Page  262 ï~~MIX VIE S PORTABLE, C SOUJNDFILE EDITOR AND Douglas Scat Columbia New.' University Music C York, NY USA is: doug@deptcsci.unLedu (1294 S (12a Abstract The user interface has been one of thc greatest hindrancesstu detailed editing and manipulation of digital sound. A sound I C ' '-p.wi....nI wi w " w Mw Sa w.

Page  263 ï~~LXT has allowed me to create a' set of windows, one for dhe contr number of windows for the actual plotting of the sound wavefori siliders 09 text-entry xcs, and other objects as LIc intcrfaze betwec -m ix view rcsembies a word processor. The sound can be scrolled by highlighting them, at which time they can be copied, cut, or er possibilities are more numerous though, due to tic nature of soul The Prograi In its current form, mxview is written in C. Preparations are unc code in its present form has a large number of object-oriented sinu easy expansion as new roudines are added. Ilk is designed to take ad system, but should function adequately on any system with at lea: compiled and run on a Sun 31280, a Sun 4, a Vax lingo0, and thc Current Feats Editing commands: copy, remove (to cut buffer), splice out, eapieicosae Altering commands: phrase (apply amplitude envelope), reverse independent duration change). (See figures IA-E). Filtering commands: elliptical, resonant, low pass, comb. Global commands: change sampling rate, change file length, re The sound waveforms may be viewed at any horizontal or vertical

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