Page  417 ï~~THE LABORATORLO DE INFORMATJ OF CDMC, M Adlolfo Nunez CDMC Centro dleAte Reina Sofia Santa Isabel 52 28012 Madrid Spain ABSTRACT: This studio is pant of the Spant; Difusion de la Musica Contempomanea (directe is mainly composition oniented but is also o information center through the organization of microcomputers for sound synthesis, processir a professional digital multitrack recording 5tu(

Page  418 ï~~300 MB hard disk, AES-EBU interface and sound co Sound Tools, Imagewriter II printer, Opcode Studio P Matrix, Klark Tecniks dn360 stereo equalizer, Yamah two Electro-Voice Sentry 500 loudspeakers. The seco or another Macintosh. Software includes most of the commercially availat patches of all MIDI equipment, as well as sound synths Music 4C, a version of Music 4BF (courtesy of the Uni of environments: MIDI-Lisp, Smalltalk, HMSL-Mach2 and MPW C, etc. There is also a variety of microphones and audio equi Results So Far Around 10 pieces have been finished in the 89-90 seasc at the 1990 Festival of Alicante They have been comm de la Cruz, Diaz and Lanchares. For the next season, it Sound Accelerator Card, and a modular MIDI data ge