Page  379 ï~~MODULAR FEEDBAC Claude CADOZ, Leszek LISOWS A.C.R.O.E. L Institut IMAG (Informatique et de Mathm 46 Av. Felix Tel:32 Viallet 37657, - 38000 GR 4661 -Fax v v k ABSTRACT The MODULAR FEEDBAC] describe here was brought out in October 198 research of many years in our laboratory on the framework of real-time sound synthesis and cc international patent covers both modula technology, that was specially developed for t1 instance this device is a feedback gestual contr it enables actual modular system fingering the instrumen. the piano or organ type ke mechanical morphology can be modified and ea

Page  380 ï~~By morphology we mean everything that characterises geometric and spatial constraints of the manipulated ph of prehension and contact as well as the possible types c The complete device is built from two basic compor "packaging". Both respectively allow for the two types c The Sensor Motor module As its name suggests it takes charge of the two functic But, we might say that its role is precisely only to fu strictly defined basic characteristics. It must: 1. Measure displacement according to a degree of liber Produce a force that is proportional to a command, acros same degree of liberty. Its most noteworthy property is its geome:To mee to be thicker than a single piano key (13.75 mm) and think in terms of special technology. The result was wha The sliced motor The principle consists in creating a single magnetic pola for all the motor modules. The latter are independent sing system. The system when set up is thus composed of an altern mobile coils (fig. 1). Each addition to the whole is do "slice", composed of a magnet-coil pair and then closi "sealer module" Modularity is assured because the fo w

Page  381 ï~~U I I Figure 1. The "slice motor" Figure 2. The sensor/motor me

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