Page  354 ï~~PATHWAYS FROM THEL Charles Bestor, Director Electronic and Computer Music Studios Fine Arts Center, Ui Amherst, MA 01003, iiversity of Massachusetts USA ABSTRACT: "Pathways", ' the mus14 sculpture-and-sound installation, is an essz the sculpture define the structural context movement the audience choreographic analog to the score's spa, the historical development of such intera the interaction computer-generated I sounds, dictated in this case by the site-s describes the design of the sound system, e that provides the choreographic moveme

Page  355 ï~~20th century. one dimension lacking in Varese's discover course other ensions yet movements in art, the movement of the viewer an by the artist. Anyone who has recently passed th O'Hare Airport in Chicago, USA, will realize tha passed but has passed into the area of popular culti than several football fields, has been turned into a As passengers ride the 800-foot moving sidewalk complemented by a compute swirls about them, moves, sometimes in consort with the visual imag of its own. And of course all the while the audi booked flight to another at its own speed and in its counterpoint to the moving sights and sounds of' "Pathways from the Dream Spell Series", works, and the tradition they have established, as i and-sculpture installation undertaken in collaboral and f'nrst disniaved at the Chicano International A q

Page  356 ï~~matter, with as much or as little attention as he or st the piece could not have a genuine beginning or en entered the sculpture and end whenever he or she left without any exposition or recapitulation; the last note time, the first note of another, and it also had to be to start listening at a different point in the piece. It w For technical reasons the piece could not be 1 longest tape then available at the speed and quality t repeated itself. But I assumed that no one would sta even if anyone did the repetition of materials would hearings. As it turned out, at Navy Pier, the only plac operation, a number of people stayed for as long as piece. One group even camped for the afternoon by ( propped up against the long wooden beams that fo quietly to the score. This of course completely col' continuous on-going movement, but I would not trade people listen in this way and with this concentration It had originally been intended that the scor