Page  249 ï~~THE NEW UPIC S Gerard MARI Jean-Michel RAC Marie-H lne CEMAMu CNET Piece E avenue de la R4 92131 ISSY-LES-MC FRANCE ABSTRACT: features This paper briefly of the new Upic demonstrated during the confereni on an AT 386 microcompute r con synthesis controlled unit. The new soft' graphical interface I

Page  250 ï~~Tools are provided for obtaining qi and the duration. classical In this way the noti notion of note. Bes: sound attributes that can be C playback. Voice editing in the Upic includes waveforms, envelopes, frequency and I arc assignment, and modification C (dynamic and envelope), All these 0 playback and immediately heard. Different sound interpretations of I tested with the help of arc and groups. to the whole page allow modifications of sound parai transposition...). During performance the musician C e nt - li r a r L _ A A L - - - 7 r A h -a a - a a.a -- L -A L. CL

Page  251 ï~~PAGE DRAWING AND EDITING maximum of 4 music pages can be moveable and resizeable windows. OpE disk loads it into the memory of th all the subsequent operations can be I p is being played. Arcs can be drawn by using one of th broken line, etc...). If accepted, page as soon as its drawing is over; is reached, the arc will be refused. to modify the set of the default att frequency table, amplitude table, we channel). One page holds 4000 arcs. Usual editing commands (cut, copy, p2 page, different groups types of of any number of ar selection (block, operations like symmetry, rotation an V

Page  252 ï~~PERFORMANCE Only one page played at give chained clicking or not. The user stops chooses on it, he or resta performance, he defines the time 1ii optional looping. The tempo and play position can be in the page or by entering their VS ( forwards, backwards, jumps, accele: page are permitted. at a constant tempo. a0 When not user-cc A set of channels parameters (dynam to each page. The 16 output audio c are real-time controllable during envelope spreads over the whole pag to weight locally arcs assigned to a