Page  259 ï~~EXPLODE: a user interface for sequen Miller Puckett IRCAM, 31 Rue St. Mer, 75( A graphical sequence editor, EXPLODE, objects with a uniform data structure with S4 offers some control over which parameters affect the appearance of an event on the scr are described, which were cumbersome to s and which take effective advantage of EXP Why would anyone want to write another graphi full of them (the ideas represented in the SCRIVA ed here) and software companies are competing to devel following issues, whit have nt hsen cnlvcl' ch have come up constantly inI

Page  260 ï~~margin indicates that middle C is currently the (MIDI would be 6000 Â~ The parameter also gets a choice or a numerical grid (more appropriate if" "i showin I When a selection is made, the parameter box print events, or "*" if they differ among the selection. Typi For it corresponding parameter for all selected events. select all its events and type a number into the "time It THE MAX INTERFA' EXPLODE appears as a box in MAX as shown in test version.) The five inlets and outlets correspond to velocity, duration, and channel. For recording, EXPL( inserts them as events; the events can be generated in For playing, the "next" method causes the next event tc to decide when to send "next" messages and what to di For score following, incoming events are sent to F generate events on the output. EXPL other channels as an accompaniment.,ODE regards cha Incoming event!.M- - 1 A a A a an

Page  261 ï~~{: _1 Untitled L' iI dI RECORD FOLLOW PLAY 0 record ready show ranges tVM2500 pitch 64 volo 60O I iI Eshow grid 1000 length 230 chin 2 1 2C 10 L 3000 i I SWW. a..... S S.. S. S. S.. S.. S * S. * S C *. S S *.. S S * S 4... S. C S... S. C * a.. C.. a. S S S p ~. *. U S p.. C - S S.. C * C. S.. S C. S S C S. S. S. S... S S... -.. * a. *... I S S S C... S I. S., a S.. C S.. S a.. S S.. C.......a. **..... *....*. C *~ 0 0 0*:..:..:........ C 0 0 0 0 0 0 0...... Figure 1. An EXPLOX