Page  366 ï~~WHAT EVER HAPPENED To OUR BEAUTIFUL SCHEMATICS Peter Pesain NICI, University of Nijmegen Postbus 9104 6500 HE Nijmegen The Netherlands Tom Brus Brus Software Development Oudegracht 5E 3511 AS Utrecht The Netherlands The beautiful schematics and diagrams that used to populate the desks in Computer Music Land have almost become extinct. The ugly graph editors dominate the world and dictate their interaction style to desparate human users... Formant extraction nthesis Out in a forgotten corner the graphical editor Domino was born (Desain, 1986) and nurtured to maturity, being fed on won't youmove Golden User Interaction Rules (beaker & Wotyum v buxton, 1987). It was given a strict education -allowed to build connections only horizontally and vertically- and taught to make the life of its user happier. Every day it whispers its prayers and practices the Great Reversible For " Fourier synthesis Module Propagation Sway....oke. oke. make way make way cOutput 7" _'s InpFourier analysis Formant extraction _.. Fourier synthesis This position Iookse familiar, i hink I better stay here Input_ Fourier analysis Formant extraction, Fourier synthesi Output 2P.10 366 ICMC Proceedings 1993

Page  367 ï~~The user decides to drive the voice patch with a loud generator. A series of fast clicks snap the connections into place. But will it work? Aloud voice it was, but very monotonous. Academic talk never convinces... Without hesitation the user eliminates the driving generator by selecting the bad parts and hitting the deadly backspace key. ICMC Proceedings 1993 367 2P.10

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