Page  506 ï~~The making of an all-digital facility for artistic production and research under the label "avantgarde" Johannes Goebel Zentrum fitr Kunst und Medientechnologie Karlsruhe Institut ftir Musik and Akustik Ritterstrasse 42D-76137 Karlsruhe Germany Abstract The Center for Art and Media Technology Karlsruhe (ZKM) is dedicated to art and its relationship to new media. The center comprises the Museum for Comtemporary Art, the Media Museum, the Institute for Image Media and the Institute for Music And Acoustics. Though the center is in the progress of building up its art collection it already offers space for artistic production and research. The center will be fully operational in a new building by 1997. The Institute for Music and Acoustics puts its emphasis on the production of musical works (pre-produced, interactive / live-electronics, sound-installations with or without other media) - open processes for learning and discussion - the development of computer music enviroments and systems - scientific research (psychoacoustics, basic musical research) - intermedia productions. The institute is not part of a university or conservatory and has thus no teaching obligations beyond whatever its new members consider useful. For the new building, 5 high-quality recording and production studios with two control-rooms, 6 studios for artists-in-residence and a suite of offices are being planned for the Institute for Music and Acoustics. Similar spaces are planned for the Institute for Image Media. A multi-media theater will be part of the center as well. Major consideration has to be given to digital audio networking. The report will present considerations how such an institute can be meaningful under current cultural and technological conditions. The existing program of the institut and its coorperation with the Institute for Image Media will be discussed under these criteria. The plans for the studios and the networking will be presented. ('fTis paper will be provided as addenda upon receipt. (editor)) Education, Studio Reports 506 ICMC Proceedings 1994