Page  267 ï~~UNIVERSAL REC( THE IRCAM MUSICAL N' Bennett Smit IRCAM 31, Rue Saint M F-75004 Paris, Fr email bks@ ircam.i ABSTRACT: The Universal Recorder is a mu integrated into the environment of the IRCAM synchronized recording of parallel data stream; the simultaneous viewing and editing of these m is done by different specialized programs, dept stream. These programs exchange editing mess; I i% 0AA I I I

Page  268 ï~~application wherever there is a connection between t sending object is connected to the input of the probe, a the receiving object. monitor mode: in re( As in a tape recorder, each tr cord mode, the data from the input either in memory or in a file. the input is ignored. In mon: into a circular buffer, which In playback mode, previc itor mode, the input is cop 1 serves as a delay line, p "start-recording" signal is received, the output of the start point of the recording back in time. A probe switches between modes in response recorder or from other modules in the application, beginning of recording in response to certain speci requirement that all probes change mode simultaneous mess. probes. For its part, the recorder will only send identi Moreover, the usual way to trigger recordi messages directly to the probes, but rather to the recc

Page  269 ï~~speak of a track' edit method" the case S SignalEditor program, and for messages, ANIMAL, program, such as a MIDI sequencer program. Multipl mechanism of message passing between the recorder a tracks are enabled for parallel editing in the recorder cc window will be mirrored in the editing windows of the o user selects a certain segment of sound in a signal e "select:begin-time:end-time" message to the recorder, windows. Multiple-track scrolling occurs when the user mo messages are dispatched to the other windows. If the c result of such a message, the window scrolls once to kee change the window itself, such as scrolling and resizin these only react when the cursor moves. An editor dE therefore support the idea of a cursor, and edit windows addition to any scrolling controls. Such an arrangement