Page  9 ï~~Cosmology and Technology in Music Joji Yuasa Department of Music University of California, San Diego It is a critical issue that a composer contemplates what music truly is for human beings, and what music signifies - even for whom is in the field of computer-music - when he or she thinks of true creativity. No matter what type of music it may be, music appears as a reflection of a composer's cosmology. One's cosmology is formed and consists of Universality as a human being and Individuality of one's own. As one of the most essential nature of human kinds, discovery, invention and development of so called technology in music and its adaptation for music seem to be the keenest interest among composers who are engaged in Techno-Music. However, I have observed that sometimes composers are simply enjoying how to adapt the acquired technology for music, rather than using technology for the true creation of music. In order to avoid such tendency, it is inevitable for the composer to contemplate and recognize the fundamental human nature and creativity in this view. Although creativity in music and technology in music always interact together, the speaker believes that music deserves technology after all. ICMC Proceedings 1993 Special Talk