Page  421 ï~~The Computer usic c Hans S trasburger"12 and IComputermusic Studio (CMRS) Universitit Salzburg 2Ins Hellbrunnerstr A-5020 Salzburg Osterreich (Director. Radauer) email: hans.strasburgerpsychologie Abstract: The Computer Music Studio (CMR composer Irmfried Radauer in 1976, is a small as a compositional tool and musical instrume the CMRS initiative and to students of compos Mozarteum. The studio's emphasis is on so; algorithmic composition. Our Unix, and a CDP workstation main tools are. The PDP off CDP) and multiuser capability. Together wit Score-li on it, the musical user interface Mshell written by Radauer. The CDP system offers AI.a 1.e1 - 100A 0Aaeft e aO% I --h-- - rI ^ ',C' -- - - A

Page  422 ï~~operating at about twice the speed of a standard the speed of a CDP system. Nevertheless, it has by a NeXT workstation in the near future TI to the Unix system, a CDP computer music work additional Atari ST-1040 plus disk, and a compler channel mixer, four high performance tape decks i7 for sound equipment backup, a reverberation unit, etc We A Yamaha pf-85 electric piano; a Dyna Our work during the last decade, described in the 11. Music-11 written by Barry Vercoe at the MIT I Pope together with a soundfile system by Robert ( use accessory tools like Score-il by Aleck Brinkma Stephen Pope, Stephen Pope's VScore, and the ser by Irmfried Radauer. Stephen Pope has installed th in our studio during his work as a systems manage Pure software synthesis had started to get "outc opments in interactive real-time systems and by cc Two events at the ICMC 1986 in den Haag, howev ware synthesis: The introduction of the CDP per: CSound, a portable successor to the Music-1l lang ntnin 4-Int-r a nn nuw~f~ ~ I%% nufl cirq 4. 1i n nan ~n nnl

Page  423 ï~~strument definitions, and other ASCII data can b: for many different floppy formats available so corn home can prepare fil to be processed at the CMtF as a link to the Bitnet and WIN electroni mail ne Since 1976 lecturing and composing has been do been sponsored by a research contract with the "For Forschung" sion of NSF Appendix. of Vienna (foundation for the support ) I with project leader I. Radauer. Del Appendix: Work at the Computer.l Irmfried Radauer: 1. Macrostructiiral algorithmic composition' Programs in Fortran, Ratfor and C for a) twelve-tone compositional techniques b) stochastic compositional processes (Markoffs c) compositional programs MUPRO-77:

Page  424 ï~~(Within CIRS:) "'Ockeghem 77', eine elektronische Computerkompo. "'Evocation d'Ockeghem, Computermusik von und "Algorithmische Komposition und elektronische Klan Mozarteum Salzburg "Musikalische Aspekte tn 1984 'Gddel - Escher Bach' Major compositions: (Before CMRS:) Numerous algorithmic compositions since 1961 "Eu phorie", f. big orchestra, computer composition "Tetraeder" Sf. 12 instruments and computer tape (pr( "My end is my beginning" (cooperation with Ch. L Berkeley 1968) "Akoasmen" "Trio far Fl,4 channel computer music (premiere VI Ste, Violine und Klavier", computer corn "Kontraktion", f. orchestra, computer composition ( "Streichquartett 14-3-71", computer composition (P "Bliserquintett" computer composition (premiere S "Oasis I" two channel computer music (premiere St M7:4-L:., OkC.l 1

Page  425 ï~~Stephen Pope Publications: Handbook for using pages), 1983" musical software under the Uni "Introduction to the Mshel" 0 ICMC 1982 "Digital Signal Processing Tutorial" ICMO 1983 "Music notations and the representation of musical str Music Vol 24 #2, 1986 Compositions: "4" (presented at ICMC 1982) "Terpsichore" (presented at ICMC 1983) "Bat out of Hell" (presented at ICMC 1985) "Requiem Aeternam Dona Eis" "ARA" Program Development: Graphical tools for envelope and spectrum editing ur "msh", a music shell and DSP interpreter "vscore, score processing tools for Music- 11