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Combined Force Display System of EMG Sensor for Interactive Performance Nagashima, Yoichi
GDS (Global Delayed Session) Music ‒ new improvisational music with network latency Nagashima, Yoichi; Hara, Takahiro; Kimura, Toshihiro; Nishibori, Yu
Cutting the cord - In-circuit programmable microprocessors and RF data links free the performer from cables. Malham, D. G.
A Microtonal Tempo Canon Generator After Nancarrow and Jaffe Collins, Nick
Introducing the ElectroAcoustic Resource Site (EARS) Landy, Leigh; Atkinson, Simon
Soundium2: An Interactive Multimedia Playground Schubiger-Banz, Simon; Müller, Stefan
GrIPD: A Graphical Interface Editing Tool and Run-time Environment for Pure Data Sarlo, Joseph A.
A Protocol for Audiovisual Cutting Collins, Nick; Olofsson, Fredrik
Implementing algebraic methods in OpenMusic. Andreatta, Moreno; Agon, Carlos
peerSynth: A P2P Multi-User Software Synthesizer with new techniques for integrating latency in real time collaboration Stelkens, Jörg
A General Filter Design Language with Real-time Parameter Control in Pd, Max/MSP, and jMax Yadegari, Shahrokh
M.A.S.: A Protocol for a Musical Session in a Sound Field where Synchronization between Musical Notes is not guaranteed Obu, Yuka; Kato, Tomoyuki; Yonekura, Tatsuhiro
Education on Music and Technology, A Programme for a Professional Education. Timmermans, Hans; IJzermans, Jan; Machielse, Rens; van Wolferen, Gerard
Techniques for Multi-Channel Real-Time Spatial Distribution Using Frequency-Domain Processing. Torchia, Ryan H.; Lippe, Cort
Compositional and Programming Issues Within Lyra, a Fully Interactive Performance Environment For Violin and Kyma System Belet, Brian
Perceptual Wavetable Matching for Synthesis of Musical Instrument Tones Wun, Cheuk-Wai; Horner, Andrew; Ayers, Lydia
Constraint-based Shaping of Gestural Performance Mazzola, Guerino; Müller, Stefan
Real-Time Acoustics Simulation using Mesh-Tracing Schiettecatte, Bert; Nackaerts, Axel; De Moor, Bart
Non-linear guitar body models Nackearts, Axel; Schiettecatte, Bert; De Moor, Bart
Composition on Distributed RUBATO by Affine Transformations and Deformations of Musical Structures Göller, Stefan; Milmeister, Gérard
Wavetable Matching of Pitched Inharmonic Instrument Tones So, Clifford; Horner, Andrew; Ayers, Lydia
MTRC-Dream: Music in a Mathematical Environment ffitch, John; Dobson, Richard
Discrete Cepstrum Coefficients as Perceptual Features D'haes, Wim; Rodet, Xavier
Orchestral Musical Accompaniment from Synthesized Audio Raphael, Christopher
Ornament as Data Structure: An Algorithmic Model based on Micro-Rhythms of Csángó Laments and Funeral Music Ariza, Christopher
The Smart Controller - shifting performance boundaries Fraietta, Angelo
Algorithmic Composition in Contrasting Music Styles McAuley, Tristan; Hingston, Philip
Discrimination of Sustained Musical Instrument Sounds Resynthesized with Randomly Altered Spectra Horner, Andrew; Beauchamp, James
Developing Analysis Criteria Based on Denis Smalley's Timbre Theories Hirst, David
The Learning Agent Based Interactive Performance System Spicer, Michael; Tan, B. T. G.; Tan, Chew Lim
ENP-Expressions, Score-BPF as a Case Study Kuuskankare, Mika; Laurson, Mikael
Encoding 3D sound scenes and music in XML Potard, Guillaume; Ingham, Stephen
Some Box Design Issues in PWGL Laurson, Mikael; Kuuskankare, Mika
Real-time FOF and FOG synthesis in MSP and its integration with PSOLA Clarke, Michael; Rodet, Xavier
Application of Wave Field Synthesis in the composition of electronic music Baalman, M. A. J.
Implementation of an 8-Channel Real-Time Spontaneous-Input Time Expander/Compressor Keyes, Christopher
The Music Table Berry, Rodney; Hikawa, Naoto; Makino, Mao; Tadenuma, Makoto; Suzuki, Masami
Introduction of DIPS Programming Technique Miyama, Chikashi; Rai, Takayuki; Matsuda, Shu; Ando, Daichi
Sound Source Separation Using Sparse Coding with Temporal Continuity Objective Virtanen, Tuomas
Measures of Consonances in a Goodness-of-fit Model for Equal-tempered Scales Honingh, Aline
Onset Detection in Musical Audio Signals Hainsworth, Stephen; Macleod, Malcolm
Sound Synthesis from Real-Time Video Images Dannenberg, Roger B.; Neuendorffer, Tom
Learning Sets of Musical Rules Ramirez, Rafael
Interface Decoupled Applications for Geographically Displaced Collaboration in Music Barbosa, Álvaro; Kaltenbrunner, Martin; Geiger, Günter
Sonic Arts Research Centre (SARC) Alcorn, Michael; Corrigan, Chris
Sound Clustering Synthesis Using Spectral Data Kobayashi, Ryoho
Polyphonic Audio Matching for Score Following and Intelligent Audio Editors Dannenberg, Roger B.; Hu, Ning
PDa: Real Time Signal Processing and Sound Generation on Handheld Devices Geiger, Günter
ChucK: A Concurrent, On-the-fly, Audio Programming Language Wang, Ge; Cook, Perry R.
SPORCH: An Algorithm for Orchestration Based on Spectral Analyses of Recorded Sounds Psenicka, David
Learning Style-Specific Rhythmic Structures Kapanci, Emir; Pfeiffer, Avi
Pocket gamelan: developing the instrumentarium for an extended harmonic universe Schiemer, Greg; Alves, Ball; Taylor, Stephen James; Havryliv, Mark
The CREATE Signal Library ("Sizzle"): Design, Issues, and Applications Pope, Stephen Travis; Ramakrishnan, Chandrasekhar
Recent Developments in Siren: Modeling, Control, and Interaction for Large-scale Distributed Music Software Pope, Stephen Travis; Ramakrishnan, Chandrasekhar
CREATE 2003 Studio Report Pope, Stephen T.; Kuchera-Morin, Joann; Roands, Curtis; Zannos, Ioannis
BRASS: Visualizing Scores for Assisting Music Learning Watanabe, Fumiko; Hiraga, Rumi; Fujishiro, Issei - A Quintet on the Internet Hajdu, Georg
An Algorithmic Approach to Composing for Flexible Intonation Ensembles Devaney, Johanna
Mapping Sound Synthesis in a Virtual Score Garnett, Guy E.; Johnson, Timothy; Choi, Kyongmee
A model for selective segregation of a target instrument sound from the mixed sound of various instruments Unoki, Masashi; Kubo, Masaaki; Akagi, Masato
After the first year of Rencon Hiraga, Rumi; Bresin, Roberto; Hirata, Keiji; Katayose, Haruhiro
Sho-So-In: New Synthesis Method for Addition of Articulations Based on a Sho-type Physical Model Kikichi, Takafumi; Osaka, Naotoshi; Itakura, Fumitada
New Strategies for Computer-Assisted Composition Software: A Perspective Dahan, Kevin; Brown, Guy J.; Eaglestone, Barry
Audio and User Directed Sound Synthesis Cardle, Marc; Brooks, Stephen; Robinson, Peter
Transient detection and preservation in the phase vocoder Röbel, Axel
Reasonable Influences: The Advantages and Obstacles encountered with Commercial Software Packages used in Introductory Undergraduate Electronic Music Courses. Devaney, Johanna
Note Recognition of Polyphonic Music by Using Timbre Similarity and Direction Proximity Sakuraba, Yohei; Okuno, Hiorshi G.
Studies and Improvements in Automatic Classification of Musical Sound Samples Livshin, Arie A.; Peeters, Geoffroy; Rodet, Xavier
A Learning-Based Quantization: Unsupervised Estimation of the Model Parameters Hamanaka, Masatoshi; Goto, Masataka; Asoh, Hideki; Otsu, Nobuyuki
Setting up of a self-organised multi-agent system for the creation of sound and visual virtual environments within the framework of a collective interactivity. Chen, Chu-Yun; Kiss, Jocelyne
From the concept of sections to events in Csound Kröger, Pedro
The Gestures of Flowing: Using PureData as a Backbone for Interactive Sculpture Animation,Video and Sound Mahling, Andreas
Realtime Performance Strategies for the Electronic Opera K. Ramstrum, Momilani; Lemouton, Serge
Perception-Based Musical Pattern Discovery Lartillot, Olivier
Musical pattern extraction in polyphonic context Meudic, Benoit
Signal-based Music Structure Discovery for Music Audio Summary Generation Peeters, Geoffroy; Rodet, Xavier
Emergent Behavior from Idiosyncratic Feedback Networks Burns, Christopher
Movement-Activated Sound and Video Processing for Multimedia Dance/Theatre Winkler, Todd
Melodic Pattern Anchoring for Score Following Using Score Analysis İzmirli, Özgür; Seward, Robert; Zahler, Noel
Synthesizing Trills for the Chinese Dizi Ayers, Lydia
Physical Interaction Design for Music Gurevich, Michael; Verplank, Bill; Wilson, Scott
Controlling Musical Tempo from Dance Movement in Real-Time: A Possible Approach Guedes, Carlos
Spatio-Operational Spectral (S.O.S) Synthesis Topper, David; Burtner, Matthew; Serafin, Stefania
Rudiments Mapping ‒ An Axiomatic Approach to Music Composition Hsin Hsin, Lin
New Developments in Data-Driven Concatenative Sound Synthesis Schwarz, Diemo
Music Technology at Florida International University Burns, Kristine H.
Music Engineering at the University of Miami Pohlmann, Kenneth; Leider, Colby
A Sound Modeling and Synthesis System Designed for Maximum Usability Wyse, Lonce
Paradiddle: a code-free meta-GUI for musical performance with Pure Data Lindsay, Adam T.; Parkes, Alan P.