Page  150 ï~~The Centro TEMPO REALE Nicola Bernardini Centro TEMPO REALE Centro di Ricerca, Produzione e Didattica Musicale Villa Strozzi Via Pisana 77 50143 Firenze Tel.++39(0)55/717270 FAX ++39(0)55/717712 E-mail: Abstract After a fairly long period of silence, since the end of 1993 the Centro TEMPO REALE, a computer music center located in Firenze, Italy, and directed by composer Luciano Berio, has entered a new period of activity and production opening to many new works by prominent composers. 1. The Centro TEMPO REALE: a presentation The Centro TEo RF.t is a center dedicated to research, production and pedagogy in the field of computer music which was first created in 1988. In 1993 the Centro TEai o REALE has taken upon a new start upgrading most of its technology and producing several works of international importance. Between 1993 and 1995, the following works will have been created and premiered: - Orfeo cantando... tolse by Adriano Guarnieri, opera for two sopranos, electric guitars, flute, amplified choir, small ensemble and live-electronics (1994) - Noms des Airs, boite a musique by Salvatore Sciarrino (Vidolin et al.) - Quare Tristis by Adriano Guarnieri, text by Giovanni Raboni, for solos, female choir, two instrumental groups, percussions and live-electronics -...1995...2995...3695..., comcedia harmonica by Marco Stroppa for an actress, a double-bass, computer music and live-electronics - Zarde by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart/Luciano Berio, opera in two acts Besides the production activity, the Centro TEMPO REAI. is also pursuing the restoring of old analog tapes of masterworks of electronic music, among which: 1. Visage 2. THEMA (Omaggio a Joyce) 3. A-Ronne all by Luciano Berio. 150 I C MC PROC EE D I N G S 1995

Page  151 ï~~Furthermore, the Centro T'i'Po Ru E organizes every year a cycle of seminars devoted to both musical and technological topics (lecturers of the last two years have been: Andrew Gerszo, Gabrio Taglietti, Alvise Vidolin, Johan Sundberg, Stephen MacAdams, Angelo Orcalli and Jonathan Impett). Other than touring abroad with the works produced in-house, the Centro TEio REmE organizes also concerts and musical events in Firenze to create a wider public devoted to contemporary and electronic music in town. The Centro Thr o RFx is funded by the Municipality of Firenze (Comune di Firenze) and the Region of Tuscany (Regione Toscana). 2. References Vidolin, A. & Bemardini, N. Noms des airs di Salvatore Sciarrino: una musica algoritmica di trasformazione sonora, in Atti del XI Colloquio d'Informatica Musicale Bologna (forthcoming) ICMC PROCEEDINGS 1995 151