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From Expressive Notation to Model-Based Sound Synthesis: a Case Study of the Acoustic Guitar Laurson, Mikael; Hiipakka, Jarmo; Erkut, Cumhur; Karjalainen, Matti; Vôlimôki, Vesa; Kuuskankare, Mika
Simulation of Plucked Strings Exhibiting Tension Modeling Driving Force Tolonen, Tero; Erkut, Cumhur; Valimaki, Vesa; Karjalainen, Matti
Analysis and Critical-Band-Based Group Wavetable Synthesis of Piano Tones Zheng, Hua; Beauchamp, James W.
Higher-level Composition Control in Music Sketcher: Modifiers and Smart Harmony Abrams, Steven; Oppenheim, Daniel V.; Pazel, Don; Wright, James
Composing With Multi-channel Spatialisation As an Aspect of Synthesis Clarke, Michael
PWCollider - A Visual Composition Tool for Software Synthesis Laurson, Mikael
A New Continuous Multimodal Musical Controller Using Wireless Magnetic Tags Hsaio, Kai-Yuh; Paradiso, Joseph
Evaluation of Architectures for Sound Generation Systems with Respect to Interactive Gestural Control and Realtime Performance Modler, Paul; Kirk, Ross
"It's SHO time" - An Interactive Environment for SHO(Sheng) Performance Nagashima, Yoichi; Ito, Tamami Tono
A Comparative Latency Study of Hardware and Software Pitch-trackers Yoo, Lilit; Fujinaga, Ichiro
Data Compression of Sinusoidal Modeling Parameters Based on Psychoacoustic Masking Garcia, Guillermo; Pampin, Juan
ATS: a Lisp Environment for Spectral Modeling Pampin, Juan
Resynthesis of Piano Strings Vibrations Based on Physical Modeling Daudet, L.; Guillemain, Ph.; Kronlan-Martinet, R.
PIECE: A Music Language Editor Synchronized with Graphical Views Nishimura, Satoshi
Two Compositions for Interactive Dance Siegel, Wayne
How to Produce Chinese Folk Music Using Regular MIDI Equipment Liu, Shuilin; Gong, Junping
ComeXos: A Networked Sound Manipulation Primer Yong, Louisa
Antialiasing for Nonlinearities: Acoustic Modeling and Synthesis Applications Thornburg, Harvey
Sound of China: Computer Music Yu, Ying
Second-order Recursive Oscillators for Musical Additive Synthesis Applications on SIMD and VLIW Processors Hodes, Todd; Freed, Adrian
Spectral Line Broadening with Transform Domain Additive Synthesis Freed, Adrian
Generating Pitches in Transients by a Percussive Excitation Fourcade, Patrick; Mangiarotti, Sylvain; Cadoz, Cladue
The Design and Implementation of a Processing System of Qin Score (Jianzipu) QinS(1.0) Sixin, Li
Voice Creation and the Chinese Folk Music Liu, Shuilin; Gong, Junping
Applications of the Processor Enhanced Memory Module for Music Signal Processing Trautmann, Steven; Cheung, Ngai-Man; Poletto, Christopher
Feeping Creatures Berry, Rodney
Creating Three-Dimensional Computer Animations Using Spectral Data and OpenGL Kreger, Tim
Heightening Access and Cohesion within the Worlds of Electroacoustic Music: The Promotion of Triangulation in Creativity, Development and Scholarship Landy, Leigh
Modalys in jMax: Real-time Modal-synthesis Iovino, Francisco; Schnell, Norbert; Lartillot, Olivier
An Approach to Sound Morphing based on Physical Modeling Hikichi, Takafumi; Osaka, Naotoshi
Sound Modeling of Transient and Sustained Musical Sounds Ystad, Sølvi; Guillemain, Philippe; Kronland-Martinet, Richard
Towards Digital "Musical Actions" Bonardi, Alain; Rousseaux, Francis
The Use of Melodic Segmentation for Content-based Retrieval of Musical Data Melucci, Massimo; Orio, Nicola
Content Analysis and Queries in a Sound and Music Database Pope, Stephen Travis; Roy, Pierre; Orio, Nicola
"SNAP" - Sound Network Agent Project - Multi Agent System Using Csound in the Internet Ohnaka, Fumitake
Piano Master Classes via the Internet Young, John P.; Fujinaga, Ichiro
Kinetic Sound Sculptures: Stele and Viola Spezzata Eckel, Gerhard
ASPEN/EXPLORE: A Multiprocessing Assistant for Electroacoustic Music Composers Field, Ambrose
Automatic Capture for Spectrum-Based Instrument Models Dannenburg, Roger B.; Matsunaga, Minoru
Inversion of a Physical Model of a Trumpet Hélie, T.; Vergez, C.; Levine, J.; Rodet, X.
SINOLA: A New Analysis/Synthesis Method using Spectrum Peak Shape Distortion, Phase and Reassigned Spectrum Peeters, Geoffrey; Rodet, Xavier
The Computer Music Education in the Music Composition & Engineering Department of Wuhan Conservatory of Music Zhongliang, Tong
Virtual Sound On Line - Computer Music Courses on the Internet Bianchini, Riccardo; Cipriani, Alessandro
The Synthesis ToolKit (STK) Cook, Perry R.; Scavone, Gary P.
Musically Intelligent Agent for Composition and Interactive Performance Hirata, Keiji; Aoyagi, Tatsuya
Evolutionary Strategies for Spontaneous Man-Machine Interaction Beyls, Peter
Toward Real-time Recognition of Acoustic Musical Instruments Fraser, Angela; Fujinaga, Ichiro
Granular Synthesis of Sound Textures Using Statistical Learning Bar-Joseph, Ziv; Lischinski, Dani; Werman, Michael; Dubnov, Shlomo; El-Yaniv, Ran
Supporting the Sound Description Interchange Format in the Max/MSP Environment Wright, Matthew; Dudas, Richard; Khoury, Sami; Wang, Raymond; Zicarelli, David
Alteration of the Vibrato of a Recorded Voice Arfib, D.; Delprat, N.
Learning Models for Interactive Melodic Improvisation Thom, Belinda
Motor neuron Based Virtual Drummer Laine, Pauli
The Musicians' Sofware Mall: A Set of Composition and Performance Oriented Applications for Sound Synthesis Resina, Eduard; Serra, Xavier
Avoiding the Fitness "Bottleneck": Using Genetic Algorithms to Compose Orchestral Music Waschka II, Rodney
Creating Music in a Machine Age: the Relationships Between Computer Tools, Composers, and Music Making Machines Li, Tang-Chun
Aspects of Stochastic Music Berhörster, Conrad
From Timbre Modulation Method to Research the Relation Between Electronic Music and Chinese Musical Tradition Censong, Leng
Friction and Application to Real-time Physical Modeling of a Violin Serafin, Stefania; Vergez, Christophe; Rodet, Xavier
Nonlinear Modeling and Synthesis of the Kantele ‒ a Traditional Finnish String Instrument Vôlimôki, Vesa; Karjalainen, Matti; Tolonn, Tero; Erkut, Cumhur
Cathedral: An Interactive Work for the Web De Ritis, Anthony
Design of a Flute Interface to Control Synthesis Models Ystad, Sølvi; Voinier, Thierry
BoSSA: The Deconstructed Violin Reconstructed Trueman, Dan; Cook, Perry R.
Music Creation from Moving Image and Environmental Sound Takahashi, Shogo; Suzuki, Kenji; Sawada, Hideyuki; Hashimoto, Shuji
Statistical vs. Connectionist Models of Bebop Improvisation Hörnel, Dominik; Langnickel, Joachim; Sieling, Börje; Sandberger, Bastian
Common Practice Notation View: a Score Representation for the Construction of Algorithms O Maidin, Donncha
Feedback in Musical Computer Applications Laine, Pauli; Lassfolk, Kai
Adaptive Additive Synthesis of Sound Röbel, Axel
Structured Additive Synthesis: Towards a Model of Sound Timbre and Electroacoustic Music Forms Desainte-Catherine, Myriam
Audio Signal Representation and Processing in Time-Frequency Domain Wang, Ye; Valermo, Mikka
Performance Factors in Control of High-Dimensional Space Garrett, Guy E.; Goudeseune, Camille
MusicSpace: a Constraint-Based Control System for Music Spatialization Pachet, François; Delerue, Olivier
Composing for the Digital Dance Interface Siegel, Wayne; Jacobsen, Jens
Dixieland-Gamelan Band? Encounters of an Algorithmic Kind Harley, James
Sonification of Social Data de Campo, Alberto; Egger de Campo, Marianne
SMaTBaM! - Serving Time-Based Media in the Performing Arts Boehm, Carola; Arnold, Stephen
A Digital Version of the Photosonic Instrument Arfib, D.; Dudon, J.
Reed Instruments Modular Representation and Their Interactive Real Time Simulation Florens, Jean-Loup; Germond, Jérôme
"From song of birds to extended virtual reed instruments": Physical Modeling of Birds' Vocal Tracks and Application to a New Kind of Sound Sustain Virtual Instruments Cadoz, Claude; Gubain, Sylvain
Content-based Retrieval and Indexing Methods for Music Databases Hiraga, Yuzuru
A Computer-Assisted Music Analysis System: Daphne Liu, Jian-Li; Hiraga, Rumi; Igarashi, Shigeru
VMCI, an Interface to Control Csound in Real-time Under Windows Maldonado, Gabriel
MidiShare Joins the Open Source Softwares Fober, Dominique; Letz, Stéphane; Orlarey, Yann
A Comparison of Feed Forward Neural Network Architectures for Piano Music Transcription Marolt, Matija
Using Relative Interval Slope in Music Information Retrieval Lemström, Kjell; Laine, Pauli; Perttu, Sami
Banded Waveguides: Towards Physical Modeling of Bowed Bar Percussion Instruments Essl, Georg; Cook, Perry R.
Physical Modeling by Directly Solving Wave PDE Palumbi, Marco; Seno, Lorenzo
Applying STRAIGHT toward Music Systems - Accurate F0 Estimation and Application for Data-driven Synthesis Katayose, Haruhiro; Kawahara, Hideki
A Theoretical Framework for Electro-Acoustic Music Simoni, Mary H.; Broening, Benjamin; Rozell, Christopher; Meek, Colin; Wakefield, Gregory H.
Segmentation and Interpretation in Atonal Music Doerksen, John F.
InSpect and ReSpect: Spectral Modeling, Analysis and Real-time Synthesis Software Tools for Researchers and Composers Marchand, Sylvain; Strandh, Robert
Applications of Principal Differential Analysis, to Data Reduction and Extraction of Musical Features of Sound Winsberg, Suzanne; DePalle, Phillippe
Analysis and Resynthesis of Percussion Sounds: Two Methods Compared Beauchamp, James W.
Spectral Envelope Estimation and Representation for Sound Analysis-Synthesis Schwartz, Diemo; Rodet, Xavier
Modeling Wind Instrument Sound Radiation Using Digital Waveguides Scavone, Gary P.
Audibility of Inharmonicity in String Instrument Sounds, and Implications to Digital Sound Synthesis Jôrvelôinen, Hanna; Vôlimôki, Vesa; Karjalainen, Matti
The SensOrg: Time-complexity and the Design of a Musical Cyberinstrument Ungvary, Tamas; Vertegaal, Roel
Conductor Following With Artificial Neural Networks Ilmonen, Tommi; Takala, Tapio
Virtual Conducting Practice Environment Garnett, Guy E.; Malvar-Ruiz, Fernando; Stoltzfus, Fred
Gestural Control of a Real-Time Physical Model of a Bowed String Instrument Serafin, Stefania; Dudas, Richard; Wanderley, Marcelo M.; Rodet, Xavier
A Parametric Model of Expressiveness in Musical Performance Based on Perceptual and Acoustic Analysis Canazza, Sergio; Rodà, Antonio; Orio, Nicola
Modelling the Motivic Process of Melodies with Markov Chains Höthker, Karin
Formalizing the Concept of Sound Kaper, Hans G.; Tipei, Sever
The Timbre Space of the Classical Guitar and Its Relationship with the Plucking Techniques Orio, Nicola
Using Advanced GUIDO as a Notation Interchange Format Hoos, Holger H.; Hamel, Keith A.; Renz, Kai
Common Lisp Music Update Report Lopez-Lezcano, Fernando; Pampin, Juan
The Notation of Interactive Music: Limitations and Solutions Schedel, Margaret Anne
Interactive Multimodal Mobile Robot for Musical Performance Suzuki, Kenji; Ohashi, Takeshi; Hashimoto, Shuji
Armadillo: Real Time and Non-Real Time Analysis of Musical Sounds on a Power Macintosh Madden, Timothy J.; Beauchamp, James W.
Binary Decision Tree Classification of Musical Sounds Jensen, Kristoffer; Arnspang, Jens
Improving Instrumental Sound Synthesis by Modeling the Effects of Performer Gesture Wanderley, Marcelo M.; Depalle, Philippe; Warusfel, Olivier
Sound Processing Kit: An Object-Oriented Signal Processing Framework Lassfolk, Kai
Expressive Processing of Audio and MIDI Performances in Real Time Canazza, Sergio; De Poli, Giovanni; De Federico, Riccardo; Drioli, Carlo; Rodá, Antonio
Visual Manipulation Environment for Sound Synthesis, Modification, and Performance Osaka, Naotoshi; Hikichi, Takafumi
Comparative Style Analysis with Neural Networks Hörnel, Dominik; Olbrich, Frank
Low-Delay Singing Voice Alignment to Text Loscos, Alex; Cano, Pedro; Bonada, Jordi
Score-Performance Matching Using HMMs Cano, Pedro; Loscos, Alex; Bonada, Jordi
jMax Recent Developments Dèchelle, François; De Cecco, Maurizio; Maggi, Enzo; Schnell, Norbert
MusiCloth: A Design Methodology for the Development of a Performance Initiative Chu, Lonny L.
Interactive Music for Instrumented Dancing Shoes Paradiso, Joseph; Hsaio, Kai-Yuh; Hu, Eric
A Content-Aware Sound Browser Keislar, Douglas; Blum, Thom; Wheaton, James; Wold, Erling
Model-Based Musical Transcription Sterian, Andrew; Simoni, Mary H.; Wakefield, Gregory H.
Realtime Chord Recognition of Musical Sound: a System Using Common Lisp Music Fujishima, Takuya
Modeling the Woodstock Gamelan for Synthesis Ayers, Lydia; Horner, Andrew
The WaveVerb Multi-Channel Room Acoustics Modelling System Murphy, D.T.; Howard, D.M.
Analysis of Percussion for Timbre Measurement and Synthesis Lo, YeeOn; Hitt, Dan
The Sounding Distance Sensation and Its Signification of Artistic Representation Huaming, Xue
Higher Order Ambisonic Systems for the Spatialisation of Sound Malham, D.G.
Volumetric Modeling of Acoustic Fields in CNMAT's Sound Spatialization Theatre Kaup, Arnold; Khoury, Sami; Freed, Adrian; Wessel, David
Modelling Diffusion at the Boundary of a Digital Waveguide Mesh Laird, Joel; Masri, Paul; Canagarajah, Nishan
Guessing the Composer's Mind: Applying Universal Prediction to Musical Style Assayag, Gérard; Dubnov, Shlomo; Delerue, Olivier
Embracing the Composer: Optical Recognition of Handwritten Manuscripts Ng, Kia; Cooper, David; Stefani, Ewan; Boyle, Roger; Bailey, Nick
Musical Applications of New Filter Extensions to Max/MSP Jehan, Tristan; Freed, Adrian; Dudas, Richard
Extending Musical Mixing: Adaptive Composite Signal Processing Penrose, Christopher
Multimedia Application of Time Compress/Stretch of Sound by Granulation Itagaki, Takebumi; Knox, Donald
"Blip, Buzz, Blurp": The Challenge of Teaching New Ways to Listen Miksch, Bonnie; Couch III, Leon W.
Network Audio Performance and Installation Tanaka, Atau
Time in Distributed Real-Time Systems Brandt, Eli; Dannenberg, Roger B.
Composing With the York Polyphonic Real-Time Singing Synthesiser Gibson, Ian S.; Howard, David M.; Tyrrell, Andrew M.
PostFormalism: Fields, Kenneth
Revisiting Kontakte: Issues of History, Performance, and Intuition Clarke, Michael
Aesthetics of Designing an Adaptive Fuzzy System for Evaluation of Computer Music Milicevic, Mladen
Encyclopedia of Classical Music Abramian, Victor A.
WaRM: A Framework for Modelling Resonant Acoustic Environments Laird, Joel; Huns, Tom; Masri, Paul; Canagarajah, Nishan
Simultaneity in Interactive Computer Music - Is It Always the Same, or Does It Depend e.g. On Frequency? Brandorff, Steffen E.
Prote Georgaki, Anastasia
Human Voice Treatments in Various Types of Electroacoustic Music Hettergott, Alexandra
Speech-Based Computer Music: Selected Works by Charles Dodge and Paul Lansky Brune, Madelyn
Digital Music Research Group (Bristol, UK) Studio Report Canagarajah, Nishan; Masri, Paul; Laird, Joel
Center for New Music and Audio Technologies (CNMAT) Studio Report Andrews, Richard
Federazione CEMAT and Centres of Computer Music Research and Production in Italy Belgeri, Gisella; Di Giugno, Guiseppe
The Design and Implementation of an Integrated High Performance Computer Music System for Research and Postgraduate Teaching at the University of York, UK Myatt, Tony
Audio Descriptors and Descriptor Schemes in the Context of MPEG-7 Herrera, Perfecto; Serra, Xavier; Peeters, Geoffroy
Virtual Acoustics Rendering in MPEG-4 Multimedia Standard Vôônônen, Riitta; Huopaniemi, Jyri
Cross-Coding SDIF into MPEG-4 Structured Audio Wright, Matthew; Scheirer, Eric D.
RTcmix and the Open Source / Free Software Model Topper, David
"Magic Music from the Telharmonium" Weidenaar, Reynold
Patchmix: a Cmix Instrument-Builder Helmuth, Mara
CCRMA Studio Report Lopez-Lezcano, Fernando
GRAMMA: the New Music in an Old Architecture de Amicis, Maria Christina
Anglia Polytechnic University ‒ Studio Report Nunn, Douglas