Page  375 ï~~MAXGEN: A graphical MAX object for the generation and editing of complex continuous control functions. Jean Pich6 and St6phane DesMeules A powerful new MAX object is presented and demonstrated that allows for the specification, generation and editing of arbitrarily complex control functions. MAXGEN is a full featured graphical software package that allows for very quick and intuitive "drawing" of multi-segmented functions. Function types include normal envelopes, tendency masks and step functions, each with variable density indexes. Functions are drawn on screen and can be arbitrarily modified by stretching, compression, merging and duplicating using common Macintosh graphical manipulation commands. Functions can also be recorded in real-time into MAXGEN from any source. Each MAXGEN object can generate 8 simultaneous functions of up to 90 minutes in length through eight individual outputs. Applications for MAXGEN are thought to be extensive. Complete compositional output ("sound object" or "note-driven" composition), audio control in a DSP environment and many kinds of stochastic data generation are possible. ICMC 375