Page  298 ï~~METABOLIZIN( Eric Iverson Computing Research Lab Box 30001/3CRL New Mexico State University Las Cruces, NM 88003-0001 ABSTRACT: Metamuse is a program that analy its component parts, and then reassembling it into autocatalytic set theory, which effectively allows portions, much like a conventional chemical reac that reflect the overall structure in that they are bia within the string as a whole. The autocatalytic p a string which meets certain meta-selection con

Page  299 ï~~rewarding a string that successfully catalyzes a reaction b catalytic reactions will become more and more likely replication of their catalysts. At the same time, a certaii replication, which allows for potentially productive add unlike Markov Chains, autocatalysis can occur over a allowing large strings to act as templates for the creation' catalyst as a subset. This allows for the transferral of infc thereby allowing for the possibility of repetitive patterns Algorithmic Composition We take it that the goals of algorithmic composi with the minimum amount of human interaction. The s blown composition tools with automatic generation of especially) to the rule+random systems where a musical s. variations are generated by randomizing the parameters none of these techniques start from a given composition a for say, Bach chorales, or Top-40 tunes may be induced this is not the same as taking the ideas in one compositionC just that. Our techniques are independent of any particul Autocatalysis simply finds whatever patterns exist in the frnm thesa natterns tn1cina their mitill c mnnrihilitv int

Page  300 ï~~fig. 3 (05 )BARARB..)' at C 1O )BABBAAABBA* C:0"7):BABBA I IARRBBAC<:( Here BAAAB is creating a new string BABBAA and AAB BA. It also copies itself as B AAAB. his importa or created, both it and the template string(s) still exist. TI of strings which can act both as templates to create new s Meta-Selection Constraints While autocatalysis is a powerful tool, it cannot needed in an average musical piece. One reason for this I two strings of average length N/2 are needed to create it. I reactions to create than longer strings, we end up with a dis strings, when in fact it is the longer strings that we are intere over a certain length will become impractical if not impo: However, there are ways to extend the length ofst way to do this is through a variant of simulated annealing certain length to be generated, while setting a quota for the r that length. By gradually restricting the quota, while simul eventually generate a single strin" whose length matches

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