Page  18 ï~~UPIC Special Session Chairman: Gerard Pape Assisted by: Didier Rocton Les Ateliers UPIC The UPIC system is one of the most powerful computer music systems in the world. It consists of a PC computer, a real-time synthesis unit, a UPIC program (within the Windows environment) and an optional graphic digitizer screen onto which the user can draw his/her music with the aid of an electro-magnetic pen. The UPIC is a user-friendly system that doesn't require any prior knowledge of programming. Compositionally speaking, no musical element is pre-established. It is the user that decides how to structure his/her piece from the microform to the macroform. The newest version of the UPIC became available in 1992, allowing for real-time performance. During the special session, composers will be introduced to the basic use and possibilities of the UPIC, including some different approaches to UPIC composition. Pieces by such composers as Jean-Claude Risset (Saxatile for Saxophone and UPIC), Pierre Bernard (Kiran for Percussior and UPIC), Takehito Shimazu (Morodie IVa for Percussion and UPIC), and Peter Nelson (Ichthys for Ensemble and UPIC) will be played and discussed briefly. The particular compositional utilization in these works of basic UPIC elements such as the waveform, envelope, and frequency table will be developed in the session. Special Session(UPIC) 18 ICMC Proceedings 1993