Page  310 ï~~Musical Creation at Ateliers UPIC and CEMAMu Gerard Pape, Jean-Michel Raczinski, Gerard Marino, Marie Helene Serra ATELIERS' UPIC and CEMAMu fax: 33/145 23 65 31 ABSTRACT As of the end of 1991, ATELIERS UPIC has experienced a renaissance of activity. This studio report presents the work of ATELIERS UPIC and CEMAMu together due to an increasing communication and collaboration. The role of ATELIERS UPIC is to promote the use of the UPIC, the system conceived by lannis Xenakis and realized at CEMAMu, with two primary goals: the composition of new works and the instruction of composers. It receives composers in its 3 studios featuring not only the UPIC but also other electro-acoustic instruments. The activities of ATELIERS UPIC are detailed including compositions, pedagogy, workshops and the new festival "UPIC and...". Furthermore, the paper presents the recent developments in research at CEMAMu concerning the UPIC and also the new sound synthesis technique using stochastic functions at the level of the sample as well as the time organization of the composition. 310