Page  410 ï~~STUDIO REF HUDDERSFIELD POLYTECH? COMPUTER MUS] Michael Clarke, Mark Bromw Department of Music, The Poll HUDDERSFIELD England Abstra the last months major changes Huddersfield Polytechnic. The interior, redesigned to provide four studios in the recording studio attached to St. Paul's Hall. bought. The Polytechnic underta electro-acoustic music is taughtband of it; studio is part of a large Music Department

Page  411 ï~~In addition to these functions the computer contr studio (by means of an Akai DP3200 and Functi comprises: an Opcode Studio 3 MIDI interface, Yamaha TX8 16 and Roland D 110 synthesizers, a software for voicing and sequencing we have Le Patchwork) allowing the composer radical altemati Mastering is done on a Sony 1000ES DAT ma computer provides composers with an introduction move on to the "MIDI studio" previously described and an SPX900. The "CDP stu Atari 1040ST JQio" presents composers with a ver. with a Soundstreamer and software etc.) from the Composers' Desktop Project. This T800 transputer TRAM board installed which runs the Durham Music Technology Group) at very higL The original "Main Studio" is currently being reo largely unchanged. We believe that an introductic etc. is still important for students. An old Rolar