Page  00000001 Paper Title: "Crossing the Divide" "Crossing the Divide" will be a panel discussion that addresses the intertwined issues of musical style and distribution. The near-collapse of the record industry, especially for music other than top-40, has created new opportunities for the distribution of music. These are difficult for composers of "minority" musics to access. At the same time there is a growing interest in a new generation of listeners that cross stylistic divisions and promise an expanded audience, larger than specialists, for electroacoustic/computer music. The topic will be addressed from both an historical perspective with attention to the situation in the United States, Europe, Japan and Russia, and to the use of emerging technologies. Author 1: Jon Appleton Dartmouth College USA Professor jon.appleton@ Author 2: Paul Lansky Princeton University USA Professor paul@ Author 3: Tim Schaaff Apple, Inc. USA Vice-President Author 4: Jean-Claude Risset Proceedings ICMC 2004

Page  00000002 CNRS France Research Author 5: Masahiro Miwa IAMAS Japan Professor Author 6: Andre Smirnov Theremin Center Russia Director asmir@ Proceedings ICMC 2004