Page  592 ï~~The Cro-Magnon Advanced Additive Analysis/Synthesis System* Demonstrations Ralph David Hill, Visiting Researcher Florida State University Center for Music Research R-71, Rm 214 KMU, Tallahassee, FL 32306-2098, U.S.A. Ear Comparisons: Original vs Additively Synthesized Sounds and Others 1 Various sung vowel sounds 2 Low bass sung vowel sound with and without phase tracking 3 Sung descending octave scale with legato note transitions 4 Ab3 trombone note with analysis based on an Ab3 fundamental and with analysis based on an Ab 1 subfundamental 5 An original sung G3 "eh", it's additive resynthesis, the "ah" into which it was transformed via a frequency spectral transformation, and the original sung "ah" used as a basis for the transformation These comparisons will be accompanied by displays of computer screen plots revealing correspondences between results of analysis and what is heard. II Breakdown of a Sound into its Partials, An Audiovisual Demonstration in which the Sound's Individual Partials are Heard while the Corresponding Envelopes are Displayed on a Screen III Results of Additive Analysis of a Sung Eb3 "me" I Ear comparison of original and resynthesized note versions 2 Screen display of partial amplitude envelopes and frequency spectra revealing the two part nature of this sound * A description of this system is given elsewhere in these proceedings ICMC 592

Page  593 ï~~3 Contrast between resyntheses with and without partials comprising the "mmm" formant peak IV Capture of a Live Sound and Demonstration of some Steps Involved in its Additive Analysis (as time permits) 1 Capture of the sound via microphone followed by screen display of the samples' time trajectory with close-up viewing of the sound's onset, central portion waveforms, and decay 2 Frequency and overall amplitude determination for a portion of the sound with screen plot display of them revealing the sound's vibrato and amplitude variation characteristics 3 Additive analysis of this sound portion with screen display of the amplitude, frequency, and phase lead/lag (with respect to the fundamental partial) time trajectories of important partials together with screen display of frequency spectra for analyzed parts of the sound A longer demonstration of the Cro-Magnon System featuring a start-to-finish additive analysis of a live input sound, together with in-depth exploration of system capabilities, will be given privately for those interested. ICMC 593