacob David; Reynolds, Roger
An Unconference Unsession On Computer Music Performance Baguyos, Jeremy C; Nanou, Chryssie; Wetzel, David; Boyle, Mcgregor
Dissemination Of Computer Music Theory Outside Academia Porres, Alexandre T.
New Languages For Physical Modeling Synthesis Schroeder, Benjamin; Ainger, Marc; Parent, Richard
How To Conduct A Laptop Orchestra: Issues Of Coordination In Computer Music Reinecke, David
Jack And Jill Project In Autonomous Music Composition Handelman, Eliot
Is The Laptop A Musical Instrument? Or, What's Old Is New Again, And Vice Versa Marlow, Eugene
Electroacoustic Movies - Towards A Post-Acousmatic Music Cope, Nick; Howle, Tim
How To Articulate A Regional Space For Research And Creation In Latin America Oliver, Jamie E.
Towards A Performance Practice Of Computer Music: A Journey Cancino, Juan P.
Neuroacoustics: Intergrating The Strengths Of Computer Technology And Human Biology Through Music
Interactive Video In Performance Martyne, Krista; Salvail, Julien- Robert L.
Using Streetlights To Generate Sound: Hidden And The Use Of Non-Incandescent Light Sources For Sound Generation Goeringer, Lyn
The Medium Is The App. Spicer, Michael
Tactile Feedback Based On Acoustic Pressure Waves Ciglar, Miha
Radical Computer Music Vester, Parl K. B.
Pure Data Barcamp Puckette, Miller; Steiner, Hans-Christoph; Porres,
Gelie - Investigations In Expression Through Mapping Tarakajian, Sam
Reception Of Intellectual Property Issues In Computer Music Mclaughlin, Scott
Founding Of The Asia Computer Music Project Osaka, Naotoshi; Shin, Seongah; Wyse, Lonce
Sonic Beams / Acoustic Shadows Ciglar, Miha
Decomposing Autumn: A Component-Wise Recomposition Casal, David Plans
A Database System For Organising Musique Concrete Bailey, Christopher
Virtual Bass-Clarinet In Modalys Teglbjaerg, Hans Peter Stubbe; Goepfer, Thomas
Analysis And Resynthesis Of Anemic Cinema Girol, Paolo
Peacock: A Non-Haptic 3D Performance Interface Miyama, Chikashi
Mobile Sound Sources In Two Music Theatre Works Otondo, Felipe
Hrtfearly and Hrtfreverb: Flexible Binaural Reverberation Processing Carty, Brian; Lazzarini, Victor
A Multilevel Symbolic Music Alignment Algorithm England, Robert
Time Synchronization In Graphic Domain - A New Paradigm For Augmented Music Scores Fober, Dominique
Source Separation By Score Synthesis Ganseman, Joachim; Scheunders, Paul; Mysore, Gautham J.; Abel, Jonathan S.
Plane Tessellation With Musical Scale Tiles And Bidimensional Automatic Composition Cicconet, Marcelo; Franco, Tertuliano; Carvalho, Paulo Cezar
Virage : Designing An Interactive Intermedia Sequencer From Users Requirements And Theorical Background Allombert, Antoine; Marczak, Raphael; Desainte-Catherine, Myriam; Baltazar, Pascal; Allombert, Laurent Garnier
Introducing Fuzzy Logic And Computing With Words Paradigms In Realtime Processes For Performance Arts Bonardi, Alain; Truck, Isis
Arcsyn: An Expressive And Efficient Additive Synthesis Architecture Romblom, David
Introducing Belle, Bonne, Sage Burnson, William
An Auditory Twist On Visual Search Using Head Movement Controlled Ambisonics Agres, Kat; Topel, Spencer; Spivey, Michael; Moseson, Stephen
Zero-Discount Partially Observable Markov Decision Processes For Computational Improvising Agents Martin, Aengus; Jin, Craig; Van Schaik, Andre; Martens, William L.
Head Tracking For 3d Audio Using The Nintendo Wii Remote Ubilla, Mauricio; Mery, Domingo; Cadiz,
Sonification Of Web Log Data Ballora, Mark; Panulla, Brian; Gourley, Matthew; Hall, David L.
Www.Lovelyweather.Com: A Web-Based Interactive Audio-Visual Environment Bakht, Salman; Jette, Christopher
The Mobile Phone Ensemble As Classroom Essl, Georg
Synthesizing The Dynamic Spectra Of The Didgeridoo Ayers, Lydia; Horner, Andrew
Automatic Notation Of Computer-Generated Scores For Instruments, Voices And Electro-Acoustic Sounds Burnson, William A.; Kaper, Hans G.
An Algorithmic Composition Method Of Monophonic Pitches Based On The Frequency Relationship Of Melody Motion Lin, Hsin-Ming; Huang, Chih-Fang
Technology And Creativity In The Classroom:An Opportunity Missed? Mcnichol, Alistair
Computer-Controlled Video As A Multimodal Interface In Live Acousmatic Music Stefani, Ewan; De Bézenac, Christophe
A Distributed Memory For Networked Livecoding Performance Sorensen, Andrew
Ursound -- Live Patching Of Audio And Multimedia Using A Multi-Rate Normed Single-Stream Data-Flow Engine Essl, Georg
Unruhige Räume - Spatial Electro-Acoustic Composition Through A Collaborative Artistic Research Process Baltazar, Pascal; Habbestad, Bjørnar
Perception And Interpretation Of Concurrent Aural Shapes Using Dream Interface Bukvic, Ivica Ico; Kim, Ji-Sun
Processing Sound And Music Description Data Using Openmusic Bresson, Jean; Agon, Carlos
Composition Of Sound Mixtures With Spectral Maquettes Esling, Philippe; Agon, Carlos
The Machine Orchestra Kapur, Ajay; Darling, Michael; Wiley, Meason; Vallis, Owen; Hochenbaum, Jordan; Murphy, Jim; Diakopoulos, Dimitri; Burgin, Carl; Yamin, Tyler