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Page  409 ï~~Master ofrMusic Degree Peabody now offers a new Master's degree in Electro program may choose one of three tracks within the deg studntstake the core courses offered by the departmr Programming as well as the Conservatory's own cor seminars related to their area of specialization, and mu plan to establish an ongoing program of gruest comr graduate program. The New Studio The nw Coputer Music Studio at Peabody is desi~ combining the most advanced MIDI synthesizers and It will be used primarily for graduate level and post-d studio will continue to function as a classroom and b The heart of the new facility is two computers, a NeX^ for direct digital synthesis, using both CMusic and C MIDI software and software developed at Peabody. package for direct-to-disk recording as well as samj computers communicate with each other (and other c