Page  284 ï~~BEYOND MIDI: KNOWLED GE-. COMPUTER AIDED Cl Heinz-Dieter Bbcker Andreas Mahling Institut fur Informatik Herdweg 51 1 7000 Stuttgart 1 C West German ABSTRACT: Although MIDI as a drivir music systems is sufficient to represent the ma we consider it insufficient to build higher level sitional tasks like the derivation of new music musical styles (e.g presentation. The I harmonizing a melody) re paper describes a collection upon an explicit representation of deep musicl editor as a core they provide knowledge-based Prototypical parts of the system undergo thor compositional classes.

Page  285 ï~~in that it enables a musician to concentrate on th steps necessary to reach a certain musical result. MUNCK We are currently extending AMUSE component of AMUSED are broadened by a Musica providing a t of tools to easily build new user ii blatures, or to simply augment existing interfaces 1 eighth note accidentals (see [Karkoschka 66] for a de Building and integrating compositional tools like a ses/patterns (cf. the GestaltTransformation wind with the aid of MUNCK too. A Net Editor. Since nets play an importa representations and in representing their external fi gning, implementing and maintaining net representa provide methods for comparing, copying, topologica removing nodes from an already existing net. The tc frequently used net representations, like trees or net links. Our notational user interfaces represent exten music notation represents a net of notational object _ _.J 4L1r:.!__ 11 /q' _' _-1---11_i-.J

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Page  287 ï~~Acknowledgements The work reported in this paper was partly made schungsgemeinschaft (DFG) to the first and third Rul Gunzenhauser for his continuous support and e Notes The system s name, MUNCK resembles the su Edvard Munch who painted pictures of uncon VIC is a Visualization Construction Kit, a tc a set of attributed gauges, e.g. counters, slides References [Ashley 85] R. Ashley. KSM: An Essay in Knowlh ceedings of the International Computer Music l 1 4 rt/"1I t a' 0 1.