Page  256 ï~~QUILL: AN INTERPRETER FOR CREATI WITHIN THE DMIX EN' Daniel V. Oppenh Center for Computer Research in Music Department of Music, Stanf Stanford CA 94% Dan@ CCRMA.S tanfc ABSTRACT: Quill is an interactive system for crez object-oniented environment for composing andpc ofmany compositional tools already found inDm: extensible working environment that is fast and er formats may be freely combined with complex programming is also supported. Quill works well graphic and text editors found in Dmix: music create( 4.4 4 Â~... i

Page  257 ï~~tcdious programming rcquircments, manages time, k& user to access any object within Quill or the entire Dmi Implementation By taking full advantage of Dmix's object-oriented envi S malltalk language, Quill was implemented by Â~ntrodu segment of input begins with a method-selector that will be referred to as a sourceString. Whe (pitck n Quill itself the corresponding message with the followin functionality can easily be extend by writing new meth Quill' vocabulary. Two methods are implemented for handling the so sourceString on to Smalltalk's compiler for evaluation asParameters: method parses the sourceSring and instances of the abstract super-class MusicMagtude beatDuration, etc.). Using Smalltalk's compiler for implementing code included in the input-stream and is one of Quill's most rrrantor nnoo ni nhn~rt nnA tn nrrecc ntnvnrt n('tkc

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