Page  419 ï~~DIEM Studio Wayne Siegel di DIEM, The Concert Hall Aarhus, Thomas Jenscr Phone: (+45) 8620 2133 Telex: 64412 m Abstract: DIEM, The Danish Instcute c national center for elcctroacousd c muse D organization performance whose purpose it is to assist-In th styles and forms elect institution, which funded entirely the I officially in March 1987 The staff includes a director, a full-time audio technician, a full time I This report is a description of the facilities and rec Location: DIEM is housed in the concert center ( decision to place the studio in Aarhus was made for tw( complete 24-track analog recording studio and 2) Aar contemporary music tradition including the annual NUN concert center, consisting of a symphony hall and a char ritÂ~t, no A nrhlie fl I-, xaihirh is n no.1tinnal inctif>>tinn I I

Page  420 ï~~"Fuzzy Electric Gardens and Surroundings A4-c electronic music and film music commissioned by DIEM Interactive Works: There has been a great dea provided technical and financial assistance to several projc Bent Lorentzen: Nachtigall work for piano and li premiered at the NTUSMUS festival in 198 A Fairlight v( the piano so that digitally altered piano sounds can be con Svend Aaquist Johansen, Ivar Frounberg, Fu zzy an between four composers using four computers and nume written by Svend Johansen. Performances include the GI Museum near Copenhagen, Aarhus Computer Music Fest Morten Carlsen: Noise Control An interactive con saxophonist which was premiered the Aarh Dorge-Becker-Carlscn Trio. The software was written for Svend Aaquist Johansen: Shadow Dances A work for music system was commissioned by DIEM for premiere 4 Wayne Siegel: Aarhus by Art An installation invol local arists. The portraits consist of examples of the arti music is produced by a real-time algorithmic composition