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Streaming from MIDI Using Constraint Satisfaction Optimization and Sequence Alignment Duane, Ben; Pardo, Bryan
An Electronic Timbre Dictionary and 3D Timbre Display Osaka, Naotoshi; Saito, Yoshinori; Ishitsuka, Shinya; Yoshioka, Yasuhiro
Scalability in Content-Based Navigation of Sound Databases Schwarz, Diemo; Schnell, Norbert; Gulluni, Sebastien
Appliance of Music Information Retrieval System for Arabian Woodwinds in Music Education Al-Ghawanmeh, Fadi M.; Al-Ghawanmeh, Mohammad T.; Haddad, Rami N.
Efficient Gesture Storage and Retrieval for Multiple Applications Using a Relational Data Model of Open Sound Control Schmeder, Andrew
Handling Asynchrony in Audio-Score Alignment Devaney, Johanna; Ellis, Daniel P. W.
Compensating for Expressiveness in Queries to a Content Based Music Information Retrieval System Duggan, Bryan; O’Shea, Brendan; Gainza, Mikel; Cunningham, Pádraig
Using Regular Expressions to Express Bowing Patterns for String Players Hall, Cordelia V.; O’Donnell, John T.
Dynamic Chord Analysis for Symbolic Music Rocher, Thomas; Robine, Matthias; Hanna, Pierre; Strandh, Robert
Hierarchical Markov Modeling for Generative Music Thornton, Chris
Midivis: Visualizing Music Structure via Similarity Matrices Wolkowicz, Jacek; Brooks, Stephen; Keselj, Vlado
An Object Oriented Model for the Representation of Temporal Data in the Integra Framework Bullock, Jamie; Frisk, Henrik
Play-Along Mapping of Musical Controllers Fiebrink, Rebecca; Cook, Perry R.
jMIR: Tools for Automatic Music Classification McKay, Cory; Fujinaga, Ichiro
Automatic Score Generation with FOMUS Psenicka, David
JDubiel: A Java Applet for Pitch-Class Set Analysis Takaoka, Akira
Realtime Selection of Percussion Samples Through Timbral Similarity in Max/MSP Eigenfeldt, Arne; Pasquier, Philippe
Automatic Musical Fountain Scenario Generation Using Musical Information Analysis Yoo, Min-Joon; Lee, In-Kwon
Real-Time Chord Recognition for Live Performance Stark, Adam M.; Plumbley, Mark D.
Melody Extrapolation in GTTM Approach Hamanaka, Masatoshi; Hirata, Keiji; Tojo, Satoshi
Ntccrt: A Concurrent Constraint Framework for Real-Time Interaction Toro-Bermúdez, Mauricio; Rueda, Camilo; Agón, Carlos; Assayag, Gérard
Synaesthetic Analysis, Exploring Music Structures by Multimedia Representation. PrometheusZ12, a Novel 3D Visualization Tool Tagliolato, Paolo
A Robust Border Detection Algorithm with Application to Medieval Music Manuscripts Ouyang, Yue; Burgoyne, John Ashley; Pugin, Laurent; Fujinaga,
Structured Representation of Harmony for Music Retrieval Robine, Matthias; Hanna, Pierre; Rocher, Thomas; Ferraro, Pascal
The Process of Entrainment and its Application to Computer Music O’Brien, Donal; Knapp, R. Benjamin
ScoreIlluminator: Automatic Illumination of Orchestra Scores for Readability Improvement Matsubara, Masaki; Okamoto, Hiroyuki; Sano, Tomohisa; Susuki, Hiroya; Nobesawa, Shiho Hoshi; Saito, Hiroaki
Real-Time Implementation of HMM-Based Chord Estimation in Music Audio Cho, Taemin; Bello, Juan P.
Perceptually Based Pitch Scales in Cepstral Techniques for Percussive Timbre Identification Brent, William
Use of Decision Tree to Detect GTTM Group Boundaries Miura, Yuji; Hamanaka, Masatoshi; Hirata, Keiji; Tojo, Satoshi
2084 – Brave Creative World: Creativity in the Computer Music Curriculum Boehm, Carola
[60]Project: Conception, Composition and Archiving Adkins, Monty; Gatt, Michael
Electroacoustic, Creative, and Jazz: Musicians Negotiating Boundaries Gluck, Robert J.
Silver Apples, Electric Circus, Electronic Arts, and Commerce in Late 1960s New York Gluck, Robert J.
Reflections on Spent Time (abstract; full paper is on page 561) Lansky, Paul
Toward Synthesized Environments: A Survey of Analysis and Synthesis Methods for Sound Designers and Composers Misra, Ananya; Cook, Perry R.
Timbral Migration: Stochastic Processes for the Control of Smooth Spectral Transformation MacCallum, John; Schmeder, Andrew; Wessel, David
Bayesian Spectral Matching: Turning Young MC into MC Hammer via MCMC Sampling Hoffman, Matthew D.; Cook, Perry R.; Blei, David M.
Evolutionary Spectral Envelope Morphing by Spectral Shape Descriptors Caetano, Marcelo; Rodet, Xavier
Software for Teaching Music Theory Taube, Heinrich; Burnson, William Andrew
Valuing Our Heritage: Exploring Spatialisation Through Software Emulation of Stockhausen’s Oktophonie Clarke, Michael; Manning, Peter
SoundMaker: a Web-Based Teaching Tool for Sound Design Cavis, Ryan; Tipei, Sever; Kindratenko, Volodymyr
Studio Report: Computer Music Activities at the Interdisciplinary Nucleus of Sound Communication Manzolli, Jônatas; Maia Jr., Adolfo; Fornari, José; Caetano, Marcelo
Women Innovators: Technology-Based Music Therapy Heyen, Jaclyn
Beyond Concatenation: Some Ideas for the Creative Use of Corpus-Based Sonic Material Stoll, Thomas M.
CCRMA Studio Report Wilkerson, Carr; Lopez-Lezcano, Fernando
A Symbolic Sonification of L-Systems Wilson, Adam James
Perceptually Motivated Sonification of Moving Images Pelletier, Jean-Marc
Not Just Prettier: FMS Marches On Park, Tae Hong; Li, Zhiye
Synergetic Strategies in the Development of Music Technology and Multimedia in the North American Heartland Baguyos, Jeremy Castro
Tijuana Sound Arts Project: A Nomadic Studio Report Ramírez-Gastón, José Ignacio López
Corpus-Based Transcription as an Approach to the Compositional Control of Timbre Einbond, Aaron; Schwarz, Diemo; Bresson, Jean
Post-Processing Fiddle~: A Real-Time Multi-Pitch Tracking Technique Using Harmonic Partial Subtraction for Use within Live Performance Systems Robertson, Andrew N.; Plumbley, Mark D.
All Natural Room Enhancement Spratt, Kyle; Abel, Jonathan S.
Estimating the Reed Pulse from Clarinet Recordings Smyth, Tamara; Abel, Jonathan S.
New Methods of Formant Analysis-Synthesis for Musical Applications Lazzarini, Victor; Timoney, Joseph
Data-Driven Stastical Modeling of Violin Bowing Gesture Parameter Contours Maestre, Esteban
Calibration Method to Measure Accurate Bow Force for Real Violin Performances Guaus, Enric; Bonada, Jordi; Maestre, Esteban; Pérez, Alfonso; Blaauw, Merlijn
Advantages and Limitations of Simulating Percussion Gestures for Sound Synthesis Bouënard, Alexandre; Wanderley, Marcelo M.; Gibet, Sylvie
Musical Analysis of Conducting Gestures Using Methods from Computer Vision Nakra, Teresa Marrin; Salgian, Andrea; Pfirrmann, Micheal
Interactive Composing as the Expression of Autonomous Machine Motivations Beyls, Peter
Audio-Haptic Interaction with the Digital Waveguide Bowed String Sinclair, Stephen; Scavone, Gary; Wanderley, Marcelo M.
Projecting Finger Placement onto the Fretboard Loviscach, Jörn
Smule = Sonic Media: An Intersection of the Mobile, Musical, and Social Wang, Ge; Essl, Georg; Smith, Jeff; Salazar, Spencer; Cook, Perry R.; Hamilton, Robert; Fiebrink, Rebecca; Berger, Jonathan; Zhu, David; Ljungstrom, Mattias; Berry, Arnaud; Wu, Jennifer; Kirk, Turner; Berger, Elon; Segal, Jillian
Bowsense – An Open Wireless Motion Sensing Platform Wilmers, Hans
Haptic Feedback for Different Strokes Using DIMPLE Zadel, Mark; Sinclair, Stephen; Wanderley, Marcelo M.
The CIRMMT/McGill Digital Orchestra Project Pestova, Xenia; Donald, Erika; Hindman, Heather; Malloch, Joseph; Marshall, Mark T.; Rocha, Fernando; Sinclair, Stephen; Stewart, D. Andrew; Wanderley, Marcelo M.; Ferguson, Sean
An Augmented Snare Drum Gray, Robin; Lindsell, Simon; Minster, Rachael; Symonds, Ian; Ng, Kia
Audioscapes: Exploring Surface Interfaces for Music Exploration Ness, Steven R.; Tzanetakis, George
Motion Capture, Analysis and Feedback to Support Learning Conducting Bradshaw, David; Ng, Kia
Detachable Polyphonic Pickup for Bowed Stringed Instruments McMillen, Keith; Holt, Ken
Cody’s Corner: Design and Implementation of an Elementary School Computer Music Installation Rathgaber, Joel; Gerhard, David
Infinite Suite: Computers and Musical Form Pozzati, Guillermo
Bowing Models for String Players Hall, Cordelia V.; O’Donnell, John T.; Findlay, Bill
Music Analysis and Spectral Modeling Based on Cubic B-Splines Möhlmann, Daniel; Herzog, Otthein; Wagner,
Synthesizing Ghost Voices in Ghost Winds Talking Ayers, Lydia; Horner, Andrew
“The Fingers” – A Tribute to “The Hands” Overholt, Dan
3D Panner: A Compositional Tool for Binaural Sound Synthesis Tatlı, Tuğba
GROMA. Aesthetical Issues of Developing an Urban, Permanent, Site-Specific Sound Installation Nordbrock, Judith
A Cultural Approach toward the Notion of the Instrument Brunner, Christoph
Imaginal Listening and Phenomena of Sound-Images in Electroacoustic Music Kim, Suk-Jun
Musical Nonlinearity in Interactive Narrative Environments Berndt, Axel
Conservative Garbage Collectors for Realtime Audio Processing (incomplete; the full paper is on page 569) Matheussen, Kjetil
Real-time Interactive 3D Audio and Video with jReality Brinkmann, Peter; Weißmann, Steffen
Sonifying Sieves: Synthesis and Signal Processing Applications of the Xenakis Sieve with Python and Csound Ariza, Christopher
μ Max-Unity3D Interoperability Toolkit Bukvic, Ivica Ico; Kim, Ji-Sun
Thinking Inside the Box: A New Integrated Approach to Mixed Music Composition and Performance Tremblay, Pierre Alexandre; McLaughlin, Scott
Flocking in the Time/Dissonance Plane Wilson, Adam James
An Analysis of Interviews with Composers From a Cognitive Styles Perspective Carter, Jenny; Eaglestone, Barry; Ford, Nigel; Holdridge, Peter
Lyric-Based Rhythm Suggestion Nichols, Eric
Alter Ego: A Generative Music Creation System Trützschler von Falkenstein, Jan; Tlalim, Tom
SOMba : Multiuser Music Creation Using Self-Organizing Maps and Motion Tracking Ness, Steven R.; Tzanetakis, George
G³: GENESIS Software Environment Update Castagne, Nicolas; Cadoz, Claude; Allaoui, Ali; Tache, Olivier
Organizing Mass-Interaction Physical Models: the CORDIS-ANIMA Musical Instrumentarium Tache, Olivier; Cadoz, Claude
Spatial Composition in the Multi-Channel Domain: Aesthetics and Techniques Stefani, Ewan; Mooney, James
Instruction and Thread Level Parallelism in PWGLSynth 2 Norilo, Vesa; Laurson, Mikael
MuBu and Friends – Assembling Tools for Content Based Real-Time Interactive Audio Processing in Max/MSP Schnell, Norbert; Röbel, Axel; Schwarz, Diemo; Peeters, Geoffroy; Borghesi, Riccardo
Parallel Execution of Csound ffitch, John
SoundCipher: A Music and Sound Library for Processing Brown, Andrew R.
Role-Reversal: Max/MSP as an Audio Engine for Java Polfreman, Richard
Augmenting Computer Music with Just-In-Time Compilation Smith, Wesley; Wakefield, Graham
Bridges for Networked Musical Ensembles Wyse, Lonce; Mitani, Norikazu
1-D, 2-D and 3-D Interpolation Tools for Max/MSP/Jitter Todoroff, Todor; Reboursière, Loïc
Common Music 3 Taube, Heinrich
Structure and Psychoacoustic Perception of the Electroacoustic Soundscape Iturbide, Manuel Rocha
Pattern Recognition of Emotional States During Musical Performance from Physiological Signals Jaimovich, Javier; Knapp, R. Benjamin
Localisation of Subwoofers in Concert Hall Environment Sazdov, Robert
Towards a Comprehensive Cognitive Analysis of Delay-Influenced Rhythmical Interaction Carôt, Alexander; Werner, Christian; Fischinger,
The ORA Project: Audio-Visual Live Electronics and the Pipe Organ d’Alessandro, Christophe; Noisternig, Markus; Le Beux, Sylvain; Picinali, Lorenzo; Katz, Brian FG; Jacquemin, Christian; Ajaj, Rami; Planes, Bertrand; Strurmel, Nicolas; Delprat, Nathalie
Hidden City: ‘Being with’ in Improvised Performance Whittington, Stephen; Harrald, Luke
Counterlines: Studies in Interfacing Graphic and Melodic Lines Kapuscinski, Jaroslaw; Sanchez, Javier
DBAP – Distance-Based Amplitude Panning Lossius, Trond; Baltazar, Pascal; de la Hogue, Théo
The Pre-Production Process of New York Counterpoint for Clarinet and Tape Written by Steve Reich Pras, Amandine; Féron, François-Xavier; Demers, Kaïs
Orchestral Accompaniment for a Reproducing Piano Raphael, Christopher; Gu, Yupeng
Stanford Laptop Orchestra (SLOrk) Wang, Ge; Bryan, Nicholas; Oh, Jieun; Hamilton, Robert
JackTrip: Under the Hood of an Engine for Network Audio Cáceres, Juan-Pablo; Chafe, Chris
Audio Graffiti: A Location Based Audio-Tagging and Remixing Environment Settel, Zack; Wozniewski, Mike; Bouillot, Nicolas; Cooperstock, Jeremy R.
The Interactive Event Manager (IEM): A Performer’s Approach to Interactive System Design Wetzel, David Brooke
PAPAGEI: An Extensible Automatic Accompaniment System for Live Instrumental Improvisation Bakht, Salman; Barlow, Clarence
Situated Interactive Music System: Connecting Mind and Body Through Musical Interaction Le Groux, Sylvain; Verschure, Paul F. M. J.
Improving the Sound Quality of Recordings Through Communication between Musicians and Sound Engineers Pras, Amandine; Guastavino, Catherine
Scape Synthesis: Generation of a Novel Acoustical Space Based on Auditory Perceptual Features Koyama, Shoichi; Suzuki, Risa
Ecosystem Models for Real-Time Generative Music: A Methodology and Framework Bown, Oliver
On Artistic Research in the Context of the Project Embodied Generative Music Eckel, Gerhard; Pirrò, David
Polyphonic Embouchure on an Intricately Expressive Musical Keyboard Formed by an Array of Water Jets Mann, Steve; Janzen, Ryan
Sawtooth: Interface as Visualization Burns, Christopher
For Jean-Claude: [re]Presenting Duet for One Pianist Nanou, Chryssie; Hamilton, Robert
Rhythmic Practice in Music for Small Ensemble and Tape Ding, Shiau-uen
Reflections on Spent Time Lansky, Paul
Conservative Garbage Collectors for Realtime Audio Processing Matheussen, Kjetil