Page  310 ï~~Computer Aided Composition in Chinese Studio Wu Jian Apple Centre - H.Y. Technology Co. Beijing, China Computer aided Composition (CAC) means people can control computer as a composer, performer and recording engineer. MIDI (Music Instrument Digital Interface).is a media connected composer with music. A MIDI computer system is like a cross between a tape recorder and a player piano: the physical actions you make when playing the keyboard or other MIDI controller instruments are stored not as audio signals (as your tape machine would record) but as numerical information that represents music (pitches, attacks, releases, pitch bends and more). The nuances in your musical performance are analyzed and its components encoded and stored. When played back, the synthesizer recreates your original performance. In Chinese studio, how can we deal with Chinese musical notation, Chinese words, Chinese voice sampling and five pitch composition method, etc. Following is the experienced items on CAC area. 1. A Chinese computer music software packet which includes Chinese notation publishing, Performer, Composer and Wave-edited is reality. 2. Chinese national voice collecting makes Chinese computer music significantly. 3. A program recognizing the Chinese notation and exchanging it to stave. 4. Digital Audio Tape recording in Chinese studio. 5. CAC expanded the area of notation 20 - 27 (1-128) that exceeded the traditional area same as Key, patch, veculioly, duration, tempo and metronome. 6. In Chinese studio, CAC can improve the accuracy of sound quantization. (This paper will be provided as addenda upon receipt. (editor)) 28.4 310 ICMC Proceedings 1,993