Page  401 ï~~POTENTIAL APPLICATIONS OF MI C MUSICAL PER] Emile Tobenfeld Dr. T's Music Software 35 Beaconwood Road Newton MA 02161 USA ABSTRACT: Software programs that can be u: musical performance are divided into categor programs in each category are discussed. 4 existing programs to performance are suggestx of improvising ensembles using these progra

Page  402 ï~~does not provide an interactive feedback loop, but performance. There are many additional possibilities for such pro controllers, the software could allow changres to the computer in response to the performers' actions. P depending on the register, dynamics or density of the follow the tempo of the performance, pitches might be perceives the performer to be using, etc. All of these r: composer, or the performers might be able to modify the players can be included in the feedback loop, eithe simultaneously physical sound generators and MIDI co to extract information about the acoustic performance Once we have allowed the presequenced parts to rea them to react to each other as well. The Sequence P1 dynamic system, as parts react to other parts, which a players. If these reactions are under the control of a per could provide a fertile environment for musical imprc Algorithmic Music Generator. Algorithmic Music Generators Let us define an Algorithmic Music Generator as continuous process using the program's algorithms an prior to the performance. For such programs to be impr the Derformer to modify the output by interacting w

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