Page  332 ï~~KNOWLEDGE INFORMAl IN CONDUCTING COMPUTE Hideyuki MORITA* Hiroshi WAT Sadamu OHTERU* *Department of Applied Physics, Waseda University Shi 3-4-1 Okubo, ShlnJuku-ku Tokyo, 169 JAPAN SOHTERU@JPNWASOO. ac. Jp ABSTRACT Through the gestures of who share a common knowledge of cond sort of intelligent communication for system can pick up and process in real conductor calling for musical express] vibrato through intelligent hurt SYSTEM" that we have developed to und KEYWORDS Intelligent Human-Machine Real Time Image-processing, DATAGLOVE,

Page  333 ï~~We found, not only xi, y L (trajectory), Ax 2y, (acceleration) of the baton to be usefu We are able to extract the parameters need communication from human to computer (List. b) GESTURE UNDERSTANDING SYSTEM The "DATAGLOVE"(VPL Research) has been UNDERSTANDING SYSTEM to analyze the leftsensor and magnetic position sensor which time the delicate three-dimensional moven joints. The meaning function table RT1j exp movement-pattern vector ScEand the meanli conducting is made up beforehand. E RT14*S1 c) PERFORMANCE (COMMUNICATION) SYSTEM The PERFORMANCE SYSTI synthesizes information. The information Is a blend of MPX(conducting) information according conductor (Fig Furthermore, because t three levels (emotional, expressive, param' interpret these. The system can learn, p Wv a 9

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