Page  404 ï~~IRCAM Studio Jean-Francois Allouis, Jean-Baptiste IRCAM, 31 rue Saint Mem, 75 Abstract After thirteen years of existence, IRCAM is reaching the aj communicate past experiences, while insuring consisten project and the new pedagogical program were defined with re evolution hereunder. a of IRCAM facilities, well as all our recent res IRCAM NEW BUILDING AND EVOLUTION W -mow "- Wv -- --- --fl wow - W-a- w Wv r W - a W ' - - - - - - - W - - - - W - W W - -_____ ______- - - - - A program for the extension of IRCAM's facilities was st space for research, production, and the new pedagogical dc available floor space by approximately 1800 square met pedagogical department A new, modem building has bee location is currently refurbished and will be ready for use 1n'

Page  405 ï~~at IRCAM). The 'Virtual Acoustic project final aim is exploring the perceptive structure of our judgment on ac should lead to a software implementation directly usable b concert halls, by inversing the causal relationship betweer Research on Musical Instruments Rene Causse has studied the effects of string inharmoi string, especially with regards to bow pressure, tuning an particular oscillations which are not Helmholtz vibratic system. In the instrument design area, new quarter-tone s) oboe. First attempts were done to model the influence of' Perceptual and Cognitive Processing Music This special field of inquiry, coordinated by S McAdams and performance at three levels: perceptual organization used by the ear to distinguish simultaneous sound source; (interactions between dynamics, tempo and rythm or Limb of expressive performance (variations in interpretation of Computer Aided Composition and the Musical Successively headed by Marco Stroppa and Andrew Gerz its activities mainly towards the prototyping of and exper composition (taking particular advantage of the Preform ' 1Y I - - -.$ 'Â~

Page  406 ï~~computer languages and techniques in use at IRCAM. 1 scientific background involved in today's computer music programming, computer music concepts and practice, comp Basic theory will be enhanced by practical experience and t through preparation personal music workstation and theoretical and practical courses, students will be given personal projects, to be presented in public worshops the fc IRCAM Public Presentations These activities are intended primarily for the general publ general public on a host of subjects related to computer m create a unique cultural crossroads where specialists from can confront their ideas with novel forms of artistic ex seminars, and conferences. MUSICAL PRODUCTION Since our last Studio Report in 1987 p the Institute has it transition have seen a variety of works and expression explicitly quoted hereunder Music Representation and Performer-computer A 4