Page  245 ï~~Ensemble An Extensible Real-tune Music Per Michaei McNa Manager, Sound and Mu NeXT Inc. 900 ChesapeakeI Redwood City, CA, 9 Abstract Ensemble, a real-time computer music perform Ensemble demonstrates the potential for highly algorithmic composition software running on a audio, signal processing, and MIDI capabilities provides aimost unlimited flexibility in the sn-u resources. Intoduction

Page  246 ï~~Documents Ensemble is document-oriented. Each document consis interfaces to four "input" stages and four "instruments" chain of one or more instances of a subclass of the Mus filters may receive Music Kit Note objects from one MI simultaneously. Notes are passed sequentially down the performing some modification to the note or altering so Finally, the notes are sent to one or more Music Kit Ins Documents may be saved and loaded via the main men created. Only the active document is connected to MIE resources. However, each document may be assigned a so that the active document may be changed during a pc flexibility in the use of system resources. If Ensemble c relinquishes control of the DSP unless a performance is play in the background. Note Filters Note filters are instances of a subclass of the Music Kit something based on the input note. For example, it ma' based on it, or throw it away. It can then pass that note a

Page  247 ï~~Current instrument types include: 0 Wavetable " Frequency Modulation 0 Plucked String physical model " Midi output " Play Sound (sound files mapped to note numbers) 0 Read Sound (a sound file processed by the DSP) Extensibility The source code for Ensemble is intended to be include release of the NeXT software. Documentation will be additional instruments and note filters, and link them ir NeXT Preliminary 1.0 System Reference Manual Jaffe,D., and Lee Boynton 1989, "An Overview of th Computer" ', Computer Music Journal 13(2):48-55.

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