Page  413 ï~~EMS Studio R Hans Lunell, dir EMS (Institute for Electroacoust SOder Malarstrar S-1 17 25 STOCKHOL Phone: +468669 ABSTRACT: EMS is the main open Studio i many of the Swedish composers of electroacou, be broadly categorised into for different areas: ( velopment, (3) teaching, and (4) general promc paper, the current profile of activities is describad research. Further, new and recent acquisitions arc transition, the directions for the future are also

Page  414 ï~~fast general-purpose program for arbitrary sample r Tamas Ungvary is conducting projects based on Li wed as abstract movement structures. This concept i tion and animation; computer aided composition;au( projects are carried out by the KACOR group in colla dish and international. Peter Lund n is working on one project on granula on a higher level His CPL, Composer's Programmii Lisp. A combined hardware/software project is related below). It has as its goal to develop the hardware ands axis system to be used together in a convenient wa' Teaching and general promotion A few shorter courses are given at EMS in cooper the University of Stockholm. These courses are give ginners and people with limited experience. An advanced one-year course is given every secoi