Page  241 ï~~ANIMAL - A RAPID PROTOTYPING EN' MUSIC SYSTI Eric Lindeman IRCAM 31, rue Saint-Me F-75004 Paris, Fr elind@ircam.irca ABSTRACT: An overview the ANIMA presented. ANIMAL is designed to support res, processing and event processing. ANIMAL ally define complex data objects 0 These pictures c controls. Dynamic collections of these graphic4 it relatively easy to design graphical event li: and, general, any interface involving vi, quantitative data applied to collections of discri

Page  242 ï~~As the position and size of the fields of a graphic object the associated data structure take on different values. The of the "graphic variables" with respect to special graph placed anywhere in a window. Rulers can be open-endec rulers restrict the extent of motion of the graphics they m An ANIMAL application takes the form of a tree of wind complex graphic objects Double clicking grap combination of a "parent" graphic and its child window d a number of variables corresponding to the position an( graphic and a number of pointers to other animals corre5 child window placed in the. Additional simple numerical variables fields cor child window The associated I graphic also appear as numerical fields in the child winch both windows are visible (the window containing the par numerical readout of the size and position of the parent g window. A C++ class definition in the form of a ".h file " is gener of an animal. The variables which are associated with the - 1"-1 L.1C11a"It. 1. 2.

Page  243 ï~~nested rectangles. The inner one defines a pitch/velacii extent of the patch. The amplitude of the activated san velocity across the plateau region. From the edge of I amplitude falls zero. This allows overlapping ) crossfades between patches. In addition to the "public" I parent graphic there are two public methods playPatch will be discussed in the next section. Double clicking on a sample patch reveals its internal st reference, amplitude envelope editor, 2 pole filter editu numerical.fields corresponding the parent graphic Double clicking on the sound file reference will mess display time and frequency domain representations of th graphic signal editing tools. The DSP POOL object which is shown in Figure 2 is it time features which will be included with the IMW preallocate a number of identical instances of a signal voice). When a sample patch is activated it acquires a sa - a a a

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